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If Your fate too violently leads you through your life, remember, that it was you alone who chose this path.


Anyone here read the Principia Discordia?

It's the same idea. Humor, bitter irony, enlightenment. It's one of those books you can't loan out because you'll never see it again.



Quote from: runlolaThat was great but I am leaning more towards
the invisible pink unicorn:

I wonder if the rather well-known 'Pink Elephant' is one of the 'demi-gods' that serve her, or whether it is the primary 'demon' that sets out to thwart her/seduce her/propagate with her/and then battle with her into eternity???  

Sounds like one of those 'reality TV shows'....hey...a series of episodes might even be called, 'Goddesses and Cocktails'   :rotfl:
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