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Author Topic: Seeking Advice About Strange Experiences  (Read 1196 times)
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« on: August 13, 2012, 08:35:30 »

Hello all,

    I'm a brand new member to this board. I was inspired to register and reach out following my first astral experience. I've been having lucid and vivid dreams for many years now, but never had I had such an intense physical experience as when I had by first OBE. I often awake early in the morning with bouts of anxiety, which is how my experience began a few nights ago. I was laying awake around 4:30 am, talking to one of my guides as this usually helps me to relax. I do not remember falling asleep - I don't think I ever fully did - but the next thing I knew I was sitting up, halfway out of my body. Usually when I am deeply immersed in the dreamworld I awaken with a strong tingling sensation in my hands, but the tingling I felt during this experience was way more intense! I'm sure you seasoned astral travelers can relate to feeling your head as a spirit while also feeling your head a few inches away! Anyway, I was aware that I was (at least half way haha) having an OBE, though I could not pull myself all the way out of my body. Up until now this story sounds like a pretty run of the mill OBE experience, but here is where things get weird:

   While halfway stuck in my body, I was suddenly confronted with what I can only describe as a large window in front of me. Through that window I could see people going about their daily tasks. It was extremely strange, first because through the window it was daytime and very bright. Second, it was also extremely clear, so clear and lifelike that I reached my (extremely tingly) hand through it. I was actually able to touch people, though I was very clumsy as I was partway stuck in my body. Because of this I actually knocked a few of them down, much to their displeasure (though none of them seemed frightened). Finally, one of the people I knocked over - a young boy with brown skin, hair and eyes, confronted me. I apologized and placed one of my hands on either side of his face. We were able to talk that way and I explained that I was stuck in between and very confused. He suggested I experiment with different "tones", "songs" and "melodies". After his suggestions I was able to re-enter my body (with a little struggle) and drop off to sleep. The next day when I awoke - after a very vivid dream - I had a strange feeling that I was not actually in my own universe, and felt that if I opened the door it would be into another world. Thankfully this did not occur, but upon further inspection I found my hands to be extremely dried out and peeling, something that I've never had a problem with before.

I was just hoping people could give me some insight to these strange experiences and maybe relate similar stories.
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2012, 08:57:15 »

 Hello and Welcome to the Astral Pulse. It looks like you just received a "sneak peek" of what is to come, if you continue to follow this path. Congratulations!  smiley
 Look around this forum, you will find a lot of good info to help you on your journey. There are some great "how to" stickies to be found in the "Welcome to Astral Consciousness!" section. Also check out the "Welcome to the Astral FAQ" section. Both of them are extremely helpful for new members!  smiley
 Good Luck and Safe Travels!  smiley
The Astral Pulse
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2012, 08:57:15 »

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« Reply #2 on: August 13, 2012, 09:56:24 »


I had a reply to this open in a window I forgot I had open.

I would have posted it... but it would have repeated exactly what you said;

"Welcome AstrideLeigh... You are being gently nudged into accepting the larger reality... take it up and seek a bit more."

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