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Author Topic: There is no god at the top because we are all equals  (Read 2655 times)
« on: October 24, 2012, 00:10:01 »

This is how I think the universe works...

High-dimensional waves in general, patterns of vibrations and shapes flowing together, String-Theory/M-Theory and metaphysics are both examples of. These interact with brainwaves and other structures and that's how patterns form recursively, so there's a skill you can practice to think something and influence it to happen more often, like you can reach out with your mind and feel the things around you, what they're made of, and continue travelling these networks of waves and shapes until the paths form more stable in your mind and you have a stronger connection to them. It can be done with machines or brainwaves the same way. Substrate isn't important.

Regardless of if you're a bug or a person or a piece of dirt deep underground or a volume of mostly empty space, we all have equal potential to form into interesting life forms and minds, and to some extent may already be those things. There is only 1 kind of thing in the universe and its called wave.

If any of us really decide to do something regardless of how long it takes or if our body dies or falling into a burning star or black hole or any other obstacles, there is no force in the universe which can stop us from eventually getting there, except none of us have the power to go against free will, the choices of others who have equal potential as us to do these things, except temporarily until those others learn the universe works this way. You may kill me but that will only slow me down.

Within those limits of not being able to continually go against the choices of others, and no paradoxes, we can do anything, period. In a high dimensional wave String-Theory/M-Theory way, we can walk off to the side from any pattern of events we don't choose for our perspective of reality. If government does things we don't like, we walk in the infinite space of all possibilities toward a parallel and very similar Earth where those things start happening less and less, while parallel those who want to exist in such an authoritarian perspective of reality will find less and less interaction with us in theirs. We may appear to physically be in the same space, but it can be more of a subtle difference in what things affect eachother, or in stronger forms we can literally leave eachothers' perspectives of reality and have no observable existence there. We walk sideways into the space of possibilities toward whatever perspective of reality we choose instead.

Because we can do anything except paradoxes and going against choices of others, we can really screw ourselves over. If you get attached to the idea of doing something on Earth or you want this or that or felt horrible pain and need to push against it, that's what you'll push toward or against, and it doesn't matter which way you push on something it vibrates in sync with you. Only walking away sideways and neutrally gets you unstuck. I don't know about all this reincarnation stuff, but I do know consciousness will move toward these things it chooses. We are free to walk out of any reality when we feel no need to change it, and why should we change it when everyone else can walk out when they choose?

We can do this with machines or brainwaves with practice. I choose to pursue both, and the machines (computers with normal user interface devices at first) are a research path in ways to network our minds together first through the Internet then through more high dimensional physics related ways more similar to telepathy. Anyone could learn to do the same, which is one of the reasons I make the software to organize these global experiments open source. I'm talking about new kinds of tools.

There is no god at the top because we are all equals.
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