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will RED attract?

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The base chakra is as important as the crown chakra, and its color is red. It is called the base chakra because it supports the other six. It is also well known as where the dormant kundalini waits. The shade of red you choose matters more than the fact of being red. If you choose a dark, dirty looking shade of red that might not be as good as a bright, happy shade of red.

lucid dancer

Ok, that helps me out. Thanks. The room that I had in mind will always be illuminated also. There's a street light right outside.  I've only lived here a few weeks so far, and haven't noticed any strange activity. Thank goodness!


If you choose a shade of red that you dislike then you will get negs, negative thoughts about how you dislike the color. If you choose a shade of red you like then you will most likely not get any negs and be happy. I am one that believes negs are for the most part are thoughts and emotions that we see as negative. So if you do not want any "negs" choose things that you like and makes you happy.

I also agree very much with Tom. Just because something is lower does not mean it is negative or evil. Everything needs a base or foundation.

Alice had got so much into the way of expecting nothing but out-of-the-way things to happen, that it seemed quite dull and stupid for life to go on in the common way.

lucid dancer

It would most definantly be a bright color I like. Probably the same color of that funny face I used, or darker. It'll match my Dali pictures.  ...I haven't explored the dimensions yet, but it reminded me of what Bruce called the astral wildlife in the lower levels. It doesn't sound like a pretty place.  In any case, I could always change my mind and paint over the color. It's not a big deal. Thanks guys!

lucid dancer

I just moved into my new home. I'm looking forward to decorating. I've watched way too many Christopher Lowell shows.  I'm considering a shade of red for one of my rooms.  However, I'm having second thoughts about the color, because it's related to the lowest dimension.  I get excited when I think about living with Violet and blue. They are related to high dimensions.  Negs are attracted to darkness... are they attracted to any colors?