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One of my lessons

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I just realized yesterday one of my lessons. The moment I made that realization I felt a huge burden lifted.
People tend to come to me seeking advise about life problems. Depending on the person I communicate my suggestions in a manner in which they can understand. Many issues come from the ego part of the human self, unable to forgive, unable to let go of the past, unable to find the self worth, blaming everything else and never looking within themselves. I provide the best action plan and explanation as to why things happen in their lives. I give them directions on how to look for answers and become their own guides. But most of the time none of them get it, or they may seem to get it but do not take any actions. I found myself really wondering, how in the world they dont get it, how many times do I have to repeat myself. And I get frustrated that they dont seem to be improving. Because I truly want to see them happy and make important realizations about themselves so they can feel the same freedom and happiness I feel. There is one friend which I have counseled for three years now and have repeatedly directed her to let go and forgive. I can see clearly the cycle she is stuck and why is she stuck, but she is unable to let go, stop defining herself by the past and truly forgive. Finally the other day, she said to me, wow I now truly get what have you been telling me all these years. I felt in my heart true forgiveness and I felt myself as a new person and guess what, so many people that I havent even heard in a long time are reaching out to me to apologize and reconcile.
At that time, I realized that I should not be concerned about anyone's progress, as knowledge that I provide may lay dormant until they are ready to understand it, but that doesnt mean I have failed if I dont see results ride away. I have to relax and let them follow their choices. If they come to me for advise, my job is to provide the guidance and then let go. I didnt realize that I was carrying their burdens because I was holding that anxiousness to see fast transformations. Now, I have let that go completely. I no longer feel the urge to find out if they progress or not. I pictured my own guides and I aksed myself " do you think your guides are sitting biting their nails every time you dont recognize their sign posts? Absolutelt not."
"The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem."
Captain Jack Sparrow