Happy Halloween!

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I only know about Halloween thanks to corporatism. LOL. In other words, I don't take this holiday too seriously, but recognize it as a time to enjoy spooky and surreal. I'll be watching Dark Crystal and enjoying some dried watermelon and dark chocolates as a way to celebrate. I'm on the PG side of things this holiday.

Hope you guys enjoy it... I have a great episode of the Why Files to share for this festive occasion:
The Horrors of Plum Island | Hybrids, Human Experiments and Weaponized Killer Insects

Spooky!  :-o



Happy Halloween!


I enjoy watching The Why Files.  Always interesting topics.  I've seen the video you posted but will need to watch it again as it's been awhile.  It reminds me of the book I've also read called The Montauk Project- Experiments in Time.  Another interesting read!
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