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Author Topic: Introduction and a Theory  (Read 5233 times)
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« Reply #25 on: April 29, 2006, 20:24:38 »

catmeow and token, I am really enjoying this thread!

I do not think there really is a difference between "reality" and the "astral." I think religions did their best in describing it with medaphors, but people took it to literal.

Like the concept of heaven and hell only existing after you die. I think it is possible for a person to experience "hell" while living along side another person who may be experiencing "heaven." The astral is all right here, along side us everyday.

Multi-demensional theories like string theory, for example, have the requirement of different demensions to exist in order to understand and predict the behavior of subatomic particles. Membranes of different universes or demensions that  exist paralell to each other and interact with each other on a level that we cannot see. Just like you explained how we are not permited to see infront of the sweeping shadow.

When I first started having obe's and the like, I used to fantasize all the time about time travel, and telepathy and got really caught up in the new age aspect of it, while all of my friends just thought i was either crazy, or too influencial.

But, now I think I have come to realize this. Every person here, living on earth, creates their own reality wether they are aware of it or not. Just has how some of my friends may think I am crazy because I claim to have Obes, which for me is real. But for them, they cannot fathom the possibility of this, and so it is not real in their reality. Who is to say that I am right, and they are wrong? We are both right, for our worlds that we create for ourselves.

An example, some people, believe the earth is hollow at its core. And for them, it is. It is their reality that they create for themselves. Skeptics that think "wow this person is just nuts" For them, the earth is not hollow at its core. People that can be convinced that it is hollow, change their realities. They assume it was hollow all along, they just didn't know it, but infact they created it to be hollow for themselves. If you can understand what I am trying to say.

I do not think people are as limited as they think they are in the physical. Not in the sense of what is possible in the astral, but in the sense of what is possible in the physical, that partains to the rules and boundaries of living in todays world.

People are exactly where they are in life because they chose to. They create their own realities. But because people do not realize they have a choice, they can fall into hell and not know that all this time they could be experiencing heaven.
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