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Sorry :oops: Not much longer.


yeah...that was a lot of writing for not saying much at all!?!
but double points for JAMES for bothering to read it!!! :grin:

James S

Quote from: Souljah333yeah...that was a lot of writing for not saying much at all!?!
but double points for JAMES for bothering to read it!!! :grin:
Thanks Soul.  :smile:
But waddaya mean not saying much at all? That was a HUGE brain dump. Sure you might have been drifting a little off the road topic wise, but I agree with what you're saying.
Besides, I've learned to carefully read through your posts as you always have at least one bright sparkly gem in there somewhere.  :wink:

The "old school" types need to always remember to stay open to new ideas and new perspectives, otherwise they / we can become an institution that fails to serve the people its there for. Gods know we've seen enough of them throughout the ages.

Its like the law of physics that get held on to like a favourite teddy bear despite the fact that a couple of new laws have now been uncovered. Or the religions that try and tell us that God told us everything we need to know 2000 years ago, and ignore the fact that God's still whispering in our ears and telling us new things every day.



Amen Brother James.

Pretty much my view on things as well...that there is always something useful to retrieve from any post/conversation/experience if you're interested in seeking it out. I'm not against "old school" as far as hands-on basics are concerned, although I do lean a little more towards old-old school. Wood burning stoves, handmade furniture, quilts and the like. Hearkening back to when things were made by hand, and the hardships made life healthier.

I have a theory about that in relation to neg attacks. Something about mass produced material items carrying a energy that's conducive to negativity hiding out, or at least vibrating on a level that serves no greater function most times then aesthetics. This in relation to the ol' school stuff that was a labour of love. The Japanese always come to mind with their practices of Feng Shui. Life not being over-burdened by accessories & chachki. Everything serving a purpose. Each item, not only cared for & respected as useful/appreciated, but made with a great amount of care & wisdom (esp. in regards to the materials used/the natural resources.)

Whether it's a garden, home, office, or a simple Bonsai's honed to a smooth, flowing energy that benefits health & the positive, and these spaces/items are not conducive to neg attachment. MPO.
Something to do with living with "intention" & being mind-full.

Anyway...still appreciate/respect your openness to get your hands dirty.
Fewer and fewer guys willing to do that anymore!?! 'Tis true.

Love Soul



When I was exposed to extreme negativity (it was quite bad, and most of my chakras were off, half the time I could barely feel my body, and was so ungrounded I thought I would feint after doing dishes, I worked with Angel cards, not for the situation I had found myself in in particular, but just to work with a new deck I'd recieved.

The Archangel Micheal card (which lets you know you are protected from lower energies at any given time), stuck with me, and I set it out on instinct.
Whenever things were rough, my eyes were drawn to it. I could be thinking about something else entirely, and my eyes would be drawn to that card, shortly after that some resolution had presented itself, and I was indeed protected from the worst...

I recommend Archangel Micheal for serious matters like negs that are bound and determined to leech off of you or worse.
Angelic power is just as strong as its reputed to be.

Though they may wish you to forget your nature, worry not, such a thing is impossible in the long run. It is only a placement test.


About the subject of posession I thought I would my mention my neighbour is still attacking me day and night even though I've moved abroad (he manages it by vampirizing his neighbours). I know it's probably still him since the attacks intensified after I stayed some months in the old country. I've found magnets useful (but not conclusive) against his negative energy attacks since they absorb most of it. I have some at the one aura hole I have (self-inflicted) at the hip where the energy enters and others to suck it up after it enters. What enabled the posession in his case I believe was a desire to prove himself a man by dominating me. His (or its) tactic is to have a "mole" permanently implanted in me which helps it/him locate me (he can read my thoughts through it), but I've given it some though times with the magnets. When the mole is strong it can create some urges in me by itself to give it advantage. R. Bruce mentions in his book cases of posesed people attacking telepathically and this seems to me to be one such case.