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You guys can't be serious!

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Astralc, thank you for taking the time to post your view on this.  Your elevated stature and your proffesional experience  is quite valuable to the overall argument of manifesting your own evil.  On a side note, I find it most wondrous that your standpoint is quite so multi faceted, and not the expected text book phsychology.  Again looking to nature, one must always ebb and flow rather then construct damns to protect their own personal two bits.  Besides where else can you go to see such monolith Greek architecture that is completely uneroded and unweathered?  Just a faint memory takes my breath away.

I have read an interesting view on possesions and supposed demonic cases.  Emphasizing the fact that a healthy and sound individual must maintaain a balance between emotion and intelect.  Simply using both sides of the brain without prejudice to the other.  Basically, people who have never experienced the feminine or emotional side of themselves, are very apt to feel that they are possessed.  Some of this was picked up from  Martin Malaki who wrote "Hostage To The Devil."  When exorcists came across somebody who thought they were possessed by a devil, the emotion would absolutely slay them.  It was nothing more than that person's raw emotion let loose.  Raw emotion without intellect seems demonic.  The same as intellect without emotions seems to be an android.  I'm curious as to what you think of this, as I feel there is alot of truth to this.




thanks for the kind words, I started out as a practitioner of tai chi and began to astral travel and OOB six months later, from there I worked out that there was more to life than what we saw, heard and ate. Next I studied astrology and hypnosis and began practice as a clinical hypnotherapist, and wow, did we do some strange things in trance. Next I went back to university to study psychology and gain my registration.

Uni was hard because I knew that most of it was bull sh_t, but I had to pass and so played the game. Now I combine all three professions which is very satisfying.

Back to our forum, people whom I have worked with that have psychosis, like schizophrenia and mania, when they are having a psychotic episode is lke living a waking nightmare. The anxiety and fear is tangible, you can feel it when they are near you. They can manifest demons and devils right there in front of you, no we can't see them but to the patient it is real, really real! So real that they will attack you if they think that you are evil too or one of 'them'.

Grenade01, your girl friend reminds me of a fellow tai chi student years back who astral travelled almost every night to a dark place, he was terrified of it. He drank alcohol to make himself unconscious to avoid it. He would stay awake night after night to escape the falling and the blackness that enveloped him when he arrived at that 'place'. He turned to tai chi to help. this guy was very psychic, a healer too, but the OOB experiences he had were terrifying.

So I suppose it is hard to really say, is there a demon plane? maybe, but as one member said, this plane where we sit at our computers is the closest to the dmeon plane we will ever get. If you want to meet a demon go to your local alcohol venue, there are evil people there. Or go to the multinational management meeting, like Shell corp, there are evil people there.... we have manifested evil on our own earth plane, we don't have to go OOB to find it.

Glad you guys have provided some stability via this forum for those wishing to explore OOB, fear stifles creativity and needs to be challenged.



ebb and flow ...
You know who says ebb and flow  a lot? Terrence McKenna

Have you ever noticed this quality reality.....that just....
comes and goes, and ebbs and flows....

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I've stumbled unto this forum through my searching for newer and more improved astral body releasing techniques.  I've been conciously projecting since or about the age of 10, so please don't pass judgement by my first post, as indifferent as it will be.

I have physically wrestled with myself, wink wink, weather or not to press forward with what I have to say, but I'm sorry the last topic "...greys" blew me away.  I know that there are some indeed evolved projectors on board here, while others are not.  Those that are advanced and truelly know what happens behind the veil should be somewhat obliged to end this fear factor.  The reason I bring this up is that there are many readers and browsers who indeed try to gather some usefull information on this elitist topic.  Anyone who has found their way here can atleast begin to fathom the creative force behind the sub/super concious mind, remebering that thoughts are things.  Therefore one must admit that fear breads on its self, to further, negativity breads on it self, a vicious cycle that can sometimes only be pierced by a more elevated entity.

There is NO DEVIL, there are NO DEMONS.  If there was a devil, do you think for a second that in all his negative glory he has nothing better to do then to bother concious astral travellers?!   There is a great amount of negativity that surounds earth, true.  The only strength and power it has, is what you give to it, and what you allow your creative force to create under its stimuli.   If in your travels you feel that there is nothing better to do then to hand around earth.. well..  Again, for those experienced travellers do hold back in sharing your coweled entity stories,  "Discretion is the better part of valour".

Second, those of you that have truelly released, do you not see the help that surounds you??  Do you think for a second that your guides would allow you to wonder somewhere where you could be in danger?  What danger would that even be?  There is NOTHING that can hurt you, only your fear can scar you.  A certain level of levity should be exercised at all times.  

Third, if one is so privy to actually encounter a "grey"...  Wow, people, do you have any idea of the level that these entities function at?  What would they want with you?  Put their probe in your poopper??  If they want to know about us why dont they just abduct our docotors, or telemarketers? Honestly, those that have been taken away and stayed away, asked for it.  There are many that have been taken away, and brought back, and the sights they have seen cannot even begin to approach your highest, or our highest conglomerate view of what a 'heaven' could be.  Don't believe me.. ASK  ASK and ASK, ask your guide, if you cannot see your guide, ask that you can, then ask your guide to take you to one of these or to clense you and prepare you to meet the others..  But please stop this hate for the unknown, there is nothing to fear, your conciousness is entering their realm, not the other way around.  So before you go raising your hands and shooting fire out of your palm, ~sigh~ , find out where you really belong in all of this, and why you have this ability that other so envy.  The weakness is in your flesh, don't project this with your astral body, please.

"Thoughts are things, you don't have the right to be negative."


do not hesitate to tear my post appart, I will explain that what you ask.