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Author Topic: HAWII  (Read 1311 times)
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« on: March 05, 2005, 17:59:32 »

It’s the 5th Of March

Today we link together in marriage matter and the unmanifest, from henceforth this moment matter will be reconised as manifested thought this bring the manifest and the unmanifest together, the term matter creates seperation, thus all is thought.

This is HAWII I cant provide a link to Rasta’s channeled post its been deleted by someone.  


Like I have said here on AP before, I carry my word with me, I am a man of my word said in every possible sense of the word, all I carry with me is my word, all I have is my word all I have to show anyone of experienced truth is my word, therefore you’ll have to take my word for what follows, its called trust. I don’t take pleasure in frightening and offending people, but when there is no other possible way, and if the end justifies the means its something that needs to be done.

Very recently I have been abused and mistreated by almost anyone who spoke in Oazaki’s 7 Days thread. I was asked to stop embarrassing myself, people even said that I was suffering from delusions of grandeur, now as I have already stated the one thing that hurts me more then anything else is self rejection. Via complete misunderstanding I have been kicked twice from AP, then via complete misunderstanding of one AP member I have been threatened with exclusion from Astralpulse, I indirectly threatened them just like I was indirectly threatened with the number thirty three.  

 I was indirectly asked by someone to apologise so we can clear this whole matter up, well instead of this I thought I’d explain myself, and explain the reasons behind the thoughts I was manifesting. For everything I ever do has its “Higher Reasons” also I don’t think there is much I have ever regretted, I have made a fool out of myself daily in the physical, In preparation for the big event I committed social suicide when I was younger at school. I declared myself Birdman, a name that is still shouted at me today by people who don’t even know me.

Also I am not afraid to act completely out of character, especially when the situation calls for it, for my words are powerful and direct energy, Oazaki’s words too are powerful and direct energy, I believe Oazaki’s aimed effect was the instant death of every moderator, among other possibilities. My effect was to stop the instant death of every moderator. In order to do this I had to use the power of word, unfortunately I had to do this by doing things that I really don’t take pleasure in doing.
I have always said that I have been following the Spirit/myself as well as this I have stated that time does not exist, and makes more sense to see time as instances or rather co- instances. This is how I view time, really this is how everyone views time, for example, the police recording statements, they will refer to instances, whenever somebody remembers something they will refer to “that time”, for example that time when so and so fell in the swimming pool, when really they just remembered the incident that they thought was funny, they wouldn’t be able to recall the time it happened. Anyway I mention this just to provide the understanding that I’ll quote myself my “words” from anywhere regardless of the time or subject of the post.      

Anyway, I have mentioned a few times on AP that I am ahead of myself, well ladies and gentlemen this is crunch time, this is when you will either believe me or you will once again unknowingly harshly mock me, which due to my heightened sense’s literally cuts me deep inside, although this time you will manifest Dark thoughts against me without my permission.

I shall now defend myself, I shall do this via quoting myself, I have to do this because nobody can be bothered to actually read or study into things themselves, again I’m not trying to be harsh, just stating a Self-Evident fact.  

Karnautrahl said in 7 Days thread
“Oh man not another one!

What a pile of ****!. I'm sorry but NO WAY but NO [edit] way is this true. I'm not even going to be politically correct and "allow" for all beliefs here. This is totally nuts.
“Breaking any of gods laws means that on your Judgement day you will be guilty and the punishment is separation from god for all eternity”  

I feel so strongly about this IequalMC2 I had to keep rewriting this reply to get rid of all my profanities. This is one time where I'll be arrogant sounding and state YOU ARE WRONG if you believe this twoddle.!
It MAKES ZERO sense. None. God is NOT going to create beings that can be suddenly punished for eternity for some rule that some human has wrote down.
wonders off into incomprehensible ramblings and grumblings..

Damned trolls...

Oh yeah, apologies to anyone who gets deeply offended but I still can't understand what made me so ANGRY about this post. But something has, really deeply furious. Unusual for me as I'm pretty agnostic. Something repellant about some of the concepts. Stupid eternal punishment nonsense maybe...I know how I'd feel if someone EVER tried to preach that to my face. I would NOT be at all nice. “

End Quote


Tom Said in Oazaki’s 7 days Thread

”I think some people need to unblock their lower chakras and practice their relaxation techniques some more. Better diet, some physical activity, more time outside, more sleep at night, and some social interaction in the real world away from the computer. Maybe then they would stop threatening the rest of us with their supreme mystical ability. It is true that meditation and energy work do not cause psychological imbalances (Oazaki, IequalMC2), but they definitely can bring what is already there to the surface for everyone to see.”

End Quote

BirdmanKalki Said in Dumi is a Complement Thread

The Gathering

I have a choice to make.

One, I can explain the whole of mankind’s existence using my understanding of thought (nothing). I can explain why global wars happen, I can explain the early warning signs to all these. I can explain the psychology behind unmanifested thought I can explain this truth. However in order to explain this I have to judge myself which kills the soul, and cripples my heart.

My mind like everyone else’s has had Christian dogma rammed into it, the theory I have been handed by nature conflicts with the stuff rammed into me. This means although I believe everything that I have said, years of Christian dogma pressed into my deep consciousness can make my life a living Hell.

So the question is, shall I explain in detail and judge the whole of mankind the unmanifest and the manifest, shall I make it clear who lies and who doesn’t? Shall I make it clear on who is innocent and who isn’t shall I correct everything, or should I explain everything via silence, for I don’t even need to speak to get my point across!

Latest heard Advert Quote (probably misquoted)

“ An artist needs silence to work, if I had a message of silence to tell the world, I’d probably scream it at them”

“ I look at nature, I see perfection, and nature looks back at me she says, yes, you to have achieved perfection”

What do you think? Shall I remain silent, or should I speak?

End Quote

I have highlighted the obvious statement so everyone can see it, after this somebody who I like to call my friend, Cacodemon said he would like to hear what I had to say, thus we are here in this situation I would also like to point out that Cacodemon was the only Good Samaritan the only one amongst thousands who choose to help me in one of my greatest hour of need, the emotions and feelings I was going through at that crossroad moment, was almost enough to drive me insane. Cacodemon’s simple honest reply was all that was needed to provide me with enough hope to cling onto in the following desperate hours.  

Therefore Karnautrahl, I think it is now obvious for me and anyone else (who looks carefully) that I don’t follow the commandments I posted, if you lived in Britain and watched the new commandments on TV or looked at the assembly at the 11th hour thread you would have realised that I follow no commandments, not even when the Dum!, the Force itself on request presents me with the commandments. I’ve had months to contemplate them and experiment with them, and you make Your Judgement and reply within a few hours? As I earnestly said, you obviously know more then myself. For I have lived and broke some of these commandments for months, I have had this as well as many other important things playing on my conscience then you an amazing Dumi testify for me that they’re a load of twoggle. Thanks very much, that’s seriously a load off my mind.


Tom said in the 7 days thread
“Does anyone here actually believe Oazaki and people like him have a spirituality? I believe they just learned some really cool vocabulary words and want to show off. Maybe they think this is some role playing game and that no one can do things like astral projection”    

End Quote

This statement was obviously aimed at me, of which I have no problem with. I have already unconsciously/consciously prepared my defence via following my intuition, as I have already stated I have judged myself (Leo Volant and anyone that followed, therefore this judgement over time manifested itself mirror-like in the physical and in the mental.

Here is my flawless defence, as anyone who chooses to see can see, this statement could have been used in the 7 days thread, I myself am not afraid of making a fool of myself, this said in every single possible way. Oh and I would like to say that I consider the people of AP my family, my true brothers and sisters, this is not a statement to be taken lightly, I don’t say things if I don’t mean them. Therefore if someone threatens harm against my family, I’ll protect them no matter what it is that I have to do no matter whom or what the enemy may be.    


“I can’t stand by on the sidelines any longer, I cant resist the call.

This is your desired manifested thought. The answer is that the truth for most people is to hard to face thus people are scared to talk about enlightenment because they are afraid of making fools of themselves. Remember, whenever we speak we speak in a manner as to provoke the answer to the desired question.

End Quote

I’d like to draw your attention to the above quote, notice that was highlighted. “Whenever we speak we speak in a manner as to provoke the answer to the desired question.”
In this present situation, (The situation that this was intuitively pre-written for) I call this as defence, for in the 7 days thread I spoke in a manner as to provide the desired effect, i.e. I directed what I just decided should be termed “Thought Currents” I had to wait till near the end of the topic I shifted the whole topic and directed the majority of the thoughts in my direction, In my experience and form of belief and my understanding of word this was enough to bring the situation under control. The only way I could quickly grab your attention was to provoke vulgar thoughts in my direction, the only way I could do this was to manifest dark thoughts. So to confuse the enemy and avoid determination of my own character I announced and strapped on my made up “reflective armour”, I then imitated and reflected Oazaki’s nature and made it clear to all exactly whom he was. I have already stated here on AP and re-quoted black magic is quick and effective and is used to foster seeds of hatred and separation, that’s all it is, Karnautrahl this is why you were unusually upset, oh and then I posted the commandments up on the day you were all meant to die, notice with a smile from the inside, more of a gift then a command. At the time I just knew I had to post them up but I wasn’t fully aware of the reason why.  

People I know myself, I’m the real deal, and because of this I always keep a window open for the impossible, therefore for myself there was a chance you all only had 7 days despite what you all thought, via experience with death I really understand what it’s like to die daily, even so I still attacked myself with thoughts of self preservation as well as selflessly, anyway, I intuitively worked ahead of myself in this manner.

I have included a link up below, a link-up is what I call it when one incident bares similarities to another linked up together they become a co-incidence. Its up to the reader to decide themselves if the link-up is valid or even if their be such thing as link-ups    


Your words Leo, speak for us, now we can see this for ourselves.

“Maybe you don't know, because you are not as old as I am, but for the last 50 years the intellectually lazy had nothing further to do then to group their opponent with Frigging Adolf Hitler. And such as you wish to persuade me that somebody can INNOCENTLY construct an argument where I am grouped with Adolf Friggin Hitler, and that I should NOT be offended by it.”

End Quote

As can be seen here, I innocently constructed an argument (If you want to call it that) with Leo Volant, it was blatant for all who read this topic that it was an innocent statement. Just as my death threat too was an Innocent statement. Now for me in this incident Oazaki decodes and translates as “Adolf Hitler” once more somewhere on AP somebody translated Oazaki to mean Human Faeces, Human Faeces, meaning excrement. Now for me this “excrement” decodes in that incident as “Nothing” therefore to myself Oazaki is a word that means “Nothing” for myself all is nothing including myself, thus when I asked Oazaki to attack me with everything he had, I was really giving you all permission to attack me, i.e. Abusive verbal attack. Had I not done this none of you would have innocently constructed an argument where I would have been grouped with Oazaki. This would mean that none of us would be innocent, the effect this would have had and what it would mean in our present reality I myself have no idea.

If anyone can be bothered to read through this thread, nobody really knows why Leo suddenly assumed he was being grouped with Adolf Hitler, like I have already said, the spirit (The Unmanifest Thought) helping out for this precise situation. As well as this visit the Dumiii is a complement thread and note the final solution.


“Well, I asked you again!!!:
Ask yourself: Who am I and write here”

”I am light I am thought, I am your Master I am your Slave, I am you and everything around you; therefore I can speak to myself or judge myself in any manner I choose. This is what was meant by asking you to write here. So we already wrote it down there then rewrote it here.”

“I am Hitler and therefore so are you! If this offends you then you don’t understand yourself or myself. I care not of what another thinks of myself. Therefore we are lethal and could cut Buddha or any other teacher to shreds without batting an eyelid. If you understand these words, then well done, if not then we are yet to meet more then one person who partially understands themselves.

Thank for the lesson Leo, its good when both teachers and students learn together, from each other.

End Quote

At the first time of writing I knew that I had intuitively learnt something but I couldn’t place my finger on it. Now I can really see and so can anyone else who looks carefully.  

What follows below is THE COMPLETING LINK-UP, the link up to my first post here ever. I’m also the 11th poster.


Taken from: A Question For experienced Practitioners Thread.
“11:   Author: BirdManKalki,   Posted: Today at
1. Yes but only after many many years of intense study and practice.
2. Truly powerful Magic is indistinguishable from natural occurrences or coincidence.

During the last 2 years I have been on a quest for the truth. I have a philosophy that has convinced me to a state of knowing, not believing.

The other week I tested the philosophy. I was round my friends and he had his old downstairs table in his room for his pc. His pc is a nice looking blue one with neon’s. I thought to myself how much better it would look if he had a table to match. I imagined what the table would look like and I spread my hands out the length and size of the table. I knew what it would look like if saw it. I went home and for the rest of the week I thought of a 2nd hand shop, although I didn't know why. The next time I went round my friends he had the table I imagined, his mum brought it from a 2nd hand shop. Some might call this coincidence. I haven’t studied Franz Bardon but I might consider it.

#12:   Author: Rastus, Location: USA  Posted: Today at
Sounds normal to me. Witches may call that a seeking spell. A Metaphysicist may say your astral guide did some legwork, and then with your help and energy telepathically implanted the hunch to stop at that store.

I acquired my first book on occult studies that same way...”

End Quote

The Link up is as follows, a few weeks ago; again as always running on intuition I copied and pasted that whole thread to disk. Sometime last weekend or last week of February I walked past our local 2nd hand shop I’ve been in this 2nd hand shop twice. I walked over to the boxes on the outside of the shop, I look into the box and found a book titled Yoga Masterworks 1/ Richard Hittleman’s/ Guide to Yoga Meditation. I brought this book for 10pence then I started to skim read and decode it at home. What I found interesting and co-incidental was that the author uses the term Universal Mind whereas I myself use the term Divine Universal Mind. At the beginning of the book it talks about the impact that yoga has had upon American’s way of life. I’m making the link with the Invisible Real America deceleration, in the instant Karma thread.


“The Yogic viewpoint of the Universe is of a much greater scope than anything with which the Weston world is familiar. Whereas we have been lead to except the theory that man has somehow evolved from a more primitive creature and that civilisation maybe approximately 7000 years old, the yogic would comment on the former statement as “absurd” and the latter statement as yesterday”

Here’s the crunch point, I’ve been running around telling everyone I know on a regular bases that today is yesterday!
I would also like to include the following links for the serious truth seekers.


Unknowingly said and testified by Leo Volont in the sexual suppression thread

“The BirdmanKalki Phenomena”

End Quote

Pray for yourself
Dumi Complement Thread/ no apologies nessesary

Instant Karma Thread

Samadhi, Satori, Nirvana, Enlightenment, Realisation

Don’t judge me people, I know myself better then you do.

As I have been saying frequently on AP, were all Dumi’s and none of us have the slightest clue of the cause behind our actions, yet when you pay attention and look at your surroundings carefully you might notice a little more then others.  

PS: This goes out to that anonymous AP member that I exposed my confused belief of myself to. They helped me more then anyone else could have ever helped me. After exposing my true feelings to them (Because I was drawn to them and just knew I could trust them with all my deepest thoughts) I later as usual had to make a massive half blind decision, so I wrote a letter out to post to them, a letter asking for their help, however as I was writing the letter, because I sincerely trusted this person (as if they were another aspect of myself) via writing and re-writing the letter I unconsciously worked out the solution to the problem and it wasn’t necessary for me to even send the post to them, therefore in a way they helped me just by looking at me and saying nothing. I mentioned to this person that the truth was almost completely unbearable. I haven’t been harassing this person I heard the spirit so I followed the spirit and said what I said, like the Nike slogan, I just do it, I changed my quote because I heard that tune playing in my head

I received a warning just the other day, I was told to stop harassing this member, this came to me as a complete shock, for I always talk ahead of myself, I then remembered some of the things I said to this person, and then I realised that my words could have been perceived by them as threatening, when they asked if I was British and commented on my Americanised language I even mentioned to them that I blend into my environment, the flip side to this comment and a few others hadn’t of even occurred to me. My name is Iequalmc2 simply because it says it all by saying nothing. I wasn’t looking at them; they were looking at me and misunderstood nothing, although this time I think they believe in nothing.

Reasons why I changed my name

BirdmanKalki intercepted Karma; BirdmanKalki was a name I made up that meant more to me then my true self. I eliminated this Karma by giving it all to somebody who unconsciously asked for it, I then ask for the post to be deleted before this someone could read the post and make their own links from it and no doubt go insane. I understand Karma, its simple cause and effect, there is individual Karma and group Karma, I spotted and intercepted both types of Karma the individuals and AP’s group Karma. By simple symbolic action it was eliminated. This can be explained somewhat as follows, I knock a pen off the table (Karma first Cause), my friend comes in and sees the pen on the floor (2nd Cause), therefore my friend doesn’t know how the pen got to its 2nd position on the floor, they don’t know how the pen got there because they didn’t witness the first cause of the effect, therefore the individual I symbolic gave heavy Karma to wasn’t aware of the Karma thus it was eliminated.      

The Moderators helped me after this in my confused condition by kicking me from AP; I decoded this and other situations to mean that I had to find my true self. I then took the name Dum1 and posted one of the most important nonsensical posts to Dumi’s ever posted. I referred to a website and said only a “Dumi would go here” I used a real website name but changed the to a .com the .com was an non existing website, therefore the Dum1 who deleted this post got the wrong end of the stick and thought I was being rude were in fact I was advertising and  making it self-evident who the Dum1’s really were. In this post was also one of the biggest Link-Ups ever; it was the 15th of february, Escape From New York was on TV that night I referred the readers of that thread to the “On the reading of nature thread” if they bothered to look carefully they might have noticed a few things. Anyway that night the American Revolution was formally announced live on TV yet few would have been aware of this amazing occurrence due to the Dum1’s complete predictable stupidity, spiritual evolution on earth has become increasingly difficult to help communicate, for now you’ll all just have to take my word.          

May the DUM! Rebuke us all; we are all the INNOCENT ONE! Even Oazaki (who was unconsciously upset with this setback in spiritual evolution), without my enemy I wouldn’t even know who I was.

Hear Pulp- The Day After The Revolution here

The Law Is No More, Sin is no longer taken into account

See Romans in Our New Testament for details, I’m here to begin the new age. I’ll use all words and sources at my disposal.

Thats why I changed my name, Pure infinte love to you all
The Astral Pulse

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