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Psychic Readings

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This weekend I went to a psychic fair in my area. I had three tarot readings by three different people and a session with one person who claimed she did automatic writing and channeling messages from angels. Up until then I've had several psychic readings not only cards but with mediums as well, and they all were getting things right. But this time all four people whatever they were saying was exactly the opposites of who I am and my past and current life, even funny things about the future. I went to the fair with no expectations but just to have fun. And boy did I have fun looking at these psychics' expressions when I was telling them, no, that's not it; no, I have plenty of confidence; no, I have no hearth ache at the moment; no, I was very connected to my mother; no, I had a very happy childhood lol. They didn't know how to handle all the discrepancies haha. The one with the automatic writing, I thought she will write words, but no she just kept drawing lines and circles and kept asking me to ask specific questions. I said, no, I want you to tell me what the spirits are saying, and then she would freeze. It's easy to find something to say in response to a specific question, this is no psychic. When I asked specific questions, she got everything wrong, not at all aligned with me and my life. And then, when they ask if you are married or in a relationship, if you say no, they go all in with the drama of the hearth. I told them, look my goal is not to find a husband haha.
The interesting thing is that as much fun as I was having, at some point I thought if I should worry about what they are saying. If there is a possibility I am not seeing or admitting something negative about myself, do I lack confidence, do I need to have someone in order to feel fulfilled because one of the psychics said this is how it SHOULD be. The natural thing is to be in a relationship in order to be happy. But this is her belief. Then I realized that I no longer buy into other people's belief systems. They can no longer influence me. I stand strong in my power and I know it for a fact. Who better knows me than me. I saw again how the collective interaction works. People feed on each other's beliefs without even examine them. Children buy into their parents beliefs, we all buy into the society's beliefs, but it's important as we see more from a higher stand point how this game works and crack the code, we can change the entire pre-programming. And this is one of the greatest's tests we have set up for ourselves. Know your own power the way you know the sun will rise tomorrow. Have no doubt, only follow your bliss, and you will never be affected by any negativity that happens around you or on a global level. You may keep observing it, but you will not react to it with such emotional involvement and you will feel true freedom.
"The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem."
Captain Jack Sparrow