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When Fun Loving Humans and Aliens Meet

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21st Century Earth: Humans and Aliens Meet for the First Time in Recent Memory

Life is as we now know it, albeit a bit friendlier than our current situation: Humanity is about to take a sharp turn into a wildly but weirdly fantastic new direction.

Somewhere high above the city in a new apartment complex atop a high-end mall a family (a nation, a world) is about to discover a new thing.

Static everywhere, the lights pop and buzz, the televisions and billboards crackle and go dark. The aliens have landed but no one witnesses the landings. Suddenly doors begin to pop open of their own accord.

THEY are here. 

They have landed and they are prepared, weapons in hand. The shooting, the dying begins. But wait, where is the blood, where are the bodies? No one cares as everyone runs screaming in terror. One man is examining the apartment bathroom when suddenly he is locked in and all he can hear is his wife yelling for him to STAY THERE. She throws open the door handing him their son, she retreats quickly to grab their baby girl from the realtor holding her. As she does so the realtor pushes her back and runs away with her, the wife follows in hot pursuit. The mother-in-law turns to warn the father and grandson. The three slam the door of the bathroom and the father points at the shiny new tub/shower combo, INSIDE, he yells. Ahhh, a walk-out onto the balcony surrounding the inner mall. Wonderful. They race out the doors and down the stairs as the aliens chase after.

Must find the rest of the family but wait, where is the grandson? What is he doing? He's grabbing what looks like a child's big blue plastic remote control off a tabletop. Water sprays from tiny holes along the edges and as it touches the aliens they disappear.

They run through the mall shooting and shooting and shooting until the grandmother can no longer hold back her tears. She's laughing madly as is another man standing in the middle of the chaos. The two seem to have lost their minds.., but only for a moment as others realize the truth of what is happening.

The aliens are shooting the humans with red water pistols turning them into aliens. Humans are shooting back with blue water pistols turning aliens into humans. Within minutes, often only moments the Earth, that fantastic little blue planet has met their long distant neighbors and like kids at a picnic they have all run off to play the world's best game of Cowboys and Indians it has ever seen.

13 minute astral adventure into what could be.

Remember, You came here to this physical earth to experience it in its physical form. NPR will always be there.


That sounds a little bizarre, but fun if everyone knows it's a game. Excellent idea for a movie script :)
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