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Author Topic: ----->Homosexuality <------  (Read 33233 times)
« Reply #100 on: April 10, 2003, 20:27:38 »

By an absence of sexuality I mean for physical or emotional or both types of reasons, it never developed. Low hormone levels or physical damage. Maybe something genetic. No sexuality early in life and no puberty. However it can happen that does not matter. What sorts of consequences do you think there would be from an absence of any type of sexuality?
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« Reply #101 on: April 10, 2003, 21:06:40 »

nothing much. still live a normal life, just wont wanna have sex w/ anyone. no big whoop.
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« Reply #101 on: April 10, 2003, 21:06:40 »

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« Reply #102 on: April 10, 2003, 21:33:11 »

I think a lack of sexual desire would be cool to have. It would solve many man-woman relationship problems.

You know the old saying- men are from Mars, women are from Venus. Well I think homosexuals have an advantage here. They don't have to worry about what it's like to be the opposite sex. Their partner is the same sex as them so they already know what it's like to be the sex of their partner. There are not so many misinterpretations and such.

Either way, sometimes I wish I didn't have a sex drive. It would enable me to get along better with the opposite sex because I wouldn't be worried about screwing up a possible intimate relationship. I don't even have a desire for one right now. But still, it seems whenever I'm attracted to a woman she is harder for me to talk to. Maybe I'm attracted to the wrong type of people.
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« Reply #103 on: April 11, 2003, 20:30:46 »

Originally posted by goingslow

Become dispassionate or pretend to.  Im sure if most of us are just arguing an intellectual point its easy to say that.  If homophobia wasn't something we are all born into I could even agree.  It almost sounds like if they're quiet and very calmly try to justify themselves you think they'd be better off.

I think the time has come where Homosexuals should not need to justify their love and choice whenever they're faced with the hatred and dislike of their lifestyle.

I found the tone amusing of that person PW put up.  He though by being passive agressive, pretend to apologize and be empathetic people have no right to be offended.  

When i think of the extremes of homophobia I think of matthew shepherd.  Kids in my very highschool who got beat for acting effeminite and teachers telling them they need to stop acting that way.  Tell a person who has lived with that all their life they should remain dispassionate.. try to state their case and hope someday all these religious zealots will accept them.  

I don't think a heterosexual person who likes discussing this on an intellectual level should tell homosexuals how htey should be handling all the people who hate them.  

I dont understand the brand of love which says "i love everyone" its so christian but its based on only saying you love someone.  I love you and its out of my love I am able to tell you what you need to change.  I love people I really love I dont throw that word around.  I find people who say they love everyone the most often have a really shallow meaning of love.  They mean its their christian duty to love but actually feeling love and saying "i love you" are two very different things.

Who said anything about need to justify anything?  Please don't put words in my mouth.  

I was speaking from the point of view of consciousness, the collective consciousness, and how the kind and amounts of energy we put into that system affect things, sometimes in unintended ways.

Don't mistake what I said for a bunch of moralistic musts and shoulds.  It isn't about what people have a right to do.  It is about what I think might be wiser from the standpoint of the above.

As an example for the need for emotional control, an everyday, not especially "ethereal" one: I'm sure we've all been in situations where even we had a right to express great anger for wrong that somebody has done to us, but have realized that if we start screaming and hollering and carrying on, then those we hope to seek recourse from will just think we're nuts, and that WE are the problem, not the one who did the wrong.  Who hasn't learned a lesson like that right in the midst of the peer groups we grew up with?  

Now yes, we make our complaint, honestly and with SOME emotion, but it is emotion measured with care.  (Timing is often a part of it too, sometimes we jump on it right away, other times we wait.)  If the one who wronged us wants to play more games, he or she will try to push our buttons and get the unbridled emotion out of us (Why would he do that?  Because it seems to be to his advantage perhaps?  Because he knows it will make us look bad in front of the rest?)  Now, we had the RIGHT to be hopping mad and show it, but we knew that wisdom was better expressed in another way.

Whenever we've failed to do what I just described, how often have things turned out well?  Not often in my own sometimes bitter experience.

Lest you miss this point: YES, emotional control is very DIFFICULT.  But that doesn't mean that it isn't wise.

Another thing that I should mention, as I may have seemed to imply the wrong thing, is that I am not advocating having no passion in things, just control of that passion, and I apologise if I gave the wrong idea there.

What makes you so sure that I'm heterosexually inclined?  Maybe I've just been coy up until now.  After all, whose business is it which I am?

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« Reply #104 on: April 02, 2003, 06:43:25 »

I know this is a touchy subject, at least for some, but I think it needs to be discussed, especially at a time when many things are being questioned by society and the world at large.

Last week, my wife and I were discussing homosexuality.  As a nurse she is required to take a number of gender courses and therefore has heard a lot of different opinions, both scientific and religous, regarding homosexuality.  I myself know a number of gay people, almost all of whom I respect.

Today while I was walking on campus I was thinking about the various topics which have been discussed in this forum and realized that gender, and specifically homosexuality, has not been least not that I am aware of.

I wonder what you, my friends, think about this.

I don't want to share my thoughts and opinions quite yet, but I do want to pose some questions:
1.  How do you feel about homosexuality in general?  Do you think homosexuality is wrong?
2.  If not, do you think gays need to adavnce their agenda?
3.  Do you know anyone who is gay (the chances are high that you do).
4.  Spiritually and naturally, how does it fit in?
5.  Are people born gay?
6.  Can gay people change?
7.  How is sexual abuse tied into homosexuality (or is it??)
I hope this discussion can be informative and respectful.  I, myself, have strong opinions about this topic as well as some unanswered questions, so I hope to learn more about homosexuality.


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« Reply #104 on: April 02, 2003, 06:43:25 »

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