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What was this that I witnessed

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During this past summer my brothers and I where swimming in our pool in our front yard (we live on a farm) and we stopped for a few minutes to rest and where all looking towards the road and talking our dad, stepmom and 2 sisters had been gone for about an hour, when all of a sudden we seen our van and them drive by, my stepmom waved at me. We where like what the hell why aren't they coming back home? Well we decided to start horsing around in our pool for a little longer and then they pulled in. We jumped out and ran and asked them if they had driven by and then pulled around, they told us they didn't and that they never had driven by.

me and my bros looked at each other and still to this day months later cannot figure out exactly what they say. They could of been messing with us but I believe them when they say they didn't drive by and turn around....any idea


Mistaken car?  Similar people inside?  Who knows.  Probably a logical reason though.