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Author Topic: Who Is In Control Of Your Life In Waking World and Dream Worlds (Astral Realms)  (Read 190 times)
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« on: April 29, 2021, 19:37:11 »

Who Is In Control Of Your Life/Existence In Waking World (Earth) and Dream Worlds (Astral Realms)

We Humans Like to Think that We are in Control of our Lives (Waking and Dreaming); it gives us some sense of Tranquility and Confidence. Those who like to think like that are Fine, as Consciousness is Not Required for Everyone and Not Many are Ready to Know the "Truth" about how things really are in Existence (if someone is Not mentally Strong Enough to deal with this Knowledge is Better that don't find it and just live a Normal Life with others in control not himself/herself like is the case of most of Human Beings [The Regular People, Not The Persons With Intellect]).

In a conversation many years ago with a relative who has passed away a few years ago, I wasn't ready to listen to what he was trying to share with me; in his past years he was an active Astral Projection Practitioner and I believe he achieved lot's of progresses in that field, but after a brain blood irrigation problem he had a few years before he died, he had to stop practicing Astral Projection (at least that what he told be in our conversation).

Also, he tried to suggest/inform me that we are Not in Control of our Lives and of what happens after we finish our experience as Humans on Earth; I continuously tried to contradict him by telling him that we must be able to choose what we wanted after we died, and not until recently I realized based on what I've Experienced in the Dream Worlds (Astral Realms) that he was right and if I were more ready back then (many years ago) I could have asked him about the Experiences he had that convinced him about our lack of control about what is to come when we finish our lives on Earth. Now, I would have made him questions about the experiences he had that lead him to his conclusions, but back then I was too inexperienced (I was just beginning to explore this topic in my life).

Robert Monroe in his third Book "Ultimate Journey", he meets his "Executive Committee" (Board of Directors) by going Inwards instead of Outwards. He describes this in some of his videos of "Wednesday with Bob Monroe" (is Great to see them all 9 Videos).

Wednesday with Bob Monroe 5

Wednesday with Bob Monroe 6

Wednesday with Bob Monroe 7

Wednesday with Bob Monroe 8

Wednesday with Bob Monroe 9

He experienced First Hand via his Astral Travels his "Core" that Monitored his life while Awake and also while in Dream/Astral Worlds/Realms, and these beings were way Above his Level as a Human Being (he even from After his current life was Helping Himself to achieve what he achieved in his present life in the 20th Century of this Earth World).

I guess Finding the Truth might be similar to what the Character of RoboCop 2014 found when he meet the Truth regarding his condition, realizing that others were in Real Control of his Existence up to certain point in that moment, in the following scene of the movie.

RoboCop (2014) - End This Nightmare Scene (2/10) | Movieclips

Another scene of this same movie that displays the concept of the "Illusion of Free Will" is the one below, and the Ones in Control of the Situation Knowing what really was going on.

RoboCop (2014) - I've Been Through A Lot Scene (3/10) | Movieclips

Also there is this scene where "Murphy" (Robocop) breaks out of the Dopamine Control imposed on him (as he had an Emotional reaction when crimes where uploaded on his memory) and after the request of his Wife to help his Son he stops the missions at hand and started Solving his Own Crime to be able to understand what happend and help his Son and Wife, and that way he Overrided the Dopamine Control imposed on him acquiring some "Free Will".

Solving Crime Scene RoboCop 2014 Movie Clip

That Free Will was always an Illusion as long as he had the Chip/Device that allowed his Owners (at Omnicorp) to Turn Him Down (and even has access to Destroy him), as is provided on this scene.

Robocop (2014) "You tried to kill me twice" Clip Chief of Police

And also the scene after the previous one where the Doctor that created Robocop saves him from getting destroyed/killed by the Owners (Omnicorp) and removes the Control Chip that Controlled and Turned him Off, giving Robocop/Murphy the opportunity to Fight Back and Protect His Existence. Somehow I believe that this Help From Someone Inside the Controlling System is required for a Controlled Individual (on Earth) to achieve his/her Freedom from this Enslaving Predatory System controlled by those who Profit from the "Loosh" produced here. ¿Where to Go after that? ¿What are the True Freedom Choices Available? It'd be Nice to Know What Are These Choices (if there are any).

There is also the scene where the One Under Control could Bend/Override those Control Protocols to Rebel Against the Tyranny of the Owners (Omnicorp Boss in this case):

RoboCop (2014) - You're a Robot Scene (10/10)

As mentioned by Robert Monroe in the Part 5 of "Wednesday with Bob Monroe" above, it feels like on Waking "Physical" Life on Earth we are like Computer WorkStation (with the Software of Artificial Intelligence that allows us to do the basic things and learn to do other more) and there is a MainFrame somewhere on the Non Physical Realms (the Above Level that Controls the Low Level here on Earth) where there is a "Memory Bank" that Stores every detail of what each one of us do here on Earth, and if that is True the ones that Set the Stage must be able to Control each aspect of it. Robert Monroe on his Second Book "Far Journeys" mentions the "Loosh" subject which explains a lot the why everything on this World called Earth is designed to be "Predatory" and everything on the Dream/Astral Worlds/Realms operates in that same "Predatory" way, which also suggests a World Above (where the Creator and Controller of Earth is) controlling this World Below (Earth) and the Business of "Loosh" behind it which was the motivation to Create it and all the way things operate on Earth (which also operate in a similar way on the Dream/Astral Worlds/Realms where there are also Predators continuously searching predating on Preys and also seem like they predate on Energy derived from Consciousness as Lucidity attracts them a lot as well as Fear on the Prey/Victim).

Also, on Castaneda's Book "The Art Of Dreaming" at some point Don Juan reveals to Carlos Castaneda that the Energy Required to Navigate the Second Attention (Dream Worlds) and do Many Thing in there, is provided by the Inorganic Beings which are at the Hunt of Consciousness to add it to their own World/Realm. It'd be nice to know how if it's possible Not to Depend on the Energy Provided by these beings, which bring me to a Topic I Posted regarding the subject of What To Do After Achieving True Freedom (if True Freedom could be achieved as Don Juan mentions that "No Sorcerer Knows What Freedom Really Is").

What To Do When Achieving Complete Freedom - Analysis About Being Completely Free

I've also found in my Lucid Dreaming Experiences that compared to the Consciousness of some of the Beings inhabiting the Dream/Astral Worlds/Realms, we Humans are Mentally as Immature like Children compared to them (at least with the ones on Control of those Systems and very likely of this Earth system as well), and they Control the scenery and the actions and actors/characters in it, at least until a character learns to break out of that Control and/or receives help from someone "inside" and breaks out of that Control, which wouldn't be rare to think that it would take him/her into becoming part of another "Team", at least until someone becomes completely and absolutely Self Sufficient which takes him/her to the level of a God/Creator (who knows if someone being born into one of this systems like Earth had become like that and with it achieved Complete Freedom).

It'd be Nice to Read Your Experiences (in your Waking Earth Life and in your Dream/Astral Life) and Your Perspectives and Findings regarding this subject.

(I'll leave the text until here Not to extend myself too much in this First Post of this Topic).

Some Videos missing on the Topic Becoming Lucid in Dreams - Movie Scenes Of How It Is Like, which will remind you what it is like to Realize that You Are Dreaming (acquiring Lucidity during a Dream) and the reaction to Try and Leave the "Scene" and be Stopped by those in Control of the Scene (you are literally Paralyzed by Them without being able to Move in the Dream/Astral environment and is Not Easy at all to Break that Control but Not Impossible which ends by Waking Up in Waking Life or Waking Up in another Dream/Astral World/Realm which is very interesting by the way). I share them here as they are part of this Topic and illustrate a little of what I'm asking the Astral Pulse Community in it. This scenes are right previous to the scene presented before of this same movie.;msg364848#msg364848

ROBOCOP (2014) Film Clip: Time To Wake Him Up

RoboCop (2014) - What Have You Done To Me? Scene (1/10) | Movieclips

My Best Regards.


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« Reply #1 on: Yesterday at 02:01:45 »

I'll play devil's advocate for a second...
There's one big piece of evidence which suggests this world *IS* random.

But then, that answer also assumes you have a few certain beliefs.

The belief that we are all actually ONE and that ONE is part of consciousness as a whole and the goal of this consciousness is to become, as Tom Campbell would say, lower entropy (become better).
From that, there is the idea that your future has already been written.  I personally do not subscribe to this concept.
I've surmised that that cannot be real, because if that were true, then consciousness, in an effort to "become better", would already have all the answers and would negate it's "goal".  You can't progress if you already know all of the answers.

So to directly answer the question asked... YOU are in control of the little slice of consciousness which is your experience of this physical reality.

Anyway, take that as you may.  Smiley

Please visit my website!  Smiley
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« Reply #1 on: Yesterday at 02:01:45 »

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