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Author Topic: Sleep paralisis?/night terror beast  (Read 1205 times)
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« on: April 08, 2010, 07:53:01 »

i read a little about this sleep paralisis tonight. i as i started to read i rememberd that this happens to me all the time, more so when i was younger. sometimes it dosent scare me so much and i try to get out of my body and go explore and what not. other times i am frightend, i hear loud screaching in my ear, it starts out as a scream screech thing and then to a very high pitched rinning in my ear. it hurts really bad even after i wake up from it. IT seems like i fight it alot to for some reason, i fight to get my movement back or wake up. sometimes and this is the worst. when it happens about 40% of the time there is soemthing in the room with me, feels like it is holding me down. its usally a black shaddow. wow i just got the weirdest feeling now. maby it dosent like when i talk about it. i jsut got all tingly all over. anyways i can usally tell when its with me, i can sence it and sometimes i an very scared, other times i try and fight it off and then i will awake. im just looking into this a lil because it dosent happen very often now and if it does the shadow is not around. but on a side note, the reason i know about Ap'ing and stuff is when i was younger my mom made me look up stuff about dreams and night terrors and such. so as i got older i got better at getting it to let me up or get it to leave. this is were my problems began. as i got stronger with controling this situation it seemd to happen all the time when i would try and AP. i would try and AP and i would fall asleep and awak but couldent move and it would be there. soon i tryed talking to it, it said nothing and would eather leave or make my head hurt and i would wake up. i am older know, im not scared cuz of other things that have happend while trying to AP, like finding my guardin, i think that is what he is. im not sure on that yet at the moment. but if he is he gave me things i could use. Elements if u must know. sorry for side traking so much. SO about 4 years ago i had a lil run in whit him when i was back home from college. I trapped him in my room, he is stuck there whatever it is. I dont think it likes to be stuck there and am thinking it is starting to beak out. the last few times i have been home with my gf, sleeping in the basement were my room is. she seems to be haveing the same thing happen to here as it happend to me years and years ago. she says she can see my room, but cant move and there is somrthing grabbing her or feels that way. but she has also said that it looks liek just a hand the rest is in something. i still have not told her that i have trapped something in my room. what should i do? i am afraid it is getting strong enoough to get out. if it strong enought to get out then it must have gotting much stronger. other problem, i have not been training my mind and astral spirit as much as i used to when i was wounder. its hard from me to even get to my vibes to try and AP. if anyone has any suggestions, that be great. other wise i have started training again, only becuase i was told to do so by someone in my dreams. i am good at controling my dreams doing what i pleas and beating up anyone or thing that trys to hurt me. BUT if i AP or get to the point of paralisis and then AP and it comes after me or my gf, i dont think i could take it, because, i cant member if the Astral is like a LUcid dream so that i can defend my self. thanx for all the help i can get.
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2010, 08:06:09 »

I think that's the third biggest paragraph I've ever seen.  cheesy

So, What's the bottom line?
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« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2010, 08:06:09 »

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« Reply #2 on: April 08, 2010, 13:48:18 »

I'm kinda with Kurt here... I couldn't read the entire thing, but I think I got the jist of what you're trying to talk about, thetruth.  Smiley

Sleep Paralysis...
It's definitely nothing to be afraid of.  That feeling of being held down... that's just you *feeling* your physical body.
See, while you're in this state, you're only getting a small trickle of sensations from your physical body and what sensations do make it though can get interpreted by you in a very strange manner, ESPECIALLY if you're not used to it.

So what happens is that you start feeling these odd feelings which you're not used to... and your mind goes absolutely ape excrement trying to correlate it with any experience you've had previously.  Since it can't find anything that quite matches, then you start visualizing a whole range of bad things.  In the end, you came with "someone trying to hold you down".  Nobody is holding you down.  It's just you you're feeling.  Smiley

In any case, Sleep Paralysis is an excellent state of mind which you can project from.  All you have to do is use the handy Search function that this forum provides and read up.  Smiley

Happy traveling.  Smiley

Please visit my website!  Smiley
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