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Reincarnation Hibernation Phase Range

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Ok so you reincarnate into your descendants bloodline some time into the future in you near/far afterlife.

How long do you wait in the afterlife to see/meet to be received by your loved ones(ancestors) from yesteryear and in tommorowyear where you wait to receive your loved ones(descendants), before you decide to pass the receivership role onwards and then reincarnate.

When does one reincarnate in the future. After they have recived all their nearest descendants.
Are their any known rules for breaks in between reincarnation, and is the purpose of the breaks in between related to healing others and the healing of oneself .....
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i've recently read a book on reincarnation that cites all its examples from the bhagavad gita which is an ancient vedic text that is basically a dialogue between Krishna and his friend Arjuna. Krishna is giving Arjuna advice because they are about to go into a big battle... Krishna (who is an incarnation of the supreme lord a.k.a god) tells Arjuna all about reincarnation and Karma. This text is over 5000 and remains unchanged... These guys knew what they were talking about!!! for example "Chakra" is a sanskrit word over 5000 years old. Im fairly sure the bhagavad gita is the earliest and most authoritive text on reincarnation... correct me if im wrong though anyone.

Reincarnation is one of the few universal mechanisms that govern our existence. It itself is heavily influenced by Karma... this is hard for me to explian atm because my brains been overdrive all day buttt...
One reincarnates based on one karma and state of mind at the time of death, NOT according to ones ancestoral bloodlines. If you lived your life indulging your senses and spiritually wasting away you will reincarnate somewhere in the animal kingdom or possible even lower as a plant, vegetable or even MINERAL. It is said by krsna that the ultimate goal of life is self realization this means realising that you are not your body or your mind but you are your soul. That is your true self. Only a soul who is truly self realised may transcend the endless cycle of birth and death and go to live in the spirit world. Failure to realize the nature of your true self may see you regress back into the animal kingdom which isnt exactly desirable because an animal or plant does not understand what karma is or a soul or anything of that nature and is incapable of making the neccesary choices needed to transcend! According to your accumulated Karma you may spend thousands of lifetimes before you finaly are reincarnated in human form again... And apparently the mere knowledge that your soul is your true self isnt enough to transcend... you have to live life certain ways. But there are certain things you can do and ways to live that will get you to transcendance.

my advice? take this very seriously!