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Author Topic: Vibrational manifestation strength  (Read 1212 times)
Karxx Gxx
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« on: February 04, 2020, 05:09:29 »

Curious on peoples input. I understand vibrations are key to manifestation/creating, but what underlying concepts are 'stronger' at this?

Also note, im going off the basis there is an equal 'amount' of both. 50/50.  So light verses dark. 10% of light is 'stronger' than 90% dark. So even though there is an equal amount, light wins.

Densities: I believe the density/dimension of a being effects manifestation process effort. 3rd densities humans vs 6th densities beings.

thoughts: very low for creating, if at all. It depends on who perceives the thoughts, and perhaps one could start beleiving in it. But chanting affirmations with no belief in it, emotion, etc, is p weak imo.

Beliefs: Pretty good at passive creating.

Perception/mind:(what sparked this topic and curious on others input about this)  Not sure where to really put this. You have the mind and you have the heart in retrospect. I believe this is weaker than the heart. Not exactly if beliefs are tied to this aspect of the human only. People view me as awesome and such, and i did feel like that at one point. That part might still reside, but I have not acted like it or felt like it. I do believe im healing the lower part of myself so im not connected to the higher part, but I assume its close enough to still create that reality where people see that in me. 

Just viewing it in a simple manner, if I feel like im not acting awesome, but know that I am, I would think people would view me as what they see. Thoughts of 'i hate myself' arise a lot, but as im not really attached to that idea, it doesnt effect my reality it seems. I do beleive the mind is attacted to this though, and im viewing through my hearts perception. So depending on where you reside changes on whats manifested.   If im transitioning to heart, and only reside 10% mind, all it's beleifs are 10% strong for an example.

Emotions: Hard to lable it separate from beliefs, but it's more pure so to speak. If I believe danger is to occur, but vibrate the emotion of protection, it will be able to over-ride.

Knowing: Hard to say if stronger than emotion, but stronger than belief imo. I think it's just a vibration that sticks. Like a foundation of what will be experienced until changed.

Intent: For me, Intent is pretty up there. It can over-ride beliefs. So if the two ever seem opposite or contradict, intent will be the winner. I also PERSONALLY beleive it can over-ride just about everything, or everything when it comes to what will be manifested. Or at least create the illusion of such. Example: I know I will live life with great financial abundance.  If i intend it not to be, such can happen. Also, intending to not know will create that experience, even if temporarily.

Awareness: It's like a nullifies/healer/completer vibration. It's a key aspect to duality. If one would bring their awareness higher, any aspect of vibration is subject to change. To say it is stronger than intent might seem misleading, but if ever there was a being who had as much intent as possible to bring negative emotions and such to a being that was aware as possible, or even 1 below aware as possible, the intent may manifest at first perhaps. But awareness would 'complete' the manifested things eventually, and at a moment this intent wont work as well, if at all. As i believe the default nature of reality of this universe is completion going from lower to higher vibrational scale. Ill leave it at that. It's up there and kinda wonky.

Self: Being:following you heart: It's like awareness. Also like instinct. You will be lead in a direction no matter how strong a vibration exists with-en you that might go against this.
" [.....] if you follow your heart, your heart is connected directly to your higher self and soul. And your soul knows better than anyone, for you. It knows better than the wisest, or longest living entity in this universe. Because it IS you, it is part of you and it is what you need. So follow the heart and you will never be lead wrong. -Treb Bor Yit NE

Now, I say this is generally true, but can be subject to change if you want it to. Yeah, maybe not as a human, but if conscious can create any concept, idea possible, then you can create a reality that the higher self doesnt know whats absolutely best , for example. That's what I want to experience eventually. Think the universe would love to see that play out Smiley

I think that's close to the order of it all. I dont think it's important for me as im going with the heart for now (subject to change) but it's entertaining to think about.


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