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What is the PENTEGRAM all about??

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The pentagram as seen with all of the posts is loaded with magical meaning or potential. One of the most important being that it is representative of the microcosm. A number of the previous posts suggested this but to me the term microcosm is the most complete, suggesting it represents the world as see and experienced by you, colored by all of your own experiences, passions and prejudices it is your world. The six rayed star on the other hand is symbolic of the macrocosm or the real world as it really is with out our fears, ignorance or blindness to its true Majesty. What the true magician is always striving to do is to move closer and closer to a perspective that is less micro, or the finite self, and more macro the infinite self. Put differently he tries to remove the various layers of beer goggles as he progresses to get a more true sense of what the universe looks like. That is why in the LBRP the pentagram is either within or before you, its seen or part of you, and the six rayed star is either around or behind you, its there but unseen or untouched.

The pentagram is also a symbol of Mars an energy associated with war also with the sephiroth Geburah or Severity on the tree of life its native color is red, while on the opposing side of the tree is Chesed the sephiroth associated with Mercy which is blue, so when a blue pentagram is drawn a powerful and balanced symbol of severity tempered with mercy is the result, saying in essence, here stands before you is a divine being ruled by spirit manifest in the four elements that will harbor no ill but will do none if it is not warranted.

On an earlier post it was suggested that the pentagram needs to be drawn as perfectly as possible while I agree it should be drawn as well as possible I would suggest that the mind is the final tool used to perfect your creation, as no one can draw a pentagram perfectly freehand. Also the free hand pentagram can give insight into a personal imbalance if you fine there is a persistent long or short ray on the star.

Hope that helps...


Sorry one other quick thing when the pentagram is inverted it is suggesting that our spirit our personal connection to the divine is buried beneath the base elements and the highest being earth or materialism and fire anger and aggression. Whereas the right side up it gives support and the impetus to move forward.