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Past Lives Memories

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Hi all,

How many of you have senses, feelings, even nostalgic thoughts about certain time periods, cultures, etc perhaps provoked from past lives memories?
I just had another strong flash of thoughts and feelings, even nostalgia while watching a documentary about Indian traditions and culture. I felt everything so familiar, but I did not know why. I felt like I have lived there and done all these traditional stuff. I felt the essence of the culture within me. Then I ordered some Indian deserts from Amazon LOL and went to the local Indian grocery store. When I entered, the smell of spices hit me and almost made me cry, like I was remembering home. In this life I am Eastern European. So, this was my moment. I have had moments like this before for native Indians. When I was a child, I was fascinated by the wild west stories in particular the Indian lives. My favorite books were "Winnetou".  Then when I won a green card unexpectedly when I was in my 20s, I said, OMG, I am going back to my other home. Later when I visited Arizona, Sedona, the Grand Canyon and I was traveling through the Indian territories, I got the same rush of feelings about living here long ago.
The third strong feeling was about Hollywood in the 40s and 50s. I was born in the 70s, but when I won the green card, someone connected me with a family here in the Los Angeles area which agreed to take me for a while until I got established in the states. This family could have been from anywhere in the country, but the invisible path brought me here and I felt again that I was coming back home. Later when I was walking around Hollywood, I felt the same way, like coming back to a childhood home.
No other cultures have had any similar effects so far like the three above. I guess in this lifetime these particular doors to my other characters are cracked open a little, still receiving signals and distant memories. Maybe certain lessons now and then are somehow similar or connected.

Have any of you experienced similar episodes?
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A most recent one was as a woman in France called Sinera by first name in the 17th century. I know quite some facts about her but still miss some important ones (e.g. the last name or exact city, but I know the area).

Another life (before that) was in a very small Ecuadorian village called Punin. As an "Indio" (indigenous), maybe even a shaman, because I looked like that as a grown up, but it is not sure. Which era I don't know either.

Impressions from Punin:

I always liked Spanish in school and university but I might have spoken the indigenous language too if it was long ago. Not sure.

Then there's Egypt. Always fascinated by it like I am by all of ancient (and lost / alternative) Earth history.

I was told by my Higher Self and shown on a stone tablet that I had a life there in ancient times, one where I was a couple with another HS aspect/incarnation of mine and "we" brought some 'light' ('knowledge') or 'culture' there. Some connection to pyramids was shown too. Maybe it was even pre-Egyptian time, at least pre-dynastic. Once the date 3775 BC was given to me.

There was also a slight hint to Atlantis (would of course also be pre-Egyptian then) via synchronicity but not more.

All of this was found out via projections.


This is fascinating to read. I'd love to hear what the rest of the gang add here as well.

I feel a connection to Italy through a couple of projections I've had but no names or anything specific beyond knowing I was in a vineyard. I also feel as though I have some strong connection to Africa or some highly wooded or jungle type land.

I had never given Atlantis much of a thought but do wonder if it might have something to do with the close connection I have with sea and water. I'm still not sure exactly how I feel or what I think about re-incarnation but have always felt I came from the sea. So many of my projections and synchronicities involve marine life and I feel totally at home diving deep in the water. This is strange to me as in the here and now I am a Taurus and while I love water I am not a diver or real water type, so...?

On the other side of the coin though I have a loathing for China. There is no here/now physical experience that would cause this but it's there and always has been. Like the colors I associate, can't stand red/black/gold combinations, they always make me think of China and one very bazaar projection I had just firmed up the feeling.
Remember, You came here to this physical earth to experience it in its physical form. NPR will always be there.


 With me, it's The Sumerian civilization that predated the Egyptian civilization that mainstream Archeologists know of today. One look at the contents of my home and the evidence is all over the place. There are Pyramids of various sizes and materials. A set of Egyptian Healing Rods. I even have a few Crystal replica Pyramids from the Golden Section Pyramids of Russia. Charged in the actual Pyramid there to boot.
I have had many Dream scenarios based on that period of time. They seem like memories and they have shown me that I was there, if only as a Observer.

I also seem to have some kind of connection to some distant Planet not located in the close proximity to any Star. I hate the heat, lol!  :-D
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Volgerle, very interesting stories! I have thought of Atlantis, and have been to underwater worlds three times during long APs. It was interesting to realize that I could breathe underwater and I was not wet, just felt the water substance weird, but not uncomfortable. It was beautiful there with statues and colorful flowers like vegetation.
Your recall of names and places where you have lived are remarkable. I don't have these types of specifics for my flash backs.

I saw yesterday on Ancient Aliens a story about a girl, who started recalling a past life pf hers from ancient Egypt. She recalled many details. When she grew up, she perfected the ancient Egyptian language to a point where even Egyptians cant understand and translate. She lead many expeditions, told them where to dig and what would they find and they really did.

Nameless, I think it's fascinating how this knowing makes us feel blended with all cultures in the world and not strictly identifying ourselves with one character, one culture, etc. It makes our minds expand tremendously. It brings us closer to feel the oneness not only through projections but here and now.
I can totally see you being a shaman in some African tribe :), or a Kung Fu master in ancient China!

Lumaza, you are taken way back with the Sumerian civilization. I know your fascination with pyramidal structures. I can see you soaring on a spaceship, beaming stone blocks for the great pyramids. I believe these structures are charged with energy. I built a frame of the Giza pyramid(same proportions) out of wooden sticks when I was 11 or 12. It was big enough where I can sit in it in the back yard. The first night my sister and I heard noises coming from there. Our window was facing that part of the back yard. Then I would sit in there every day and so many ideas would come to my mind in a form of thoughts. There I wrote my philosophy essay for school. I remember my teacher said, wow, where do you get these kind of deep thoughts. I cant grade your paper because such high grade does not exist, so she graded officially A but on the paper she wrote A and then the infinity symbol next to it LOL.

"The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem."
Captain Jack Sparrow