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Author Topic: Dream of alternate realities and it's long  (Read 857 times)
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« on: February 02, 2005, 23:36:47 »

Well, what the hell ...  it's long and strange, but it's one of the most vivid dreams I've had in a long time and something keeps nagging at me to pay attention.

I dreamed that I and some friends were high in the mountains where the elevation was high but it had levelled out into rolling hills. I brought a battery powered boombox and was playing Orbital, and I was dancing. Because it was a dream, I was also dancing in the air.

I had to go into town for something, so I was driving down a very steep incline. Other cars were driving with me, but soon I noticed that I was driving on a ghost road right next to the main one, except I could see the cars on the main road where I wanted to be, but no way to get on. I saw what looked like a connecting drive up head, but it was just a drainage ditch. I kept driving, but I went slowly because the road was unfamiliar and I was alone. I saw a punk-loking kid with chains and a floppy mohawk walk down the slope next to the road. He did not glance at me as he walked in front of my car, and disappeared into the woods.

At some point, my car either stopped working or simply disappeared. I walked through a small ghost town full of abandoned buildings. I didn't know where I was or what I should do, so I sat down next to a grate in the ground. I wasn't really anxious, just curious.  Inside were dead leaves, twigs, and several new, shiny coins. I picked out the quarters to use for laundry money when I got home. I started to pick up the rest of the coins, but said, "No, some homeless person could use it more than I can."

I saw a rusty old car trundling slowly down the road. It sputtered and died, and it was obvious that it wasn't going to start again. A tired-looking blonde woman got out of the car, followed by a six-year old and a toddler. The kids were running around, obviously glad to be out of the car. The woman was trying to make them mind, but didn't have enough energy to enforce what she said. The kids ran by me, so I made myself look mean and said, "Listen to your mother!" They stopped dead and stared at me with wide eyes. Their mom came by and picked up the toddler and I winked at her. She grinned.

She told me her name but I don't recall what it was. We all walked for a long ways, maybe several days, until we got to a small town with something like a feed store. The man running the store knew her and greeted her. We hung around talking for awhile and then he said, "I have something to show you."

It was a cassette tape, and he played it. There was a woman speaking, the woman I had just met. Someone was interviewing her, except that she sounded scared and confused. She turned pale next to me and said, "I think you have the only proof of what happened right there. Where did you get it?"

From there, the dream split in two, almost as if two separate story-lines were playing at once.

In the first storyline, my boyfriend joined me along with some other friend. We played with the kids and talked to the woman, and she seemed relaxed and grateful for our company. She went upstairs and was dragging large cushions and mattresses around, until finally she had set up a couple of beds for us. the one for our friend looked like a giant gray flannel dog bed. She gave me and Dave a bed with red satin sheets, and I was impressed with the trouble she was taking to make things pleasant and comfortable for us. She also dragged a couple of couches in the room for us. It was clear she wanted us to stay and since we didn't really know where we were, it was ok.

She went down into the store's public bathroom, but the place had suddenly become bigger, more commercial and shiny, and more people were there. she was inside the bathroom humming to herself and fixing her hair. Several men came walking down the sidewalk and into the store. they were dressed in uniforms, police of some sort. I saw it, and she saw it too, somehow. She grew worried and tried to find a way out of the bathroom. There was none. She stayed in there as long as she could, but eventually had to come out and was detained by the police.

"No!" I cried, although I was now no longer in that scene. "She had almost made it home!"

In the second scene, I heard one of the police officers speak, but it wasn't at the store, it was in a room with a large television screen. On the screen, I saw a bed covered with brown brocade, and a few lumps under the covers showed that the bed was occupied by a sleeping couple. Something long, narrow, and light green protruded from the covers, like an arm of some sort. "All right, you bug-eyed alien, pile of cabbage, preying mantis, whatever the hell you are. Let's go," said the police officer.

I found myself at home in my bedroom, but something was weird. there was a window in my room to a parallel dimension that had seemingly sprouted up spontaneously while I'd been sleeping. I saw three people sleeping in a bed. An older man in his early 50's opened his eyes. He saw me staring at him and shouted. He grabbed me by the collar and threw me onto a cushion across from the bed. It was strange because I was still in my dimension and he was still in his, but we were able to physically interact.

"Who are you? why are you watching us? what is that?" he gestured towards my bedroom, since he could see it.

"I don't know!" I said. "I woke up and you guys were just... there. Who are you?"

Before he could answer, my dad came in the room and the scene jumped.

Me and my parents (whom I haven't lived with in years) were sitting at the dining room table. Daddy had opened another dimensional window, but it was small and the person on the other side couldn't see us. Daddy was taping the conversation they were having.

I could see a young man who looked sort of Thai. He was telling us about his city. He had drawn a map, but I remember him pointing to the public baths and nearby were several Goddess and God statues made of black marble. The figures were seated. "You are meant to sit in the lap of the Goddess," he said. "It's precarious, you sort of have to sit in a strange way to balance, but it is meant to show that you have trust that the Goddess will not let you fall. No one ever has fallen."

"Let me talk to X," Daddy said. A little boy started speaking, and I realized that he was the blond woman's older child. He asked for his toy, and I realized that Daddy had the stuffed toy he'd been carrying around. But Daddy wouldn't give it to him, even though I argued. He was holding it hostage so the little boy would do anything we asked in order to get the toy back.

I left and went into the kitchen, drawing the curtain over the door. "What?" yelled my dad. "I'm not doing anything bad."

"I think it's terrible, too," said my mom disprovingly. "Keeping his only toy from him when his mother isn't even there."

But Daddy wouldn't listen to us and questioned the boy. I don't remember what he said, but the boy eventually asked to talk to me. I answered some questions, and the older man got back on to talk to me.

I had a flash of realization. Our government (which my dad must be part of?) was going around and abducting people from their realities. The blond woman was one who had escaped and was trying to get back home. They had recaptured her, but not the kids, and my dad was trying to pinpoint their exact location so that he could take the kids again.

I also realized that the long green protrusion I saw coming under the bed covers was the woman's husband's arm, and he was a different species, one we don't have in our world.

I continued to answer the man's questions, and when my father's back was turned I whispered, "I will contact you again when my father is not here. Be ready."
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