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Author Topic: Answers needed  (Read 920 times)
Universal traveler
« on: September 03, 2008, 20:53:21 »

Hello everyone,
In the Book Adventures Beyond the Body: How to Experience Out-of-Body Travel by William Buhlman, I've realized how he implies that you can just simply ask for things, like ask to do things, go places, experience things, and so on. All I want to know is, is this the case? Can you just ask for things and then it happens? Also, who are you asking? Your guides? Your higher self?
In the Book Naked Soul: Astral Travel & Cosmic Relationships by Marlene Marie Druhan, she implies that we can simply ask the higher powers of the Universe to meet our guides. She says to meet our Angelic guide, we should Pray to the Archangel Michael to meet them on our Journeys, again, is this the case? Can we meet guides during Projection if we pray to the higher powers of the Universe?
From the same Book, another thing she mentions is that we can get assistance from Deities, this interests me a lot. The Deity I would most like to meet for assistance is Agasgaminam (Lord of all Astral travelers), surely if someone could help with Astral projection its Agasgaminam. So, is it possible to get help from the Deities if we simply ask for their assistance?
Last one, in the book A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams by Belzebuub, it says that Astral projection is to the Astral and Mental Planes, whereas traveling to the higher Planes (Buddhic and Causal) is different and can be learnt in another Book. I thought that you could just learn to travel to the higher Planes through practise, in William Buhlmans Book, he just seemed to be traveling to higher planes as time went on, so, does it come with experience or do you have to learn higher travel separately?
I look forward to your reply.
Yours faithfully,
Universal traveler.
Astral Energy 3
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« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2008, 05:56:26 »

To answer your first paragraph:

It's very much the case. Although this is my opinion: I feel that much of the capabilities for traveling is within the power of your own mind. There has only been one experience of mine in which i successfully traveled to a friends house. Most of the time during my experiences I stay near my home or outside of it. I have had two experiences in which my body feels as if it is shifting around the world and I am looking up at the stars and I see the angle of the stars change (as if i am moving extremely quickly). I've never asked anyone to travel. It has always been a conscious decision while in an OBE state. I have asked for guides but only "sensed" 3 join me as I traveled outside. This has occurred only once as well (as I only sought that as a goal during the experience).

In terms of praying, I only pray to god. My journeys have only strengthened my christian views and relationship with god.

I'll always say that you educating yourself on the subject is fantastic but you will learn the most during your experiences/travels.

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« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2008, 05:56:26 »

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