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Author Topic: Advice for mother of three year old from Robert  (Read 2080 times)
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« on: August 27, 2002, 18:17:04 »

Can sage,sweetgrass or some other herb not be used instead?

I have never considered the little people or fairie to be monsters. Actually any I've seen or met are willing to stand by my side to help me fight negatives.


Fumigate your house, with either sufur powder or hot chilli peppers and
black mustard seeds. See PPSD for directions, re sulfur is poisonous and
chilli and mustard seeds give off viscious fumes


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« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2002, 17:45:39 »

I am curious about these herbs too.  The various tribes of native americans we visit with all say that sage and cedar are purifying, though we use cedar more at sundances, maybe because it is more available in the midwest U.S.

Sweetgrass is different though according to most of them.  The idea here is that sweetgrass attracts spirits, maybe only good spirits.  A few of the teachers we know all insist that one never use sweetgrass by itself, but in combination with sage so that the sage will keep the negs away.

Around the house we are fond of using sage, and like the smell, but on the other hand we have never had problems with serious neg invasions yet either.

Anybody have more experience with these?


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The Astral Pulse
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2002, 17:45:39 »

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« Reply #2 on: August 07, 2002, 21:35:00 »

Hi Robert

My three year old talks to fairies, which is delightful! Her acknowledgement of monsters, though, is hard to know how to deal with. She was ill recently, and told me in all seriousness that three monsters made her sick, and described them (in her limited speech!) She is also frightened of dark places. My other kids never showed any signs of being :fey" so this is all new to me. How do I deal with her fears, without negating her beliefs? Thanks.


What you describe indicates that Pixie is a sensitive, probably also psychic
and mediumistic as well. The latter mean that she radiates energy that
provides substance for all spirit entities around her, which would otherwise
remain undetected and too weak to even annoy anyone. This is difficult to
handle, as its impossible to turn it off.

The standard passive countermeasures for small children will help.  For

First, as I am sure you are already doing, support her and believe her
problem and let her know you are doing all you can to help. Andy and your
other children should also support her, or at the very least keep their
mouths shut.  This in itself is a great help and stops any potential
psychological problems from being created that would affect her development.
Read pages 269 -72 of PPSD on this. Show these pages to anyone who disagrees
with your approach, re its standard child psychology and supportable, eg,
your own doctor could not disagree with the logic regardless of what he

Give her a couple of night lights, reasonably bright, so she is not sleeping
in darkness, and there are no shadows.  Remove or rearrange any toys or pics
that might look sinister at night.  Give her a radio tuned to a classical
station, or a CD player set on repeat for a nice kiddy CD, playing on low
all night, or at least while she is falling asleep, and at times when she
wakes and is restless.

Fumigate your house, with either sufur powder or hot chilli peppers and
black mustard seeds.  See PPSD for directions, re sulfur is poisonous and
chilli and mustard seeds give off viscious fumes. Remove all animals.

Taking her to bed with you also helps a lot, especially if she is disturbed.
If she is sleeping through the night ok, presleep is her most vulnerable
time, so this should be covered so she falls to sleep in security.

Creating a ritual where she draws and colours in or paints each of the
monsters, and then says some words (make up something) and ritually cuts
them up into little pieces with a 'special' pair of scizzors (use them for
nothing else) would help. If you have a fire, she can feed the pieces into
the fire, reciting a simply positive mantra or affirmation. EG: "scizzors
cut; fire burns, and monsters turn to smoke".

Affirmations would also help.  Teach her a really simple one, or a prayer.

A little sliced garlic around her bed, and some rubbed into her feet, will
also help.

A rosemary pot plant near her bed would also help.

Fresh flowers also help.

Teach her to visualize/imagine white light pouring into her head, and black
fluid leaking out of her feet, while she showers or bathes.  Tell her this
fills her with white light, and that this keeps the monsters away.

Take her to church and show her bibles and crosses, and then get her some of
her own, and put them near her bed for protection.

If she is having disturbing presleep imagery, teach her the unicorn method,
eg, how to imagine friendly but brave white unicorns with sharp horns and
flashing hoofs, charging around in her mind breaking up any scary imagery. I
use this method myself and it really helps.

When this type of thing starts to manifest, its best to use only passive
countermeasures, and fine tune or add to them as necessary.  Explain
everything to Pixie at her level in a non frightening way. This will help
her feel more secure, and to know that you are 'doing' something postive to

I do not advise any direct or confrontational procedures, apart from water
walking when necessary..

You can explain, if she asks, that the monsters come from the imaginations
of other people.

Take care, Robert.

"A balance of perspective must be maintained in order to preserve reasonable logic and truth." Robert the Brute, 2002


"A balance of perspective must be maintained in order to preserve reasonable logic and truth." Robert the Brute, 2002
The Astral Pulse

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