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Negative Asrtal Beings

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I do know that astral is spelt ASTRAL ,like I said in the post"information overload".


G'day Steve,

I wouldn't overly worry about fending off negs/demons on your first visits out. You might get some wildlife, but these can be scared away just as you would scare off a cat (no offence to cat lovers). You should check out RB's snippet from AD on wildlife, etc

RE: "I was wondering what views ,methods or conjurations are about for dealing with negative Beings ,entities ,Demons ect in the Astral."

Methods for conjuring the beings you talk about take more practice and development, but as mentioned, this shouldn't be a concern if all you want to do is OBE. You should talk to Nita for some practices if that's what you really want, otherwise if you're interested in evocation/exorcism explicitly then grab a good textbook on ceremonial magick and go for it.

All the best.



I would just like to offer this - summoning and calling are two different schools of thought.  Summoning, literally "rips" the said creature from his place, and as long as you can command the will obey you.  Lose the circles, and well, your butt is grass.  Angry demons are not fun to watch.  Calling, should be done in a very polite manner and by the experienced (in my honest opinion) as demons can be VERY funny, hillarious even with their humor, but it also has a very "cruel" edge to it.  Well, if you're stupid I suppose.  

For someone new, to so many...metaphysical things, I would suggest you start crawling before ya sprint.  ^_^  And I say that, so you don't stumble upon something...that might adversely affect you - that'd be bad!!  

And in support of said 'demons', there are the good mixed in with the bad.  They may be a little, well a LOT, different socially but they make interesting companions to talk too and learn from.  Now, if you're referring to the nasty energy sucking parasites and higher tier of shape shifters, Adavalin, K'avalin, tra la la.  Those F*ckers are nasty, stay away.  Larvae, and fiends too...*shudder*



Thanks for the replys
           By the sounds of it, it could be interesting once I do enter the Astral. I've been doing some esoteric work over the year's in relation to the Ego's ect and believe the ego's(demons) reside in or above the Astral ."I know",or at least "I think I know" what I have to do when I get there.
           After browsing through the Forum's for the last week or so, it appears it may take time simply learning to navigate.
           And some say there are no more adventures left in the world (well may'be not in the contempary materialistic one).

Happy Journeys


      "The most thought- provoking thing in our thought- provoking time is that we are still not thinking"

         Martin Heideggar


Hi All
   I was wondering what views ,methods or conjurations are about for dealing with negative Beings ,entities ,Demons ect in the Astral.
   I'm new to this forum (found it a week ago) ,new to computers ,(aaahhh) ,and new to typing(I think I'm classed as hen pecker).I think one might call it informtion overload.
    I have not projected as yet,I've been trying using visualization for a couple of months and feel as if I'm nearly there ,after reading some of the methods for projection on this site I think the Rope method may do the trick
    P.S Not wanting to sound naive ,but what is "profile singniture"

All the best