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Weird sound iv been hearing

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The past 2 years I have been hearing a specific tone in the morning/night. It usually comes before the sun rises and comes in waves. I sounds sort of like some vibration and seems
to come from within my mind or head(I tried putting hands around ear). It doesn't go away until I have slept a few hours again. It is nothing like what Ihave experienced when exiting the body
it is something else, has anyone else experienced it?


There is apparently a low level hum some hear.... I am one of them.  It started for me around 2010 one night...low level rhythmic hum like a generator.  I walked everywhere looking for the thing to tell it's owners to switch it off at night.... cause it was annoying ...never found where it came from.  Some time ...few years...later I read there are a good few that hear this sound.  I suspect maybe 3G comms bouncing off cell towers.  It's annoying...louder some places than others and present all the time if I focus.  Nowadays I just tune it out.

Maybe you also now are tuned in?