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Author Topic: History of Projection  (Read 1717 times)
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« on: February 02, 2005, 08:43:58 »

I read on the net a while ago that it is evident that people have been projecting for at least 14,000 years.  Does anyone know where I can find a good "history" on projection. I have found a few sites but they seem very amateur.  I'm always looking for books, so if anyone knows of any that would be great!

That in which you have doubts cannot be accomplished. That in which you have no doubts can be accomplished.
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« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2005, 16:09:13 »

I guess theological books, if interpreted historically, are a good source of numerous stories on dreams, projections, the astrals, etc.  Especially, Eastern mythology is filled with stories whereas Western tends to suppress these a bit.  

The Vedas in Hinduism have many stories.  The history of the Buhdda is also a good source.

Western books like the Talmud, the Bible, the Koran, have good stories on dreams but not actually trying to induce the experiences.

Some books that treat mythology in General might me those by Joseph Campbell, Gore Vidal (who mixes history with fiction).
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« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2005, 16:09:13 »

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« Reply #2 on: February 03, 2005, 03:23:16 »

Read about Shaminism. I think that is the correct spelling
« Reply #3 on: February 04, 2005, 13:39:22 »

Some of the oldest material on projection I know of are Greek manuscripts, known as "The Lost Books" of the Bible.

"The offspring of the angels illegitimate matings with human women were the Gibborim...Possessed of perishable protoplasmic bodies inherited from their mortal mothers and imperishable astral bodies inherited from there immortal fathers, the supernatural nature of the fallen angels allowed them to move in and out of this dimension, leaving the bodies they inhabited in the flesh and escaping back to the other side. [1 Enoch 7; Jubilees 5]"

There were THREE (3) races of half angel/half humans, collectivly known as "the Gibborim."

1)The Giants
2)The Naphelim
3)The Elioud
You are probably all familiar with this section of the Bible:

1 And it came to pass when the children of men had multiplied that in those days were born unto
2 them beautiful and comely daughters. And the angels, the children of the heaven, saw and lusted after them, and said to one another:
3 'Come, let us choose us wives from among the children of men and beget us children.'

We are told that their children were Giants, and that they are no more.
Supposedly they were killed in the flood...Yet they re-appear alive and well in at Khebrown in the days of Moses (NUM 13:33)

Also- Goliath that David killed was one of the Giants in (1st Samuel 17)

As for the other two races of Angelic doesn't say what happened to them.

Check out this tale of Angelic seduction:

Rabbinic legend says "when the angels came to earth, and beheld the daughters of men in all their grace and beauty, they could not restrain their passion. Shemhazai saw a maiden named Istehar, and he lost his heart to her.

She promised to surrender herself to him, (giggle, tee-hee) *if* first he taught her the Ineffable Name [of God] by means of which he raised himself to heaven."

He agreed, but she pronounced the Ineffable Name, ascended to heaven without sinning while he remained trapped on earth. Because she kept away from sin she was placed among the stars of heaven; she became the star Virgo. Shemhazai was eventually repentant and suspended himself as penance between heaven and earth. (Louis Ginzberg, Legend of the Jews. JPS, 1925: Vol. I: 149).

Here's the Christian perspective:

"The Gibborim are the 'Mighty Men of Renown' created by the Watchers when they left their heavenly abode and came down to the daughters of men and produced the 'Mighty Men of Renown' as recorded in Genesis Chapter 6:4 of the Old Testament. They are half breeds, angelic hybrids.

In addition to giantism, the Gibborim had powerful psychic abilities like out-of-body experiences, levitation, mind control, time travel, mind reading, remote viewing, the power of placing curses and diseases, the power of removing curses and diseases, and ways of knowing and predicting the future..."


"They had super powerful brains and they were extremely intelligent. They knew all the sciences. In short, they had demonic powers."

(Hey man! Demonic is in the eye of the beholder!)

"The aberrant genetic tendencies of the Gibborim were unfortunately cloned into the D.N.A. of mankind."

(Unfortunatly for whom? Why are these qualities abberant?)

"Fallen angels will make love to women and back breed until they have genetically produced a creature that is fully fallen angel and fully man. A bastard angelic incarnation. This may be an explanation for the reported cases of supposed "alien" abduction."

(Okay- this explains the alien hunters who were harassing me via E-mail. "We know who you are, and what you are!" LMAO!)

Of course "Demonic" is the Christian, Biblical perspective.

Like most of the Bible, the story is copied from much older text. In this case, the Babylonian or Mesopotamian myth of creation known as the Enuma Elish.

A tablet referred to as CBS 14061 describes an incident paralleling the Enochian marriage of an angel to a human woman. In this case the Angels are known as the Anunnaki. (Heavenly princes, Sons of God.)

Humans were originally created as slave labor. The apparent duality of God in the book of Genesis is explained by the often opposing actions of Enki and Enlil, half brothers, Gods, leaders of the Anunnaki.

Enlil expels Adam and Eve; Enki clothes them. Enlil gives the old heave ho to Cain; Enki protects him. Enlil brings about a flood; Enki assists Gilgamesh [Noah] in building an ark, in the Epic of Gilgamesh.

We therefore find Enki as the hero who tried to teach early man, Adapa [Adam] the way to spiritual freedom.

Enlil, his brother, is evil and cruel and wants to destroy man.

Enlil became increasingly upset over the pollution of Anunnaki blood by these mixed marriages and over the young Anunnaki gods becoming more interested in freedom and idyllic life on earth than taking his orders. He said “I will destroy the Earthling whom I have created off the face of the Earth." Thus the flood.

Here's something you might find funny. Adapa [Adam] is tricked out of eating the food of eternal life!

"Adapa was told that if Anu offered him food, he was not to eat the Bread of Life nor drink the Water of Life because they were poison.

After Adapa answered Anu’s questions Anu said, “‘What can we do for him? Fetch him the bread of (eternal) life and let him eat!’

“They fetched him the bread of (eternal) life, but he would not eat. They fetched him the water of (eternal) life, but he would not drink... Anu watched him and laughed at him.

‘Come, Adapa, why didn’t you eat? Why didn’t you drink? Didn’t you want to be immortal? Alas for down­trodden people!’

“‘(But) Ea my lord told me: “You mustn't eat! You mustn’t drink.”

“‘Take him and send him back to his earth.’”

 And so humanity missed out on immortality until the sons of the gods fell in love with the daughters of men, married them and had children by them.

( Not wanting their human lovers to die, they taught them the secrets of immortal­ity.)
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