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success with ridding long term negative beings

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ive had some success getting rid of negative entities that lived upon me and also human stalkers that prey upon me astrally recently,so i wanted to share some things ive learned because i got a lot of help in these forums.a little background information:im bipolar and transgender and very sensitive person whos seen a lot of struggle.ive pretty much never owned my psychic space in my life due to unhealthy family.i think this element and the bipolar (high energy flow) is an issue for a lot of people who are psychicly me it is a similar dynamic whether one gets drained,intimidated and sabatoged by other people or nonphysical entities.the predator is generally cynical and dissociative (out of touch with themself.being inside ones body generates a lot of energy because of the focus and the need to process feelings,this generates a "freshness"which i believe any being could generate for themselves if theyd just deal with themself.this dynamic seems true for nonphysical beings,they can live to varying degrees of accountability to themselves and this equals varying degrees of access to their own source energy which is unlimited.whether they do the work or not there still seems to be a need for this "freshness" or life.
ive had various instances of "possession" in my life,but i hesitate to use hollywood dramatic terminology,although i love the glamour,it seems important to think as clearly about a very real yet in many ways ambiguous phenomenon as possible.ive always had an inhabitant as far as i can remember a being or presence that lived near and off of me that would stimulate anxiety,guilt,fear,shame and addictive behaviors.
a couple years ago i had a breakdown because of people i knew were "riding me" or floating out of their bodies and trying to walk me around and get me to say things.they became addicted to this behavior and it caused intense confusion and fear for me.up untill this point all things "psychic" or astral were vaguely intriguing but way in the background of my life.

i became so confused because my physical and psychic space was so completely filled with other peoples sounds and lasted months and i thought it might never end.i felt really lost and occurred to me that this might be part of the problem with many so called crazy people-they are sensitive and noncompetitve without stong natural defense systems and they become like the neighborhood joyride person.

at this point i was also expanding my psychic awareness majorly i became very aware of "energies".at first all energy was good feeling,before i learned different kinds,id open myself up to all kinds of opportunistic beings.i read robert bruces astral dynamics and psychic self defense,and they offered plenty of useful knowledge but i was very off center and constantly being fed terror and confusion from many sources.i had no safe space in my life to actually find clarity.

i moved into an apartment with one person i could trust who validated my observations.he knew i wasnt crazy and had the experience of being ridden before and had spent the long years of willing his way back to owning his space.he also knew the people who were doing it and knew there vibrations and could recognize them on me.

i figured out that these people who were obssessed with "driving my car" werent new agers or wiccans or anything.just dissociative rockers.they didnt think "im going to astral project on to jamie and drive jamie around.they just sort of spaced out and developed this really active fantasy life,but they didnt really admit to themselves it was destroying me.

robert bruce quickly discusses "virtual puppetry" but it is very real.if you are floating out of your body all the time and being very active,your energy does become stronger,its like excercise,the more you focus your nonphysical will,the stonger it becomes.i was very lost and depressed and weak and their willfull exertion,constantly upon my impulses would work.if i was walking down the street,id feel like someone else,it was terrifying and push them off with all of my will,but they were taking turns and relentless and in the advantageous position because i was weak and confused about all of this stuff.

ive read a lot to try and learn how to talk about this in a rational way (although perception is irational by nature).i discovered documentation of something like virtual puppetry in "psychic discoveries behind the iron curtain".this book is well researched/documentations of scientific studies of many psychic phenomenon.they discovered that if you can sync up biorythms with another person you can definetly influence their impulses.

all of this being stalked really destroyed my sense of self and power,i was walking basket case.then last christmas i met up with my aunt who i hadnt seen in years.and it was scary.she didnt look like herself anymore.she had been an intense alcoholic for many years and had picked up this horrible thing that looked like it was from a galaxy far far away and a long long lime be in its presence was just repulsive and i could see that its energy had pretty much fully filled her space.she told me "i thought i had hit my bottom but at least then i still had myself" chilling words.that was all we discussed of of this ugly thing who was mostly just talking and walking her around and i instantly cancelled my plans with her and wanted to get away.

its easy to see how being drunk all the time to escape could yield such horrors.the energy of alcohol seems to wreck people psychicly (hangovers).and this being stimulates thirst and sugar cravings to rip one open and jump in to the release of euphoria.
so i get home home that night and guess who floats into my room to hang out?like the ugliest sound ive ever an undead cockkroch/sewer rat from another world.
all night i tried to kill it,since i had already learned that nicey nice new ageisms have absolutely no affect on these type creatures.the universe is not a moral place.those are human dreams.there are other cultures on earth and beings everywhere that have totally different assumptions.its just:will verse will.
apparently this creature had marked me and wanted to expand its first it tried to give me this "evil demon" kind of hype,but that soon faded and it became obvious the thing as i call it now was not a demon,just an average troll of the universe with no connections but a desperate compulsion for delicious aunt was also a very energetic person before this thing.
so months pass and this thing is all over me.has attachments everywhere and is stimulating insecurities and guilts i didnt know i had in order to bleed me and keep me off made me look ugly.

i was resolute that i would not become like my aunt- a shell for this thing.i focused and read and plotted but this thing was in would just attack me to the point where id puke.and no exertion of will would have an effect on would always just come right back.i mean ive murdered this thing So many times!

it was constantly stimulating my anxieties to the point where any possible embarrassing tension between me and any body else was Real loud in my vibe.i was so embarrassed that i couldnt leave the house which is probably where this being wants me so i can obssess and it can feed.
after 2 years of hell i started to make some breakthroughs.
its important to point out,because i clearly remember desperately searching thru these forums,how bonked up i was and how hopeless and how long it lasted and how many problems i had.its important because there are definetly other people with similar or relatable problems looking here for some answers.a lot of stuff i left out because this is such a long self indulgent post but im just hoping that some of my experience will help.
ive experienced and read a lot and to varying degrees we are all vulnerable on a psychic level.

people and beings can stimulate terror,anxiety,send you pcitures,influence your perception,ruin your luck.the mind is fragile.but also all of these things are very temporary.on an energy/psychic level noone can do permanent damage.ive gone thru so many states of Extreme,im not joking extreme disrepair.from hallucinating i was the last person on earth or dead or in a holograph on an alien feeling spiritually mentally and psychicly dead and these problems kept coming because they do magnetize more of them to you (the problems).

finally im coming to some calm,rational some kind of clarity and happiness.
i dont want to sound like an a.a. share but i do have some things i learned that may help some people who are less desperate that they feel.

dealing with psychic autonomy is a very philosophical thing.its about perception,will and morality.everyone can own their own psychic is only a perception that we momentarily dont.but when you feel taken over it can stimulate all of the worst fear thought forms which have binary shape.the idea of forever or death or something purely evil,something complete.the universe isnt really like that.there are holocausts and genocide,but those are humans attempting to impose their fear based thoughtforms on the universe.

in the psychic realm nothing is solid or real or is really all perception.this means that power is also only a perception.when someone is in your space all that is is someone constantly convincing you that that they are in your space,and they have the power to be the realm of perception noone has greater power.all percieving subjects have unlimited imagination and will.but inhabiting someone is just basicly intimidating and annoying them with tricks to throw them offcenter.

i perused thru ultimate reality and it helped me.she explains that there is no time in the mind of the universe.this makes my experience attraction is a reliable cant think "i want this being off of me" in a sense that will attract more of the vibration of "i want this being off of me".in my experience the language of manifestation is the language of now only.if someone in these forums tries right now to say with all of their energy,highest body to physical body,"i own all my energies and psychic boundaries"-say it with the feeling behind it,not the words,you will notice an immediate might tinkle off your unwanted guest and they might stimulate or trigger you into the vibrational pattern that gives room for them.but the more you can relax into the quiet feeling of knowing,the more you will be manifesting the reality that your vibration attracts.

on the physical plane,a lot is manifested thru force,but on the psychic level,surrender does seem to be a more reliable energy.another thing ive noticed is that the higher frequency holds sway in terms of manifestation.the higher or quieter frequencies have nothing to do with effort.they have more to do with selflessness and finding flows to channell.for example the flow of "this negative psychic relationship is over".

ive found that battling it out on the psychic level of boundaries and unfastening attachments can attract more struggle,but it can help if it is used along with the quieter meditation of knowing manifestation.

another trick i discovered that has helped me is to shift my frequency.this related to the previous paragraph.i noticed that attachments happen to conflicted areas and they usually happen at a loud or agitated frequency.when i listen for the parts of my energy that are quieter and calmer i can "relax in" to them and from there i can just not listen to the louder frequencies,then match the attached part of my aura to the quieter frequencies.power exchanges and competition are a course energy,when i get calmer,there is less for anyone to attach to.
ive found that robert bruces "rapido" technique has also been really helpful.the more movement in my aura also leads to less stagnant areas that are attachable.i try to use the rapido ripple thru many layers of my energy or many bodies at once.i also focus on listening for and strengthening my natural psychic immune system.each time i ripple thru my levels of consciousness,i listen for my psychic immune system and gently strengthen it.this can also be done with running your energy meditation.
  i try and be aware of my "psychic skin" or the furthest most outer part of my aura and send ripples thru it that can weaken attachments.another cool trick ive learned that works real well is to match your skin to the most abhorrant possible sound to the invading person or entity. if it is a human stalker this can cause them to actually gag.but try it right now.listen for the pictures inside of the invading being that repulse them and turn it up inside your space.theyll jump off quick.then just relax your awareness into the part fof your energy that was inhabited.
seems like attachment can mainly happen in the coarser frequencies and there are many other levels to deal with.the higher or more inner of a frequency,the less effort is involved,but ironically the greater effect.if you go deeper in to a quiet level,relaxing,calming quieting,you can simply manifest, or will something that you might battle out on a lower frequency with shields and stuff for a long time.
 psychic soveriegnity can take a real long time if you have been drained or inhabited for a long time and you need to relearn new attitudes that attract ownership over your space.humility,really helps,humor and finding time to calm yourself down.these things prey on anxiety.also divesting from desperate glass half full belief systems.
i hope this passes along clearly something that will help someone find their peace of mind because no matter how huge your problems seem,they arent as bad as you think and you can stop them.anyone can.
dont believe the crap that an invasive influence is feeding you.they keep us strung out on limiting beliefs so they can take advantage.anyone can own their own psychic requires consistant will,and study and also a willingness to let go of what doesnt matter and to focus on manifestating your ownership over your energies.but if i can do it anyone can.


Congratulations, Jaime.  It sounds like you have had success with your Neg problems.  Your post, though long, was not self indulgent.  I'm sure there are a few people who need to see that someone has transcended their situations.  Thanks again.


hi James,

I know now why i was attracted to your dilemma. I have a bipolar child and i myself am bipolar.  Though I am just discovering my imbalance. This is what I have learned. There are  many "bipolar" beings on the earth plain now. We are trying to balance. It is Soul growth. I feel I can help heal imbalance. Your very chemistry can be balanced by the food you eat. You are probably sugar sensitive, and need hormones balanced. It took 21 years for me to see that a simple hormone imbalance started the imbalance, like a domino effect of imbalance that  created my daughters present state of mind. Mood swings. I and she are extremely sensitive. This is not bad, but it does set us up for heart ache and intrusion! I hope My kid is more balanced before she begins to wake up (for lack of better terms) because she is prime target for these cling on entities. In order to free ourselves of bothersome energies, I believe that you have to raise your own energies.  This is not easy. It takes a lot of healing of the emotional body, and before you or anyone can begin to heal we must balance. A single brain chemical off balance controls our ability to reason to feel good to have will, it goes on and on, but I can tell you that when she does not get out of bed and wants to blame the world for her woes, she has not been eating properly and needs take care of herself better.  I am going on too long here but I feel so strongly about intrusion and sensitive people because it is my heart involved, that I wanted to shed some light on your dilemma. When we balance we are able to hear our higher aspects. anything else is ego or intrusion. And ego is tricky. so are some of the beings that I have been dealing with. Trust that weather you believe in God or not that an energy of nothing but LOVE will always over come all other energies. LOVE will win ALL WAYS
Get the book (Potatoes not Prozac) and just read. you will find that it will shed some light on what you experience as well as relieve some old beliefs. Deep breathing will put you in touch with your innermost self. And then I know you will begin to rid yourself of the invasive creepies that love imbalance as well as ruining a good HEART.
I wish you peace.