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Breaking the Silence

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I went back and forth on which forum to post this in and kept landing here. I hope it's right.

In the dream state this past month I was directed to reach out to three other people or groups of people and ask how I could help them with their projects. The day after this suggestion was first made an article was posted on a Wordpress blog I follow and in it Steve Neill, who hosts this new project "Breaking the Silence" was featured. Steve is filming experiencers tell their stories of abductions, contact, sightings and other anomalous phenomena. I wrote and asked him how I could help. He had a look at my sites and asked if I could drive up to Ventura, CA, and if I would be willing to tell my story on film. I said yes, and two weekends ago I did. The show just premiered tonight. This is it. If anyone has the time to watch, please watch on youtube and leave a comment for Steve and Mary, who really appreciate the feedback from those who watch any of their shows. Steve is a lifetime experiencer himself, both he and Mary are in their 70s and really do work so hard on this project. I think their end goal is after some time to produce a documentary with the best of their experiencer testimonials.

My own story spans the greater part of 60 years- I had to squash this into 20 or so minutes.

Though frazzled, I tried my best to include my entire spiritual unfolding.

Leading into the ET contact work I do now with crystals.


Amazing, Casey! Thank you for telling your story and contributing to the mass awareness!
"The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem."
Captain Jack Sparrow


Thank you, Lightbeam -I have been doing this for more than a decade now but this trip in particular has been very helpful to me, to my process. There are unresolved aspects to the Experience I began moving through in 2009, I felt these unresolved aspects began getting touched on in the scheme of me connecting with this project ( Breaking the Silence ), and driving up to meet Steve and Mary. I aim to resolve all that is possible through this venture and begin going out to meet a wider group of people. For real this time, lol. It almost happened when Kerry Cassidy had me on Project Camelot but I really wasn't ready yet for a wider audience. I could feel my hesitation, AND it was not quite like what I am involved in now. Which is deeper into my own inner processes, and aimed at personal growth. This feels much better. This past week I touched base with Alan Steinfeld, from New Realities. He expressed an interest to have me on. Maybe that will happen next, or at some point down the line. He seemed quite interested in the Spiritual development side of things, which is really encouraging to me. It is where most my interest lays as well.


Thank you for posting this video.  It was fascinating to watch and to see yet another glimpse into your personal and spiritual journey.  Every time I watch another video of you I learn a little more about you.  It sounds like you have started your journey right from childhood and have had a progression of different types of experiences throughout your lifetime.  I enjoy reading and watching your videos with your Crystal Contact and can only imagine what will come forth with your 'Breaking the Silence' and future projects you will be involved with.

The Adventure Continues...


This was an awesome video and I love the visual aid. The music is very calming. Casey I am so grateful for all you do and for helping us all along the way.


Thank you so much Casey for always sharing your experiences and spiritual awakening with everyone. I truly appreciate those who open themselves to sharing their deepest treasures with others. Everything you have experienced is incredible and I admire your courage, your work with the crystal is also wonderful and above all, beautiful. The forms of manifestation are infinite. I haven't had time to watch all your videos yet, but I'm subscribed to your channel, I always learn new things. THANK YOU (I loved the music and the intro).
.~Exploring the Wonders of Consciousness~.


T-man, Tides, Tak . . ( our three "t"s )

Thank you for listening to my story, and for your comments. The really big thing for me is that I think I am reaching a breakthrough on an aspect of my experience I have yet to fully process. Something significant just happened this morning in the fields. It is quite surprising. I am going to try to look into more over the coming days and then I will share what happened.

I appreciate you all being here. Thank you.



!! "Are you coming or not?" That's it, I'm going out and connecting.

!!! Thanks for the kick in the butt.  :wink:  :-D


I thought I would drop this video here for the readers ( if there are any ).

This body of work began in 2017, but it wasn't until roughly the year 2020 that I really began having the opportunity to work with it. At this time I began not only trying to understand it at a greater depth and to a greater degree but explaining the process involved to others. It has been a slooow but ongoing process of discovery. It is challenging to unpack something like this, that has at this time, to my knowledge, no originating precedence to help give a leg up. In this compilation, which is far from complete is what I am learning AS I am learning it.

Covered in chapters 1-3

Isza— the main crystal I work with
Qualities of the perfect crystal for contact work
The two types of calls that can come in: prerecorded and LIVE
The quadfecta of crystals I work with *who function together as a group
How the beings come in gradually- first from a distance in caricature, then closer and real to life
The making of a portrait
Where you can see see the beings posted
A stream of 50 of the most lifelike beings
Q&A : A variety of things that can happen as I am working : modification of frames ( examples )
What it is like when I go into the crystal
The higher dimensional ways in which the beings come through
A rare example of a video recorded contact
My process: connecting with the crystal, listening for the call
Brainwaves and shifting your brainwave patterns
Triangulating in order to go out beyond the body of the crystal
The elemental realm, going into the body of the crystal itself
Getting out of beta lockdown, bringing back new information


It is my hope that this is helpful to someone out there,
and to our world.



I love how you have given names of your crystals :)
Every time I go to my local mall, I visit the crystal store. It's packed with giant crystals and art of all forms and sizes. I particularly like the ones that look like glistening snow. I just cant take my eyes off of them. When I put my hand near a giant crystal I immediately feel the pulling sensation. Not so much with the smaller ones. So, the mass of the crystals probably effects the strength of the energy. I imagine some day buying tons of large crystals and making a special room in my house all of crystals, to look like a different planet.
Hey that gives me an idea. I haven't thought of this before, but next time I AP, I will request to be taken to a crystal planet or dimension. That would be fun! Can you imagine the scene, the colors, shapes and illumination. And also communicating with them.
"The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem."
Captain Jack Sparrow


Mm, that room sounds incredible!.. I will come visit, lol. The lure will be irresistible. I have found myself in experiences before in crystal caves. Specifically an amethyst crystal cave. I seem to go there for healing but there is more to it. I can get at the feeling of it all, but not see in full detail. I think all planets are crystal at their core. Earth is ( not really earth ) but clear quartz crystal. If I remember correctly, even our science is aware of the crystal cores of some planets. I cannot remember where I heard that so I cannot link you -but it is fascinating, isn't it? I think you may mean a planet that is crystal all way through to its surface. Can you even imagine! It's funny, I am not someone who was ever a crystal person. I was Instructed to go out and find my crystal in the early 2000s. I found her, Isza, in roughly 2010. Then this body of work you see above began in 2017. Though it was 2020 before I seriously started working with it. So it hasn't even been that long. But holykerPOW, how far it has come and how fast. It makes me happy that you have a shop nearby that you can access. I can feel the molten warmth when you speak of the crystals.


Good video Casey! Very interesting the manifestation of your own consciousness through crystals, a new concept for me. Crystals are so powerful and have so much to teach us! A lost knowledge that is being recovered. The channelings of Beings are very beautiful and I have to say that it gives me peace to see them... observe and get lost in all those nuances. I liked that each crystal has its name and personality, so to speak, too!

Also like you, I have a Selenite, but smaller than yours, about 18 cm. I acquired it when I was a teenager, just because it caught my attention and I liked it, the owner of the store told me that Selenite is known as "the telephone stone " (Although, it's more a calcification) and it is used to connect with the higher dimensions of consciousness and their entities and he needed to tell me that before taking it :-o . I just said, oh okay, cool! LOL. I think having the Selenite in my room all these years explains a lot. I want to delve deeper into these topics. I also have a strong attraction to crystals, I have to stop myself from wanting to carry them all when I go to those stores! I always wear a green quartz hanging from a chain around my neck, which I like to hang from the trees in the sunlight when I go to the forest and always carry that energy with me.

Those are great ideas, Lightbeam! All of this reminds me a lot of how 10 years ago I had created a multicolored crystal forest in a lucid dream. The leaves, the flowers, the trees, the waterfalls, the fruits, the animals, some beautiful hanging vines, everything was made of the most finely polished and pure crystal, it occurred to me to do that in the dream itself, since from here I had not thought in that, it was one of the most beautiful things I have created. But the best of all was what I felt being there, I have no words because it is not related to any human feeling I have ever felt, it is something completely new and amazing. I hope they take you to this place soon!

Casey, the term Fractal Consciousness catches my attention, what are you talking about when you say that? If this is explained in your videos, there is no need to repeat it here and I will see it, but if not, it would be interesting to know.

Thanks for sharing!
.~Exploring the Wonders of Consciousness~.


Wowwwwww.... I love this video.

Also, I really like the original capture of Esteban. I don't know why, but the angle and the additional data coming through does something to my brain that makes it more relaxed and opened.

I am so grateful for all your work and all these portraits. Great, great video~

Yes let's talk about fractal consciousness-- or just consciousness in general! I want to dive into that again!

Here's my attempt/guess...

The way I imagine it is the source of all that is as churning in a kaleidoscopic fashion- the light geometry or fractal results are actually emanations from/of ONE source which has been called the Sun of Suns. Sometimes called the lightless light. It is something that exist outside time and space. Could such a thing exist?

I'm currently learning about God or paradise defined by the UBook. According to this text paradise exist outside time and space. It's rather interesting to think of time and space as a tool or technology in itself. A manifestation- and to think that intelligible something(ALL-Pervading) exist within manifestation also exist outside of what we understand as reality. I have experienced a living intelligence acknowledge my innermost thoughts in PRECISE fashion. In any moment in (perceived) time it would manipulate the (perceived) outside world in ways that are beyond coincidental, just to show me it is alive and responding to what I had been feeling or thinking on. A simple example is, I am thinking of a particular being called the peacock angel and in that very moment a car pulls up with a custom license plate I had never seen before- a vibrant peacock logo. I have even more in depth examples of this, with manifestations that would shatter my understanding of reality. What is that? What is time to THAT? What is REALITY to that? 

Casey can correct me as she sees fit- this question was hers. But I've asked her the same and now I'm taking a personal go at it as I think more on consciousness in general... I see this fractal consciousness as oozing manifestation. I think my "points of awareness" like some hologram- yes this dense material I call a body is real(absolutely it IS REAL), but are we more than our bodies? What does Astral travel teach us? And this awareness- does it not roam? Can it be shared with others?

I think there are beings that exist in light spectrums that our "human modality" can not perceive. And I think of some of the beings we are seeing in these captures as greater parts of the 'fractal consciousness.' They are residing in different light spectrums, but what is churned and produced has symmetry- has adjoining factors. We share something with THEM. That something is actually consciousness itself. I think even some of these advanced beings are still working their way towards paradise- towards the place outside time and space.

I believe even planets have their own personality- but is it not true we are uniquely alive on the planet? And how many billions of people are there? So what is it moving through the billions of people able to acknowledge any one person in any moment through (supposed) time?

Ok, I might be drifting here and going in a completely different direction! But yes, I see ourselves belonging to a greater being. And still more, there are greater beings with which we are unconsciously a part of. Beings that may even share our astral experiences with us. I think of fractal consciousness as something that is being shared no matter what seeming individuated unique piece you are focused on.

I also think though we share a common bond, we are meant to have differences too. They are celebrated- if God wanted to experience these differences, we are definitely a means to the end. And still more, I think all of this is a great act of Love to be cherished.

What a trip! And what are they trying to teach us? I'm so excited for the discoveries waiting us all~


ok I just finished the video~ it was good to refamiliarize myself with the content.

SO COOL. My favorite is the live contact video.

Would you ever be willing to do another one like that?

Maybe one day you and Isza would even give me permission to gaze alongside y'all!

I loved seein Ceann in REAL TIME... Whoa! The way the light and cloudy material came to life. Wow.


Sorry I haven't responded here, everyone.. I came down with a little something. I still have the migraine, just stopping by for now with this little note. Once I am on top of things again I will ask the Universe to direct me here again.

Thank you ALL for the discussion.


The Crystal Work Explained : Reading the Transmissions

It is time to go into the brainwaves, brainwave patterns, and restructuring your patterns to let in more information. There are two types of calls that can come in through the crystal which are gone into in more detail in this video. There are also story-form transmissions, as contrasted with the more well known contact series, the full facial portraits of galactic beings we most often share—each of the first 6 of these story-form transmissions are shared in this segment.


thank-you Casey,
especially your description of listening to your intuition,
waiting until you feel the time is right !!
your words are quiet encouragement to me :-)


Hi Casey. Congratulation, I think this is your best video yet. You did a fine job of explaining a concept that is not so easy to explain. My personal observations are that most people who work with crystals do so on an entirely intuitional level. Nothing wrong with that. But you are breaking it down. YOU are exploring ONE of the many uses of crystals. BRAVO!!

You are definitely on your own path. Not everyone will see the value in your chosen field (exploring and getting to know the ETs). I have seen enough to know they are there and sometimes I get to interact with them and that is enough for me. Keep cataloging these entities, someone should.
Remember, You came here to this physical earth to experience it in its physical form. NPR will always be there.


Thank you, Nameless, your comment means a lot to me. It would seem a path laid out especially FOR me, lol, I see and understand more of what all this is with every new step we take forward into it. Time will tell what it is in the end. For now, the pure intrigue of it all lights my way. I will continue cataloging to be sure.


Still watching the video, but pretty sure that first picture you share is a baby in the womb. One of those 3D styled imagings. Your round head is in profile view?


Actually... I went back and paused and now I see space- galactic space. And there's a giant eye as well in the softer part of the picture... not the harder eye in the upper left but in between that and this planet styled orb. If you go soft enough, its like a hidden layer and you can see the iris quite clearly. It's an amazing shot of an iris which is also reminiscent of galactic space.


Quote from: tides2dust on March 30, 2024, 23:01:57Actually... I went back and paused and now I see space- galactic space. And there's a giant eye as well in the softer part of the picture... not the harder eye in the upper left but in between that and this planet styled orb. If you go soft enough, its like a hidden layer and you can see the iris quite clearly. It's an amazing shot of an iris which is also reminiscent of galactic space.

It is not quite what is being transmitted, keep looking, though, more and more will come in to view.

If you want, this is a cheat sheet that will show you the outlines of what is there.

The link takes you to an article on the website.



It's 1AM but I may be too busy tomorrow to write what inspiration I feel flowing through me. I also woke up from a really cool dream but I'll post that and my thoughts about dream recording on your forum at a more appropriate time.

First, it looks like my first post was right- where you've outlined your baby self is where I saw the newborn baby in the womb.

I do see everything else you've outlined, but not initially. I did start to see many faces before looking at your cheat sheet.

I had a bit of a cheat sheet myself, because when I went back to the video to pause and zoom I saw a screenshot of this page you linked me to- the words that caught my attention were, "soften your gaze"
and "PLANET" since the video was moving that's all I caught before I suddenly saw what your words had lead me to see.

I still see some faces in the thin layers, "in between" that you haven't highlighted- and I still see the beautiful Iris of an eye.

But what is prompting me to come here and post more about what you have said here:
"Prior to seeing the body of my newborn self in this formation I saw myself as a PLANET."

This is exciting for me. I can barley contain it.
So what I am about to surmise is a blend of personal experience, a bit of personal belief, a bit of knowledge from what I am presently learning about the peacock angel and the Urantia book- and a little intuitive guessing filling in the spaces.

So this opinion of mine is extremely limited, biased and a perspective many may disagree with. YET, there is such a strong element of TRUTH in what you said about the planet linking my own experiences.

I keep thinking of my initiation dreams from 2008. Ironically, "a beginning" much like your first transmission here.
As I learned who/what initiated me I get a feeling what I witnessed may not have been, "me" as much as it might have been this entity/energy.

Skipping all the dream details- the last portion and key elements I wish to recall at this time are,
the colours red and green racing each other through space.
These colours were geometric shapes and within them an entire personality which could communicate to the other and to something outside of all that as well.

Possible translations knowing what I know now- kundalini- chakras- energy centers-
Why am I mentioning this? Because you have mentioned your kundalini as a top down experience, even reminding me in your recent video. It all seems connected.

Going back to what you said,
"Prior to seeing the body of my newborn self in this formation I saw myself as a PLANET." as it relates to a possible top-down experience.

But also... What happened in this initiation dream...? The colour green began to move at a speed so fierce that personality within- I was inside this vehicle, could not contain what was happening and the green shape exploded and draped over a contained region in time/space. The colour coalesced over the tiny particles and various geometric shapes. Thats when a giant hand ripped me from my experience and slammed me on a table, and subliminal images flashed across a rapid fire screen(at the same time my body was beginning to wake up and I observed myself paralyzed having a heart attack).

That was 2008. But as you know this has followed me since- answers have come. And I began to understand, by intuitive guidance what this meant. One, this thought that as we evolve we are gifted an entire planet- somehow our personality is a planet.

So, now you see my excitement when I again quote you,
"Prior to seeing the body of my newborn self in this formation I saw myself as a PLANET." And why I find your choice words as a top-down experience relative to my summation that, "as we evolve we are gifted an entire planet"

What else? I am learning more about this LOGOS energy as you have called it. The Urantia book calls it something else... I'm not quite there yet in learning it- but there are beings called "ANCIENT OF DAYS" which the peacock angel has also been referred as... And I believe some of them are like, "overseers" of an entire "super universe"

Learning more about the peacock angel. Apparently this being has energy centers on this planet, even landscape formations that acknowledge its soul. I believe I am learning the Earth has energy centers like we have chakras. That natural terrain found here acknowledges this personality. I don't know if the energy of the peacock angel is solely a planetary logos or if this energy is actually encompassing our entire universe... but how I am beginning to understand it...

We are born in the same region of time/space as occupied by the logos. The logos as omnipresence is able to experience through us, but similarly- their story is ours! How this works I do not know. I am a limited 3D earthling... But, all of us are connected to this greater personality, in turn connected to SOURCE. And this greater personalities being is compromised of all that is within this region of time/space. So we constitute IT as much as IT constitutes US. Therefore we have access to this information, and I believe what I witnessed wasn't just "me" but the story of how the green ray energy came to Be. Being. Beings.

The great birth of a personality not limited to the human baby but encompassing an entire region of time and space- all the planets within, and all of life- every little particle moving to the holy vibration- the realization of the breath.

....I should go back to bed now and get my rest... See you over at the gtc  :-o  :-D


Wow!, Eric, all this, and at 1AM, I'll say you were inspired !!!  ( youth ) <3

You are processing a lot of concepts these days, it is exciting, it reminds me of when the philosophy of Kevala Advaita ( liberation within the lifetime ) was coming around in me -when I was beginning to glean the actuality of it. Such exciting times. The BEST of times. Do enjoy where you are right now. I am enjoying it from over here. I feel that we do likely merge with the consciousness of the planet we graduate from as we do so. And then with its star ( the sun; the sub-logos ), the galaxy ( logos ) and on and on. As far as our capacity will take us. This may be different from what you are saying, gleaning, sharing. But there may be overlap as well. You are following a slightly different line than I, with the Peacock Angel, though as I have mentioned before I can relate in Its expressions of Enki, Krishna and Others. I look forward to hearing what more you may learn in the coming days, weeks, months and years.



I went on with Gareth from the Endless Possibilities Podcast to speak more about the extraterrestrial contact that has been established with me through the mean of the crystals. Note: Gareth uploads in 360p, so although you can see US just fine ( and hear us just fine ) the beings don't come through so well. BUT you can see them all right here on our Patreon page in our : Collections 🕊 : there is no paywall, everything is available to everyone to view. Peek in anytime to see who is transmitting through.