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Incubus Problems & a Possible Solution...

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For those who haven't read Robert's latest book, references to an "incubus" come from that book - my understanding is that it's a negative astral entity (a "Neg") that spontaneously causes an attack of absolutely overwhelming sex drive in a person, then feeds on the resulting energy.  

After reading that book, all indications are that one of these things attached itself to me at a very early age (5 years old - I'm now 41).  All the conditions in my "home" were ripe for this to occur - daily, severe beatings from my mom, etc.  All the symptoms Robert described have been happening to me since I was 5 years old.  Sexual urges would dominate my life; appearing out of nowhere and would occur without any outside stimulus.  I'd be minding my own business working away when out of nowhere, WHAM! like somebody hit a switch.  Thank God, I've never had any affinity for anything that could get me into trouble - I've never been into the idea of rape, kids, etc. so for as long as this has been going on, I've never gotten into any trouble over it - it's just made my life a living hell.

Over the years I've tracked down certain things that contribute to the problem.  Namely, stimulants in any form.  Caffeiine is the worst.  Sugar is a close second.  Nicotine didn't help either, and basically anything that acts as a stimulant helps to trigger the process.  The problem was that while I've always had an intense aversion to any kind of illegal drugs, I've still been highly addicted to the very things that brought on these "attacks."  I think these stimulants simply helped make the process easier for the neg that was causing them.  Anyway, I found a solution - one that works 100% and 100% of the time.

I want to make it extremely clear that I'm not a doctor; I'm not recommending that anybody do what I'm doing.  I'm only putting this out as information; anybody who might be interested can use this as something to think about, and if you want to go forward, see your own doctor first and work out your own version of what you want to do.  I'm not suggesting that anybody do what I'm doing.  

It's been a very long, slow process to pin down the solution, but it ended up being one of a basic blood thinner.  I've had varying degrees of success with St. John's Wort and Kava Kava; taking high doses of these herbs was helping - noticably - to keep the "drive" down to tolerable levels.  But St. John's gave me violent stomach cramps, and recently I read on the web that there's a class action lawsuit going on; a bunch of people claiming liver damage from taking Kava, which I've been taking in relatively high doses.  So I immediately stopped the Kava.  It was only then that I noticed, every time I have chocolate (a terrible addiction I have, as it's the absolute worst offender for triggering an "attack") I get a caffeine withdrawal headache and promptly take two aspirin.  Looking back, for the first time I noticed that the "drive" always diminished when I took aspirin.  Kava is a blood thinner, and it was helping.  Asprin is a blood thinner, and it was helping.  Duh ... maybe all I need is the max dose of asprin every day and I'll be fine?  So I tried it, starting Monday 10/21.  As of today, Sunday, 10/27, taking the maximum recommended daily dose of 12 tablets per day (that's what it says on the bottle) of caffeine-free aspirin (325 mg aspirin per tablet), I haven't had a single "attack."  Not one.  I could write a novel on all the improvements that have occured.  For the first time in 13 years (no exaggeration) I'm sleeping through the entire night, every night.  Mood swings have basically gone.  No "hormone attacks" - NONE.  Cravings for all the stimulants I've been so addicted to have dropped to almost nothing.  The first couple days I was eating all the chocolate I wanted, whenever I wanted, and never had an "episode."  But after almost a week, the thought of most problem-causing stimulants (chocolate, caffeine, etc.) is almost repulsive.  I just don't care anymore, and more than anything else I'm craving protein!!!   My complexion has improved markedly in the space of 6 days.  Since I'm a programmer by profession, concentration is of the utmost importance, and my level of productivity has increased literally exponentially.  I've been warned of stomach problems from this much aspirin but so far I've had none.  Chronic cyst problems, going on for my whole life, have cleared up almost completely in the space of 6 days.  

I need to mention that I have a somewhat unusual physiology.  I was told by two doctors - old guys who have done thousands of surgeries - that I have the biggest arteries they'd ever seen in their lives, which indicates I have a lot more blood in me than the normal person.  This could be why I need such high doses of blood thinner.  I have B+ blood type which only 5% of the population has.  I heal from any physical "injury" in record time.  I have an extreme - although not impermeable - immune system.  I can resist almost anything, from flu to the common cold.  I'm absolutely hyperactive mentally, and outrageously aggressive in a creative sense.  "Driven" is a good word.  This as well could have made me a good target for this incubus (assuming that's what it is), since sex drive and basic creativity both come from the same chakra.  So what all this boils down to is that what worked for me may not work for the next person.  Don't assume anything based on what I've said.  If you're having the problem I had - and I assume a lot of guys are; it's just never talked about - take the basic idea that a blood thinner helped this guy in Denver, and go see your own doctor before you decide to do anything.   What saved me could really hurt the next person.  Don't mimic my actions.  Just take note of the basic info - blood thinner worked miracles in at least one case to cure what had every outward sign of being a lifetime of incubus attachment.

-- Chris in Denver

"Do ... or do not.  There is no try."