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Author Topic: Remote viewing by me on another forum  (Read 1178 times)
Alan McDougall
Astral Energy 3
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« on: January 14, 2010, 03:09:22 »

Alan McDougall
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Mar 3rd, 2008, 4:35am

Hello all I have attempted a remote viewing on some of the forum members, for what it is worth, mainly just for fun so lets see.

“Note I am new at this and a lot of what I saw could just be symbolic”


Many many trees home nestled in them. Strange I is see what looks like a large key board similar to a brail typewriter and a safe with a combination lock 


I see a beautiful city with golden fountains of water, something like the hanging gardens of Babylon. In addition, a white horse and rider with a crown and bow, his hair if flowing backward from the speed he is riding. Don is at his desk studious and focusing on some vexing mystery or problem.


Dave a nice house Dave is sitting on a couch and at the back of him is some sort of large screen TV the Twin Towers are burning and he appears to not yet aware of it [/color]


A young man standing on a lawn in the evening looking at a large house or lights lit up in the dark. This is rather vague I know!


A house with some sort of metal palisades. A window George enjoys looking out of.


Juditha vision is very clear she is looking out on the water, could be a lake or ocean, she sees a woman in white whose hands are outstretched to greet her in joy. The moon and its beautiful reflection on the water is lighting up the night

"If you guys don’t like it posted here I will move it off topic"

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Re: My effort to remote view some forum members

Reply #1 - Mar 3rd, 2008, 10:30am
Greetings Alan and All,

Remote viewing has often been discussed here, Alan, so I for one see no reason this topic should be moved. It prepares us for the non-physical afterlife--to hear of non-physical explorations, as well as to take part in them.

Regarding what you saw at 'Bets' ':
Yes, the area I live in was a woods, and houses were built here without taking down many trees. I don't know what a braille typewriter looks like, but we have a small 4' long electric piano that is mostly keyboard, and also a desk that was once a melodian ---a keyboard type instrument but the keys have been replace with a writing surface; can loved wood have a memory of its former life? A safe is out in view in the den ( why I don't know) but we use locks since our brains now have trouble with combinations.

So I'd say one definite yes, and two probables--excellent! The probables develope, I'm told, when your Interpretor-part of your mind gives your consciousness an image that is closest to an archetype of the subject. But emphasizing the type may change some details.


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Afterlife Knowledge

Mar 3rd, 2008, 1:56pm
Hi alan This is great what you seen of me as i had been dreaming all night long about spirit the other night and one of the visions they showed me was of a small lake and this lake had 3 moons above it and one moon was red one moon was blue and one moon was yellow and i was talking to my friend about painting this scene of what i was shown in the spiritworld and my friend came round to see me and she was dressed in white.

My friend will be amazed tommorow when i show her what you have written,congratulations from me as well alan.If you look on the dream forum you will see that i posted a couple of days ago about my dreaming all night about the spiritworld.

Love and God bless love juditha
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Hi Alan,

Perhaps vague, but maybe not so far off either.
I usually do a walking meditation in the evening for 1-2 hours when it is more peaceful.
It is a daily practice that I am very fond of.

One favorite destination is a park about a mile from my house that has many paths I like to walk around silently or chant and sing. The large house lit up in the dark could be peoples' houses in the area at night or the night sky itself.


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Yesterday (Sunday) I preached on the prophet Ezekiel's Vision of the Valley of Dry Bones (Ezekiel 37:1-14). The text deals with the exile of the Jews after the Babylonian destruction of Jerusalem and its Temple and the forced exile of the Jewish survivors to Babylon. Of course, I was drawing lessons from the miraculous return to Jerusalem, but before I did, I GAVE AN EXTENSIVE DESCRIPTION OF THE CITY OF BABYLON AND ITS DELIGHTS. In your remote viewing of me, you locate me by Babylon's HangingGardens. I'd say that's quite an impressive synchronicity! Congratulations!

Don /B

Alan McDougall

I wll view you tonight and post back to validate like the others, anyone reading this thread can ask me and i will do the same for them


You have a strange mind and been to some strange places. "ignore time I this viewing". I see someone coming out of an arched old wooden door of some type and then going back into what I can only call catacombs or an empty underground aqueduct. The man/boy seem to be lost in the maze of old pillars there, and then is joined with friends in this darkish place and they begin to have fun and laugh.

The scene changes as if they had come out of dark catacombs into the bright light of day. I then see traffic cars people etc etc etc, a parade of some sort like parade girls dancing” comes down the street every one is happy. I stop the viewing.

Crazy I know perhaps it means something to you It, however. it was clear vivid and in full color in my mind




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Re: My effort to remote view some forum memb
Reply #10 - Mar 4th, 2008, 3:03pm
Sounds pretty neat. But watch out, Alan - the government may stop at your door and try to harvest your technical skill! It is fascinating to me that Ingo Swann had this ability, along with the ability to have an effect on machines a good distance from him (as observed by Putoff), yet he was not a believer in the afterlife.

Still, Alan I think you should try to cultivate this talent. See if you can pick up on the color of the rug on which my office chair is. Its a fairly small room in Manhattan (office space at a premium here!).

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