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Who was the second spirit (the one who were possibly a goetic entity)?  Was he removed as well?


This is really good to hear.  :D

Recover well and take care,


Yes !! Congrats, I knew this would happen.

masochist monk


I didn't read the above post ..


It's nice to know that you are feeling better.


QuoteLater that day I realized there was a spiritual force, not of me, affecting the way I felt. I could sense that it was attaching itself to my heart chakra. I attempted to push it away, and when it realized it was discovered it gripped all the harder and then started to force it's way into my chakra. This lead to a feeling of confusion, and distortion. My heart chakra started to shut itself down in defense.

As the hours progressed I noticed the problem was getting worse. Then, suddenly, I started moving not of my own accord. I could rest my will and my body would still move. I was a passive bystander in my own skin. My thoughts weren't my own, my actions weren't my own, and a combat of wills had occured.

After a few hours of concentration and banishment, the majority of the force left. It decided it couldn't control me outright, I assume. But the thing had already done it's damage. It is either in, or linked to my heart chakra. The feelings in said chakra aren't my own, and there is a displacement of my true nature there. I have become a mix of myself and this entity, though I am the one in control.

Very well worded and described...that's exactly what happens and why I get so ticked off at people who keep saying look withinfirst. You need your senses under control in order to look within and see what is wrong and what is not. The creature giving you hell has to be brought under some level of control to supply respite so self examination can exist and built upon. If that isn't possible, then the next best thing is a supportive environment so that people under attack can remember what respect, love, and human dignity mean...which often doesn't happen.

Trying to do self examination beforehand is like putting the cart before the horse and defies common sense.


Not only that, but healing is hard as hell. Six years of this has left me quite a different person, so restoration has proved to be quite dramatic, actually. Everything I thought was me was partly not, and so everything I have been built on is being rooted out, and my whole existence is collapsing around me. I'm more depressed than I was with the problem, and that's saying something. But I believe this is temporary, or at least I hope.

Also, when you are this unsure of yourself you are a hotbed for further demon activity, since it's quite easy to mistake what is you and what is not during such a tramatic time.

The answer is quite simply outside assistance. Alot of it. Theres no other way. To do otherwise is to attempt heart transplant surgery on yourself, which is ludicrious.
What doesn't kill you only delays the inevitable.


Quote from: PissedOffMystic. Everything I thought was me was partly not, and so everything I have been built on is being rooted out, and my whole existence is collapsing around me. I'm more depressed than I was with the problem, and that's saying something. But I believe this is temporary, or at least I hope.
Good observation, I often note with people the degree of emotional exaggeration resulting from some entity presence. Initially, in the absence of this presence one can feel empty and without purpose or drive but that for me is a good sign and is also a sign of a balance in the self, that is, the emotional self is now more in balance with the intellectual self.  Initially for someone freed from entity influence it can take some getting used to while one re-explores ones thoughts, these being no longer encumbered by undue external  influence.

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

-- Benjamin Franklin, 1759


QuoteNot only that, but healing is hard as hell. Six years of this has left me quite a different person, so restoration has proved to be quite dramatic, actually. Everything I thought was me was partly not, and so everything I have been built on is being rooted out, and my whole existence is collapsing around me. I'm more depressed than I was with the problem, and that's saying something. But I believe this is temporary, or at least I hope.

Also, when you are this unsure of yourself you are a hotbed for further demon activity, since it's quite easy to mistake what is you and what is not during such a tramatic time.

The answer is quite simply outside assistance. Alot of it. Theres no other way. To do otherwise is to attempt heart transplant surgery on yourself, which is ludicrious.

Yeah, again, excellent wording. When your senses are manipulated and altered, YOU are altered, and without room to feel something objective or help from the outside to show you what "objective" might be. you're lost.

This should be common sense, and it' still stunning to me how common sense can fail with people who do all that life threatening book reading...they know everything after all.


One more thing...Robert Bruce did say in his book that there is a period of depression after the neg has been have to learn how to move through things and feel like yourself again. I think what you're going through is normal and won't last.


i also had a neg affecting the way i think/act. I did not know about hem for a while. i went into great depression. it was actually some one that was all dark, he dressed in an all black suit. And followed me every where. I think he is gone, but ever so often i get thought i know i would never really think. i tried a few things.


I still don't understand what the topic creator meant by "reading the Goetia"


Do you know what the Goetia is?


Do you know what the Goetia is?

Here's updated Goetia:


Healing is important, and I can understand how it is hard for you. If it's any help, try to move forward instead of rebuilding because you'll never get back to the way you were, a good option is to try your best to become a better person, however you see that. Just my advice is to move forward, don't dwell on the bad stuff too much at this point. Just keep a positive attitude and build all over again, and believe that you can do it even better. Hope it helped.


There method to ask for help from  this post , which worked wonderfully. Best I found. try it by ( written by casar )

Jaime Hester

I like the way pissedoffMystic, talks about demons as if it were an everyday thing. then again, maybe thats where the problem stems.
I need protection that I cannot provide for myself. I do not astral project, yet know about it and believe it is true. The attack prevents me from attempting an OBE for a beginner. Please contact me if you can help.


Dear understanding and support goes out to you.
Our lives sound similar and I can relate wholeheartedly with the pure frustration!!!

I'm interested in knowing if you have any "parasitic-like" dream experiences in regards to the dark, burrowing mass. I had an OBE last night that scared the crap out of me, and i don't scare easy where demons and neg's are concerned.  The experience isn't as important as the feeling I awoke with... violently ill and vomiting. I could sense a pure evilness surrounding me, and what darkness already lays within...was on the move. It was clear to me, as I was vomiting my guts out...that I was exorcising something that was attempting to move from my root chakra (dormant) into my heart-mind chakra (to activate). The vomiting happens to me on occasion when in states of high anxiety, but i could visualize it more than ever before. A black parasitic creature I was expelling. I live in an airstream camper, so I went outside to purge.  Yes, it was night, but I could feel the shadow of something ominous tearing around me in outrage...a sense of a maternal type anger in relation to the parasitic thing I was releasing/incubating.  Anyway...

I haven't found anything that really works as far as self-defense goes. I've been dealing with these things for 30 it's old & tired, and more of a maintenance program, and learning to deal.  I too in the past have contemplated & made half-butt attempts at ending it all.  The feeling of insanity is "terrorizing" to say the least. It has been easier to accept and move opposed to continuously straining to conquer (which I feel represents a more dire, drastic, panicked state) (which doesn't help)...
and when it doesn't work...adds to the feeling of weakness/hopelessness.

It's just something that I've had to learn to cope with, and keep at bay.  
I imagine some people would recoil at the idea of having a pet snake, or's kind of the same thing...."pet demons"!?!
It was never my choice, but they followed me home, and moved in. In my particular situation I believe it was being raised in a violent environment that kept me in a constant state of fear, and a lot of withdrawing into the astral realm for escape, and begging into the darkness to be rescued...
that opened me up to attack. Be very careful what u wish/pray for!!!
(for the negatives lurk closer (waiting to answer the calls) then those of higher/more enlightened standing do). All in all I chose to believe that I have learned a great deal from it...that i am more aware of "other things" more than most, and I have a great understanding of how these dark things function, behave and react (their mentality)...which I feel will become a most useful tool very soon in this world.  

keep on...keeping on.
strength and a higher understanding...always


Why are there so many psychic attacks by dark forces nowadays, it almost looks like a virus to me. Is it because the times are changing, a desperate last effort from the darker forces to keep us away from the coming light, or are we feeding them when we  talk about them. It seems to easy to lock on to them these days, that scares me a bit. My defences are still in place but have been checked by some little dark pest. A warning?


I've had some deep thoughts on my mind lately that I've been too lazy to put together into a cohesive pattern, but no time like the present i suppose.

first part has to do with people defining themselves, and their situations.  we all do it, it's our language, but it amazes me that there is very little awareness of what people actually create/manifest in this world.  Thoughts about what was here "originally", how we deal with the original, that is "natural", and the rest..."artificial and implied"...something like that?!? How people have become so dependent and set on conveniences, that they have no passion to reconnect with the natural, or original.  Artificial is safer, faster, easier...but it's also more expensive, more complex, and definitely unhealthy, and has a set expiration date.  
It's very apparent that we are stuck, and IT WILL take a very drastic happening to get off our spiritual asses.

second part has to do with what "we" (majority) consider to be EVIL.  There are thoughts coming through in various forms that are suggesting a two-fold theory...1) we have lost practically all respect from those beings beyond us.  We as humans (the more conscious of us) have a certain amount of compassion for animals (some animals) (usually the infant, wide-eyed, fluffy ones)...far less compassion for insects, and no thought at all to the zillions of amoeba like creatures that live on everything (including ourselves).  Cosmically what can we compare ourselves to? ants?  Dust mites? Parasites?  2) and this keeps coming through louder and louder...that these evil, negative entities that seem to plaguing us humans in greater and greater number...are, in a manner of speaking "relatives/ancestors" (not opposite us, but the same as).  
the only thing i can equate it too, is a military, boot-camp like process of breaking us all down to whimpering, self-proclaimed idiots that understand that we might be built up again...stronger, and closer to the original.  add to that a fair amount of disgust at our twisted, egotistical, self-absorbed, omnipotent, perverted behaviour and i think it's a fairly sound theory....that "they're" taking whatever steps are necessary to wake us up, and we have such an affinity and enthusiasm for the "darkside". (victim/martyr mentality)

i personally have suffered a few nervous breakdowns in regards mostly to lack of sleep and trying to be productive in an unproductive system, and it isn't something I'd wish on my worst enemy (if i had one)...but i know what it feels like to be on top of your game one moment, and tumbling through the barren void the next.  It is very, very enlightening, terrorizing and ABSOLUTELY humbling, and once (if) you is a lesson one NEVER forgets...all the rules change. Unfortunately it is not up to me, and I see all the paths converging through this gauntlet...soon!  
Save for those that make serious changes back towards the original, natural & substantial.

Warriors Willing

forgive me if this wasn't all that cohesive!

Silver Incubus

You have to remember that this whole obsession with negative things, such as egotism, perverted, etc is because from very early on in our lives, well for most of us, we are conditioned to be that way. The reason? Of course its obvious that people who feel insecure, or are greedy, are easier to control, then those who seek the less tangible things in life.
"Life is an Illusion that is painfully real" - me


A neg as a relative, yes, I recently read something like that. They're part of our evolution in this time, as close as your legs or arms. I've read that we could not evolute further without them.  And I see how they can connect to us so easy. I don't know anyone who hasn't some fear, pride, greed etc. to work out, but I find it difficult to feel respect, compassion for something that's trying hard to put me down. Looks like feeling compassion for the shark that's eating my leg. A hard lesson to learn indeed.


Mystic, may I ask where abouts you are and any contact details/website of the shaman who helped you?


I know how "we" feel.......
tired/attacked/frustrated/fed up/limited/hurt/confused/etc/etc.
We live in a moment (maybe the last thousand years or so) that is a very self-centered time. The ME-ME Moment (DRAMA)........from within that space (which we LIVE) it is impossible to gain perspective of a larger picture.  It is "old" and "given" that "we" have a hard time finding compassion for the shark that is eating our leg.  My point was to invite others to step outside themselves and try to imagine what the shark feels?!?  

We "accomplish" many things throughout the attempts to be *"productive"*...once in that day do we ever set ourselves aside to embody the earth, and FEEL OUR EFFECTS on it?  What energy does this planet we call our home...feel for us?
COMPASSION??? I doubt that very much.  

I don't mean to dance on anyone toes here...but my patients is so thin in this "moment"!!!  

It is to be expected in these very "rushed" times that we are not "granted" the time to witness more than the largest and most hyped-up of obstacles, but what DID we witness before the shark swallowed us whole???  What wondrous things did we miss??? As Silver Incubus so wisely noted...that the mass/herd mentality of the passive, herbivore-ish (compassionate) Sheeple are much easier to attend to, then the rogue and wild wolf...(also important here is the idea of psychically sticking to the forest vs. spiritually dwelling in the pasture...but that's another post).  



David Byrnes (Talking Heads) book "NEW SINS" lists Charity (as well as sense of humour, beauty, thrift, ambition, hope, knowledge, contentment, sweetness, honesty and cleanliness) as a fault, as another of my favorite wise men...J.Kirishnamurti expresses, "who am I to show pity, or feel sorry for another"?  I believe that "compassion" falls within these lines.  How can we so easily decide?  In one hand we have compassion for "certain" things, and in the other hand contempt for their opposites. It shouldn't be beyond us to clasp our hands, and feel nothing.  
There is a great secret in the state of being neutral.  
Where one can swim through shark infested waters without trailing the delicious scent of fear.

7 Satanic Sins

There is philosophy here, and other things that only a fool would try to describe. D. Byrnes

No More Drama
No More Personification

*Productive* Latin translation
conficio -ficere -feci -fectum (1) [to finish , make ready, bring about, accomplish]; of arrangements, [to conclude, settle]; of time or space, [to complete, pass through]; of results, [to produce, cause]. (2) [to get together, obtain, win over]. (3) [to use up, exhaust, consume]; of food, [to chew, eat] and also [to digest]; of property, [to waste]; of living creatures, [to destroy, kill]; in gen., [to weaken, wear out], esp. of persons. Hence partic. conficiens -entis, [productive, efficient].


Well, it seems this topic has garnered a few responses.
The shaman who helped me was a fellow who goes by the nomiker of Spectral Dragon. He has a webpage here

I'm doing pretty damn awful nowadays. It seems my problems are quite deep, and by assisting me the forces that be are somewhat perturbed.

In response to me speaking of demons as if they were an everyday occurance: Unfortuantely for me, they are. You learn to live with it. Though I'm attempting to gain complete control over this aspect of reality. I refuse to be a slave to anyone, Discarnate or otherwise.

Right now I'm dealing with the most damaging spiritual attack I've ever experienced. After SD removed that main demon of mine (Which he did quite easily, I might add), a group of discarnite beings cut me off from my heart chakra, odd as that sounds, it's apparantly possible. Why they would care or bother, I have no idea. Apparantly harrassing me is quite intresting. This led to a horrible and dramatic spiritual decline which left me weakened. In my weakened state another demon that I had chained in the shadow of my being broke free and burrowed through my heart chakra into my inner aura where it's been doing all sorts of damage. It's as if it's eating my mind. It feels like it's actually killing me. Intresting way to go, I must say. Having your soul eaten by a spiritual worm.
Being eaten from inside.


All I can say is that these beings better pray they destroy me. If I manage to end this I will climb back up that tree and I will make them pay. I will be their master or I will be dead.

I am no slave.
What doesn't kill you only delays the inevitable.