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Defending Against "The Greys"

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G,day Malcolm

I don't mind some of Stuart Wilde's books as well,my sister used to work for him & house sitted for him,so I got passed a few books from him,the last one was "Weight loss for the mind" in 1994,so I havn't seen what he has written since,what year did "the sixth sense" come out?

hehe, garlic on grey's,maybe like most animals they would stay clear of it.If you were reading about them or watching movies lately with aliens in them,maybe your subconcious has fed you some replays while you are dreaming.If they do exist, I,m sure they don't get up to any where near as much mischeif as us humans do.

A lot of people don't accept that aliens exist full stop,let alone some could be physical & some could look like what the grey's look like & be in our dimension at the same time.If Stuart has claimed these things & say's that he can see them,I think he needs a head scan,just to make sure,I didn't know that about him having to publish his own stuff,thanks for that piece of gossip mate,I knew he was eccentric,but now.I'll find out more & see what comes of it.

Good journeys




"The Sixth Sense" was published in 2000. To my knowledge, he has only written two books since then, both of which he has had to sell online as e-books from his web site ( According to a radio interview (archived at, he couldn't find anyone who was willing to publish his new "weird" stuff. This is not surprising though...

I'll post a few quotes from the sixth sense. Maybe he's onto something, or maybe he's lost it. You decide.

"In passing, I'd like to say that I don't think UFOs are necessarily from other parts of the universe. From my experience, I feel that they are interdimesional in nature. The Grays certainly have an etheric indentity, as they can come through walls. The famous French researcher Jacques Vallee (Close Encounters of the Third Kind was based on his life) suggested that the whole UFO phenomenon is a control mechanism. He felt that the UFO entities are an inner phenomenon - that is, beings from another dimension wanting to establish a power over us in order to lead us to certain conclusions. There are loads of abductees, channelers, and so forth who have stated as fact that the Grays and various UFO entities manipulated human DNA in the past to create modern man.... Meanwhile, a lot of writers have bought the story, and the idea has entered modern UFO mythology...."

"I think it is more likely that the UFOs are interdimensional, toward the demonic end of the spiritual ladder, and that they fly about to kid us that they have a special power and technology. It's their way of lording over us...."

The symbology of the UFO phenomenon is very important at this time, and it's not an illusion. The UFO entities are definitely here. I've seen two UFOs up close, and I've seen Grays on a number of occasions, and I absolutely don't buy that they are Space Brothers helping us along.... What I think is fascinating is that abductions, and the UFOs' attempted control trip over us, so closely reflects our modern societies....

"...The other thing that is confusing is that the UFOs seem to have a solid reality, a semi-solid reality (the plasma state), and a non-solid etheric reality.... It's interesting that we don't have even one decent on-the-ground UFO photo.... Perhaps flying saucers have no solid reality - only a plasma or semi-solid identity."

"One thing is for sure: If the UFOs were extraterrestrials here to conquer us, they would have done it by now.... So one can deduce several things from events so far: They don't want to conquer us, or, more likely, they can't. It's our minds or our bodies or our energy they want to control, not the real estate. Or, whatever it is they want from us they must be getting, for they wouldn't keep reappearing if they constantly failed to get whatever it is they're after."

"....On one occasion, a silvery willy, 30 feet wide, hovered for several minutes over my house.... I decided to go for the camera, and as soon as I had that thought, it began to move ever so slowly toward the southwest. In less than a minute it was gone. I got the impression that it knew what my intentions were."

"....It wasn't that long before the Grays showed up in my life. (So if you are fascinated by the phenomenon, be ready for them to show up eventually.).... The first experience occured one night when I was lying on the bed, wide awake, reading. I became aware of an orb of energy hovering near my knee. It was definitely etheric, not solid...."

"After that, the Grays showed up on a regular basis. Two once walked in the front door. I noticed them immediatly, and I think that spooked them because they turned and left. On one occasion, a Gray was standing close to my bed, just watching me; I flipped my concentration through its eye, trying to etherically penetrate it. I was shocked to discover that there was nothing in there - blank, no emotion, no feelings, nothing, just empty space."

"I've been out into the astral planes a lot over the years, and I've seen ghosts, dead spirits, and all manner of weird entities, but the Grays... are the most spooky. The astral world is one of phantasmagoric ghouls, and so on, but the astral, when you get used to it, has a very unreal quality about it. The Grays are seriously real. Over the years, I've also encountered angelic spirits, unconditional love, and wonderful inspiration. And I can't help thinking that if the UFOs and Grays are a good thing, they would feel good. There's no point contradicting one's feelings. That is always a recipe for disaster."

"...Here is what I think I've found out. I use the word think, as in their now-you-see-it, now-you-don't world, it is very hard to be catagorical. I'm almost sure that Vallee was also right when he suggested that the fairy kingdoms and that Grays'/UFOs' world are part of the same dimension or phenomenon. The Grays have an etheric identity - if they have a solid identity, I have never seen it.... [UFOs] are not necessarily flying metallic craft, but 'flying beings' like, say, a complex air-spirit that can shape-shift itself and change to look like a ball or a craft...."

"...I think most abduction are etheric in nature. I know abductees report returning to bed to find grass is their sheets or their nightdress is on the wrong way around. This would suggest a physical abduction, not necessarily an etheric out-of-body one. However, maybe the Grays want us to be confused. There is the famous case of a middle-aged Australian woman from Victoria who was abducted from her car in the presence of two UFO researchers who were not abducted. She never left the driver's seat. So that instance was etheric in nature."

"...The Grays have an agenda that seems demonic to me, but it may not be demonic to them - much like a scientist who has no personal animosity toward the mice he's conducting experiments on...."

"...However, my feeling is that if the UFOs are farming anything, it is energy they are collecting - human etheric energy. How they tap a human's etheric via abduction is beyond me..."

"...I'm still not 100 percent certain if the Grays operate only in the etheric or if they can shift between the nonphysical and our physical reality. I have only had one incident that got me wondering. I was in Bath, England, resting in a hotel after a long day at a recording studio. I couldn't sleep; I was still a bit wired from the day's work. Then I felt the energy of the room change. (When the Grays show up, a room's ambience gets thicker - it takes on a milky quality. I have never seen it as milky, it just feels that way.) A being was standing motionless between the bed and the door. The room was quite brightly lit, and since you lose sight of the etheric under bright lights, I couldn't see the being, but I could feel it. Anyway the room had definitely changed, which is a telltale sign. I was tired and a bit irritable. So I screamed at it "F--- off, you little piece of sh--, or I'm going to get out of bed and punch yer effin' light out!" Not very galactically embracing, I must say, but I wasn't in a very caring, sharing mood at the time."

"The energy of the room instantly changed as the entity backed off, and all was clear. However, I woke up in the morning with two snakelike pinpricks on my arm. They were bleeding ever so slightly. The odd thing was that the blood on the pinpricks wouldn't coagulate. There were two tiny red dots on my arm for several days. So, "F--- off you little creep" perhaps only works to a certain extent..."

He goes on to describe the different ways in which they can mess up one's etheric body, aswell as the chakra system. He then suggests countermeasures such as ultra-violet light, and electrically charged copper wire wrapped around a bed. He says though, that the most effective defense against the Grays is to feel positive emotions such as unconditional love and to project those emotions to them.

I hope this was interesting.


Qui-Gon Jinn

I personally am convinced the physical universe is inhabited by millions upon millions of species, a minority as intelligent (and sometimes I wonder if we are intelligent) or more as us, but still, that minority would count at least into hundreds of thousands - sheer logic!!  Afterall, think about the vastness of space the physcial universe inhabit....
 Since "they" living on other planets/places than earth are so many, (I believe of course, have no hard core evidence for many reasons) sure, there must be those looking like the so popular "greys" are portraited...   and perhaps that species is one of those visiting us - but if they were really hostile, you and me wouldn´t breath the free air of earth as of this moment..  behold these fellows holds advanced tech to get them here in the first place - using that energy and knowledge they would without no doubt be able to wipe human kind out of existance as we know it within a nano second of reality....   I don´t know about you but I still breath in the wonderful air of earth..

  Don´t know the guy you are quuting personally, but a lot of stuff he´s saying doesn´t "reason" with me to say the least... but if the "greys" as he describes them indeed were out to somehow harm us, sending feelings of love and the likes towards wouldn´t do the trick..  plain and simple logic..  no garlic would make them go away either...   but you know, most advanced civs out there oughta by again, logic, be "good guy civs", again sheer logic...   so if the "greys" really would have a weird hidden agenda, I doubt very much the good guys (know many don´t like the idea of good and evil, but I´ll use the terms here for obvious reasons) would let them prey on primitive lifeforms without any real power to defend ourselves on a global perspective (knowledge is power, and well, knowledge isn´t widespread on earth to put it nice ...), like the human kind...

  But, this is speculation from my side....   take care..  //Qui-Gon

- Your focus determines your reality -


Wow sounds like Stuart really has lost it.To begin with,having copper wires around a bed (not an electric blanket)is a very irresponsible thing to say & some people can get seriously hurt,by taking faith in those words & U.V lights,why would you want them shining on you?Another potential for disaster.

He must have been tripping when he wrote that,surely.Didn,'t look like it was edited properly & things seemed to jump all around the place,lots of thoughts that would have made better sense arranged differently,lots of speculation & low on the facts.

Maybe one day when OBE,ing is taken more seriously,there can be an international standard or code of terminology,so we all know exactly what part of the astral they are accessing or talking about.When he talks about Etheric & Astral,makes me wonder what HE thinks the definition of them are.

I've only seen an alien type being once that looked like a grey/gray, but this was while OBE,ing & it's skin was a sandy colour.Hope we get to the bottom of it all soon.

Good journeys



Hi. I'd like to start by making three points in Stuart's defense:

1.) The copper wire defense system that he suggested is supposed to be hooked up to a low powered battery, which would not be dangerous. This reminds me of Robert's running water perimeter defense.

2.) The UV light bulb that he suggests is a dark purple light known as "Black Lite". I have one in my posession, but I rarely use it. They will light up white, and other neon colours, and can also be used to see invisible security features on paper money. My point here is that they are not dangerous.

3.) Keep in mind that I didn't want to type up the whole chapter, and thus had to be selective. It is perhaps for this reason that the text does not appear to be edited properly.

Now, the quotes that I posted above suggest that UFOs and their related entities do not necessarily come from advanced civilizations on other planets, but rather other (astral) realities. There is a lot of UFO literature and abduction/contact reports to back this up if one knows how to interpret them. I believe that the problem lies in the "scientifically-minded" UFO researchers (no disrespect intended) who are unable to accept the possibility of higher levels of existence. Jacques Vallee is one of the few who is willing to accept such possibilities. (Dr. Jacques Vallee's books, Messengers of Deception and Passport to Magonia are excellent. Messengers details the history of UFO related cults such as Urantia and explains the manipulative nature of UFO contacts. Passport suggests the link between modern UFOs and fairy lore.) Anyway, this is just what I believe, and I'm not interested in getting into a debate. I am, though, interested in finding out two things:

1.) Has anyone here had experience with the Greys through clairvoyance or while OOB?

2.) If these beings are in fact non-physical entities, as has been suggested, then would running water, garlic, LBRP, etc. work effectively as countermeasures?



Just a quick thought.  Chew on this.

What if for example there were in fact no "aliens" per say.  Or to satisfy most of you that the ratio of aliens, abducties, and sightings is actually a very minimum of what is reported.  Say 3%.
  So what about the other 97%?  Good question.  A couple of years ago I had a really messed up dream.  I will not go into detail but lets just say I could very easily turn it into an abduction story.  And in truth a couple of people that I have told it too said I was abducted but I think they are a little crazy.  Every thing that I have researched so far on what hapened to me leads to this, which I believe to be the truth.

  I believe that I had a LD or an OBE, but at that point in time my mind was not ready for the experience and hence had to turn it off very quickly.  But the begining of the experience left a memory and the memory had to be explained.  So my mind took over and changed things and arranged them so it could explain the what happened.  I noticed that the dream had many elements that were familiar in my enviroment which leads me to believe this more and more.  It is logical to me that when the mind makes things up like that in a purely defensive manner it will use things that are common to you.   I can think back on it a note a very different feeling from when the dream started and when it begain to change.  Even though it was scarier for me towards the end it was also easier to accept, and because of that  it was oddly soothing.  Until I woke up that is.  At that point every thing was different because something in my mind had been turned off as a devensive mechanism.
  I think this happens a lot to people.  They experience something in thier dreams or while they are asleep like a LD or AP, and the mind can not handle it give the other beliefs that the person may have.  This causes the brain to take over and compensate to return things back to normal or a more believable dream reality.  I believe that many of the stories of abductions stem from this brain function.  The only abduction stories that I tend to believe as being possible are the ones where some one is actually missing for a while and then just shows up out of the blue.  Or were there is physical evidence of an encounter.  I believe that the world in general is so caught up with the Sci-Fi phenomenon that it is easy for a person to believe that they were abducted after this kind of brain function.

Then there are the ones I believe are just flate out lunatics.

David Rogalski


Okie Doke.

All the best on your journeys



I have not been keeping up with the forums, so I apologize in advance if these questions have already been dealt with in previous threads.

I am curious about a few things. It seems as though the "grey aliens" that are seen in the typical abduction scenario have a lot in common with negs. Many abduction accounts involve the abductee being paralyzed and/or taken out of body. Also, one of my favourite authors, Stuart Wilde, claims that they are transdimesionals and that he can see them with clairvoyance. It is interesting to note that he has had to self publish all his new material after mentioning this piece of information in his book "The Sixth Sense". If one is to accept that they are astral entities capable of manifesting in the physical, then does this also mean that the same countermeasures (garlic, running water, LBRP) will be effective against such beings? I've been having distubing dreams about such things for the past five or six years. It would be helpful if anyone could provide me with input/advice.