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Author Topic: The eternal battle of good against evil  (Read 1378 times)
Alan McDougall
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« on: January 10, 2010, 02:22:04 »

Eternal battle of good agains evil

Below is my view on the origin of Evil.

Evilian the Lord of Darkness lurked in the abysmal dark

These two absolutes took all primeval inexhaustible energy of existence and with great cosmic superstrings, formulated the very fabric of reality.

The good portion of the absolutes then became aware that he was separate and completely different in character from Evil. He named himself "God", and in the utter loneliness of the deep, said "let there be light", and he became pure light, and so there was now light in the darkness of the deep. God then moved upward, out of the darkness of the deep, to separate himself from darkness and Evil forever

God then existed in the pure light of love, which had emanating out from him, filling his own infinite domain, a place he called heaven! He was one but a unique unity of three - manifestations. These are spirit (God the father- spirit), mind (God - the holy ghost), and the creative word (God -Jesus Christ). The word spoke and created countless universes. His light expanded outwards to fill them all with his infinite love, which called the Holy Spirit. They sparkled with his eternal beauty.

God was omni-everything, within his infinite domain of light and goodness, except for one thing, "God could not "lie" and still be God". It was, therefore, impossible for God to lie.

God was alone within his domain of heaven and creation. No other intelligent beings yet existed with the unity, in the light. He was alone and lonely and so he created out of his own self and essence, uncountable numbers of vast intelligent holy great angels and beings. He sent them forth to fill and control his domain of unimaginable huge countless universes. These beings because they were made from his own essence and self were just like him and were eternal and could never cease to exist. Their purpose was too eternally to serve, obey him, and be his loving companions forever. God did not give them a free will, as it was their purpose to serve and obey God, without question.

Of all the great angels and beings he had created, Lucifer, Michael and Gabriel were the mightiest, greatest most beautiful and intelligent. They were each given different, but equally important tasks in assisting God with the control of his domain of the "existence of light and love"
The Evil absolute also became aware and continued to exist in the darkness of the deep. It was satisfied to lurk there and remain in the darkness of the deep void, waiting to put out the light of goodness and let Evil control all. It was also (three in one) and called itself, "lord of chaos". Its names were, (Evilian – unholy father spirit), (Evilian- the unholy ghost). ), (Evilian - the Evil –word). It had not yet made anything and was content to be alone.

Unlike God it could not create true life and this was one of its great limitations in the coming battle. The only life-like thing it was able to create, after an almost eternity of trying, was half alive like thing we call a virus.

Unlike God, Evilian was only omni-everything, within his own Evil dark domain and subject to entropy and ultimate decay of all matter in the deep blackness of his hell. He would then have to ultimately face the horror of existing alone in the black darkness of his own thoughts in the utter nothingness of hell forever.

In order to avoid his awful ultimate fate he would have to find a way to sustain his dark existence the only way to do this would be by drawing from Gods inexhaustible energy source into himself.

Unlike God he had limitations.

One - it was impossible for it, "to enter the light of God". Darkness cannot penetrate light!

Two- "it was impossible for it to tell the "truth" it was absolute – lie - and in him was no truth whatsoever.

He been totally evil could not comprehend the concept of truth. Thus he needed a being that could both, lie and tell the truth, in his battle against God. He could then use the almost infinite power of "deception" in his battle against God. Thus he decided to reach out with his Evil mind to all of Gods creatures, to see if he could find a candidate there. He desperately needed God’s inexhaustible energy to counter the chaos or entropy of his dark domain.

Evilians Evil black mind then, reached upwards, into the light, to seek out any weakness in Gods kingdom. After an almost eternity of he found one almost infinite minute possibility of creating a wrong thought in the mind of one of

Gods perfect greatest angels. this almost infinitely small tiny minute possibility, was that somewhere deep within the mind this great angel was the almost infinitely remote chance that he could become proud and vane, if subjected constantly and perpetually, over eons an eons of time, to the right temptation and conditioning.

Evilian carefully chose his victim angel, as this angel was one of the three greatest beings in existence, besides the unity of God and Evilian himself. The name of the candidate angel was Lucifer and he would be of almost infinite use to Evilian, if he could affect his downfall, due to the fact that Lucifer knew God’s mind and his goodness. Something that was impossible for Evilian too ever comprehend even if he was given infinite eternity.

Evilians mind reached out and spoke to the mind of Lucifer. "Come" Evilian, said to Lucifer, "I would like to show you something wonderful, beyond your wildest imagination". Here is a picture of yourself, look how much greater, mightier, and beautiful.

God has made you, than all the rest of his creation” indeed is you not as mighty and beautiful as God himself"? He lied!

Lucifer refused to listen to Evilian, who persisted continually with his exaggerated false Evil lies, temptations and dialogue, with Lucifer, for countless eons and eons, never ceasing to persist and exaggerate Lucifer’s greatness and beauty.

After an almost eternity of thinking and contemplating Evilians words to him he began to absorb and contemplate all the lies he had been told.

Lucifer then allowed into his mind the following disastrous thoughts and became "vain and proud and said’. ‘ I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will also sit upon the mount of the congregations, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; ‘I will be like the ‘most high’ (the ultimate blasphemy).

God at once knew the Evil thoughts that had come into the heart and mind of Lucifer and had to cast him out of heaven. The word of God, said I see Lucifer fall, like lighting down into the utter darkness of the deep void, to serve his new master Evilian.

Evilian changed Lucifer’s name to "lord Satan" and referred to him as the Deceiver, because Satan could both lie and comprehend the truth and so Lucifer became Evilians great weapon of utter deception
And so the eternal battles of light against darkness, good, against Evil began.
God mused for a moment, and then created Romyserynal, our universe of goodness and light. The primeval mind of this universe was formulated and matured by God.

In an explosion of unthinkable proportions, expanding outwards at almost infinite speed, into incomprehensible nothingness. Atomic fusion lights (suns) condensed from radiant energy, forming into colossal mass matter families of energy and light, called galaxies, which raced away from absolute goodness, towards the omega point moment.

Our universe was born and emerged out of nothingness

Solardrianian, a sun of this universe, was then also created by God. She bathed her eight greater children, called planets, with warm love and light giving light, but only one child, Terra lived and became full of carbon organic based life, on her surface.

He was the most beautiful of all jeweled sparkling blue water worlds created by God. He to love cherished and sustained her.

God then said, "let us create man" and so they did, in the spiritual and mental image of God. God then created a companion for the man he had named Adam, her name was Eve. God created perfect mortal bodies for each of them, suitable for existing on earth.

God then placed them in the most beautiful garden called Eden. When he created them he made them totally innocent, but not perfect, giving them the free will to choose good over Evil. God allowed them to do anything, except to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. God told them if they disobeyed him in this only one forbidden commandment, they would surely die.
Evilian sent the Deceiver in the form of a snake (Lord Satan) to Terra to tempt eve or Adam to disobey God. In this he was successful, by convincing them that God had told them a lie.

This was the only thing impossible for God to do. Because they believed Satan and not God the result was all the troubles down the long history of humanity on Terra and humanities long continual battle with their now new natures of good and evil.

Humanities depraved history is the result of humanity not believing God and their disobedience of him and listening and believed Satan (Deceiver’s) temptation and blasphemous lie, instead of Gods truth
Thousand of years later on Terra, God incarnated his word (Jesus) into human form. As a child on Terra he slept, dreamed and across the void, vivid thoughts and words came to him in a vision of the night, revealing the battle that was soon to come, explaining all. The character of this word was light and love now in the darkness of the world Terra had become since the downfall of humanity. His was the perfect altruist. God called him Altruisman (Jesus)

An Evil child, also slept on a colossal metal planet, revolving around a dark sun in one of the countless awful dark universes, Evilian had made, this Evil child, who was the angel Lucifer, now "prince of darkness" “The Deceiver, to conform with his new character by Evilian. He dreamed with anticipation of the coming battle.

Lucifer changed from an angel of Gods Light, into a Demon of Evilians Darkness

The Deceiver, when he was still Lucifer had known goodness by been in God’s presence for almost an eternity. Now he also knew absolute Evil, from the mind of his new Evil master Evilian.

These two natures he now knew would be of great assistance to Evilian, as he Evilian was pure undiluted Evil and it was, therefore impossible for this being to ever be able to comprehend the workings of a mind of totally perfect, good and holy being like God.

But Lucifer, or as he was now known as Satan, had been exposed to both Good and Evil! And was now totally under Evilians control.

Evilian referred to Satan as "the prince of darkness or Lord Deceiver. He had become totally Evil, like his master Evilian, “but remembered in his mind, the goodness he had experienced when he was still serving God” Thus he became the “Ultimate Deceiver”.

Solardrianian, Terra's sun, mighty magnetic plasma fusion mind, formed great eyes on her surface, reaching outwards to the edge of her universe, searching for the coming Evilian and the Deceiver and touched the malignant dark Evil horror their black minds.

Solardrianian retracted her mind from theirs in alarm and horror and fed the data, code, and information she had gathered, in that awful moment, into her magnetic mind, deep within her fusion core. The Deceiver Satan felt the gentle probe and awoke! His dark lord, "lord of darkness Evilian" then revealed his Evil plan to overcome and defeat his eternal enemy God and banish Light and Goodness forever from the infinite cosmos.

Separated by an infinite distance, somewhere and somewhen, in the ocean of nothingness, the fluxes of colossal magnetic minds intertwined in the infinite battle of thought. Magnetic monopoles grasped, twisted, and pushed within the great gravity arms of the conflicting two mighty intelligent eternal absolutes, far beyond mere mortal man comprehension, were the eternal battle. In the iron grip of relentless entropy, proton decay continued, which would result in the cold heat death of the loser.

Evil Lord- Evilian, the only other eternal being reached out to good Solardrianian (the sun), of our universe with his utmost Evil great mind consumed, with one thought. Destruction of Solardrianian, our universe our blessed sun and her beautiful world Terra. He would try, using entropy to suck all the radiant energy out of our universe, whose name was good beautiful Romyserynal, of light, into his malignant self and attempt to destroy all life and thought from our blessed universe into his dark black mind. Leaving only dark cold dead emptiness. (If he could!).

Solardrianian the sun spoke to Terra. Terra searched her surface and found the Altruisman in his sleep. She told him of the existence of eternal Evilian and his equally evil son, who existed in one of Evilians, universes and lived, on a dark Evil metal world.

His former name was great archangel Lucifer, who had fallen to Evilians temptation and lies and become Evil and dark and now referred to as the Deceiver, by his new master and he was now under the control and he worshiped, the dark lord Evilian.

Just like his new master, the Deceiver (Lucifer or Satan) or by any name you wish to call this beast, had become totally depraved and evil.

Altruisman awoke in alarm at this awful revelation. The final battle of minds would soon begin. The outcome would decide the fate of all of existence forever. Monstrous malignant.

Evilian and Deceiver battling against majestic might and minds of God and Altruisman the word. The prize of this final battle was victory of light over darkness, good over Evil, and the ultimate complete control of all existence.

The two eternals, God and Evilian agreed to place a wall of mirrors between them in the void. Altruism's the Warrior of God task was to know exactly which of the words or pictures reflected on the walls of the mirrors, were truth or false! Only by looking at the words or pictures displayed on the two walls.

God Said to Altruisman
"Altruisman, you must establish the absolute truth”
“said the lord God Yahweh to him" this is necessary in order to obtain absolute victory over Deceiver and his Evil lord Evilian”.

Altruisman (Jesus) replied to God his father, saying, "Lord God Father Spirit of light and love, the task you have given is impossible for me to carry out successfully". The Deceiver can both lie and Tell the Truth How in all eternity will I ever under, this handicap, in all eternity to know for certain, what is true or what is false on the wall of mirrors?"

Heaven stood still while God thought
Great Neurons of Light within the mind of God, known by mere mortal man as universes, pulsed, expanded, contracted, vibrated with the blazing glorious spectrums of the beautiful wonder of his infinite mind.
Suns mere quantum particles in Gods colossal great mind flared up and died folding the very fabric of reality. Existence trembled and universes knitted infinitely into the 24 dimensions of the fabrics of reality.

God then became silent. Existence became still again.
A moment of eternity past and God knew! "

God ceased to think and spoke, ‘‘do this” “do that”, and “all was done”!

Existence was still again. God rested from his muse and waited!

God then took Altruisman into the deepest recesses of his inner most being and enlightened his beautiful soul, with the greatest weapons against the Evilian the Evil Lord and his Demon Child Satan.

Truth, Light. Love, Life and Peace will put all Evil into the Bottomless pit called Hell

Altruisman my son said God, I bring you again back to before your birth and expand my everlasting essence in you, and henceforth you shall be known as the Christ. Your name is now; Jesus Christ the only True Altruist!

Love will overcome all challenges the of Evil Deceiver and his Lord Evilian and all his disciples.

From the birth as my incarnation of the suffering Messiah, two thousand and twelve years must pass according to the Julian calendar

Evilian and the Deceiver are the ultimate selfish ones their eternal fate is so terrible that even I God cannot and will not look into this place of utter desolation and horror. Tremble all that think about this place

Mine"? "What is your name"? To his question he got only silence and he knew for certain this being, in his garden, was the Deceiver or devil in disguise.

In the void the following words continued on the wall of mirrors:
"I am the light bringer" "I have been appointed to help you understand the coming revelation" "fear not for I am with you, my name is truth." trust me always". Altruisman (Jesus), replied, "You are the ultimate deceptive-one; I do not believe your lies. I speak only to my father God.

The finale was near, in eternal night stars cowered; Romersenal (our beautiful universe) comforted them and bathed them with strands of magnificent opalescence, renewing them all in shimmering phosphorescent glorious myriad colors. They flared and blazed; now prepared for the battle against Evilian and the Deceiver (Satan).

Altruisman, who was Jesus, returned to Terra and to the blessed caretaker of Terra's most beautiful garden, his mortal father. "Father tells beloved mother that I have been called away by God (the absolute) to do battle for him against of Evilian and the Deceiver". I will surely return." a hush fell on all of Terra. They knew then that the final war between good and Evil was about to begin!

Evilian and Deceiver gloated in their power and attacked our universe. Screaming blotted out the battle hymns of God’s universes. All existence shook as God twisted and weaved the cords of reality into a newly formed 72 dimensional fabrics of existence.

Tyranny attempted to reign in Romersenal, the universes colossal body. Deceiver gripped Terra’s mother, the sun, attempting to draw her into his Evil self to consume her in the relentless cold death of entropy. Proton death began! Altruisman/God resisted and the Deceiver withdrew to consider another tactic
The two lords of existence the absolutes, commanded, Deceiver, and the Altruisman "come into the neutral courtyard in the void between the domains of God and Evilian". Let your two minds together with those descend into the garden of Terra, where you must battle it out and so avoid the complete annihilation of all existence. Wormholes that connected universes pulsed with thought. The battle in the minds of began.

The Evil dragon son the Deceiver, projecting chaotic thoughts of mindless madness at Altruisman. Shafts of purple dazzle blobs of red blood, absolute hate in black non-worlds. Nightmares of negative hate. Blue black darkness attempted to melt down all that is good. Impossible almost infinite power attempted to suck in all life out of Gods universes. the Deceiver attempted by relentless blackness of ultimate heat death of dark entropy to destroy all that was good and was met with the almost infinite powerful resistance of the mind of the Godman - Altruisman and failed. Galaxies had started bleeding white energy into the cosmic lips of Evilian, but was compensated and renewed by God’s infinite supply of energy.

God and Altruisman went into the horror of the Evil minds of Evilian and the Deceiver for one-trillionth of a peco second moment and knew their future plans for the battle. Altruisman then became aware of the true enormity of the undiluted black malignant Evil of Deceiver’s mind, and withdrew in great alarm.

Altruisman (Jesus) awaked again in the void and observed a being of most beautiful light standing and projecting on the wall of mirrors these words, "remember me?” fear not for I am with you even unto the end of the world’’. “I am the truth the life and the way". Jesus, the altruist pondered!

Who are you? Cried Altruisman. Call me "light-giver" or "truth righteousness love and goodness". Follow me into victory beloved son"
Words continued to appear on the wall of mirrors, someone wrote to Altruisman thus; "I must allow the contrary for mortals to progress into my true goodness". "Be vigilant-be aware my son". "Without good you cannot comprehend Evil", "without love you will not know hate". The words continued below:

The eternal battle is in the very mind of God. You the Godlike man the Altruisman, will overcome the dark side of Gods duality mind by his testimony and enable God to be perfectly good, kind and merciful. All his Evil side will be to thrust into the black hole and forgotten into the horror of hell of nothingness forever.

Then the words blanked out from the wall of mirrors!
Jesus the true altruist did not believe what he had seen written on the wall of mirrors, in the void so he returned to Terra the earth to speak to his father God.

Thus spoke God into the mind of Jesus his son, the altruist." I God now tell humanity that the love of Jesus will conquers all. I tell you mortal man, seek me while I still may be found my patience is at an end, I God am about to change my plan, if you do not listen now and obey. I will destroy your planet Terra; it is very very late. It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of a living God? No more options obey or hell".

Altruisman fell asleep on Terra and began to really wonder, for the first time, who was really communicating with him from the wall of mirrors, as some of what he had read there began to conflict with his concept of God. His knew purpose was to outwit the son of the malignant beast Evilian and the Deceiver. So he Jesus asked God who had been projecting to him on the wall of mirrors in the void and got the following answer:

God informed Jesus the (Altruisman), that only he formally knew his enemy’s true name. This things name means the deceiver, who was in truth "Evilian the beast".

A virus called a lie was the cause of all sorrow in all of existence. Jesus the Altruisman is infused by God’s light. Jesus/God will defeat Evilian whose true name is "the beast or monster" the great archangel Michael will war with God/Jesus with his truth. The selfish would be ultimately be defeated by selflessness or altruism.

The lord Jesus observed clearly now that all communications from the wall of mirrors had been false, just like he had suspected. It had been all lies and originated in the deceptive mind of the Deceiver (Satan) and his master the beast Evilian.

All those soft thoughts that had came directly into his mind, had originated from a beautiful being God his father who emanating compassionate love and peace, he knew without doubt that he had been speaking to the God of truth. His father in heaven
Altruisman then said I know my name is Jesus and with God/me will, defeat Evilian and Deceiver in the end, their awful fate is now sealed!!!!!!!

Jesus said he had to descend to planet earth (Terra) to complete a task and then he would inspire a "new testament" between humanity and God to be compiled to guide mortal man. The outcome of the battle would be written in the book of revelations. Where he and Michael and Gods holy angels will finally an utterly defeat Evilian, and his Evil son the Deceiver, who is Satan or also called the devil and the false prophet the beast.
The prime cause of all evil
Lucifer believed


Take Care

The Astral Pulse

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