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Hello Pod3
  You can use shields to limit the influence of someones magic. You can also block their efforts with your shields. It is the same principle as keeping your home safe by putting a shield around it.
  There was a realling interesting thread on Why not Shield a while ago. I am sure it is still in the forum records. It might be something that you would find good to read.


Risu no Kairu

Well, I suppose if you don't anger people, you won't need a forcefield.

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Hey Pod3

What you can accomplish with a shield is only limited to the amount/type of energy you can use, and the intent of the shield.

Though not to the level you are looking for, I have successfully shielded out wind and rain, for a short time, actually it lasted for several hours, but more as a diffuser after about 5 minutes, by my choice, what was needed, and the energy I wanted to put in.

As far as not making anybody mad at you, there are people that are irritated that you have  "woken up", and would stop you from growing. Universal law, resitence is equal to force to provide growth. If it was easy, we all would have figured it out a long time ago.



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