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PLR Value

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 I hope this hasn't been asked before. I want to know about PLR and it's value, and certainly purpose.

Of course if reincarnation is true then PL's evidence reincarnation as true. But the idea of regressing serves what reason to the current life.

In all the cases I've heard (so far) everyone is good, or otherwise not really bad. My question is about past life experiences of those whom "we would judge" (once) bad. Not everyone can be good and I'm always taken aback that everyone always not bad. They always seen to see themselves in good light.

Now why in the world would anyone want to go back and find out they were a murderer for example and not so good. A person once told about their regressed life and (proudly) said they were a Roman officer who lived during that time, of course they couldn't be the peasant under the spear of Roman, no one ever is and Romans where particularly cruel. The thing is we return (are born) to the universe with our minds wiped and renewed for a reason and by design it appears. Yet people continually want to remember what the Creator has made us forget. There has to be a (more important) reason for this.

The idea of PLR also means we don't have to be forgiven for anything as it has been removed from our conscious and there has the belief behind PLR it has to be accepting, non-judgment, and inclusive of every experience. There are even theories that we continually live opposite lives, each a life as hero and a villain, the total experience. Can any of us be that forgiving. The knowledge one can find in their search they weren't very good I think can really mess with this life dramatically because you've broken the rule and remembered what you were meant to. The mind in this regard is really fragile. Now you walk around in this life remorsing trying to forgive yourself and won't advance because you're now thrown back living in the past memories through remembrance. This is exactly what birth avoids through the mechanism of the new mind.  As a species (right now) we can't seem to either forgive ourselves or others as it stands. (Blind) PLR I can see as being quite harmful. 


The value for me was validation. Even after researching the overwhelming amount of information about reincarnation and reading other's experiences, there is still that 1% shred of doubt any rational individual might be bugged by (as I was).

This is why I had a PLR.

It was the most ratifying experience of my life ... that my life in a modern day family with modern day problems, challenges etc that all seem so trivial when put into context and that it is all part of a bigger picture and purpose.