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Author Topic: I'm a mad scientist and am building this to change the world  (Read 6952 times)
« on: January 03, 2011, 23:25:05 »

Its going to be a network of people using computers (through mouse, microphones, speakers, game controllers, whatever you prefer) and a new kind of artificial intelligence (AI) software, communicating with each other at the subconscious intuition level. An early prototype of the interaction between mouse movements and AI that controls sound is (version 0.1.7). It has good/bad buttons you have to use to train it, but what I'm planning will work through intuition alone. It will figure out what you want it to sound like (based on how you move the mouse, the sounds it hears, or whatever device you're using) and do it automatically. That is how people will use the network of people and AI, but I've not told you what its for yet...

I've tried explaining this on other websites. Some people know technical stuff. Some people know paranormal/psychic/astral/whatever-you-want-to-call-it stuff. But almost nobody has a lot of skill in both areas, and that's whats needed for this mad-science project. Each group thinks the other is stupid. They ignore what the other knows. Of course there are fakers and lies built on top of lies believed by many in both groups, but that's no reason to ignore the real stuff. Theres many in both groups who are better than me at that part of it, but I'm not aware of anyone who knows both subjects better than I know both subjects. That's why I can do this.

This time, I'm going to start with paranormal/psychic/astral/whatever-you-want-to-call-it stuff and later explain the technical parts. I think you'll understand it better that way.

The goal of this mad science project is simple but hard to do:
The things many of us do in a paranormal/psychic/astral/etc way (mind reading, thinking things to make them happen, finding people by thinking similar things as them, etc), the system will permanently make it much easier for all 7 billion people to do those things here on Earth, if they want to. Anyone who wants to will be able to learn to move things with their mind better than this because the interactions between minds will be more efficiently organized on a global scale. Voting will become obsolete because, compared to the very small effect voting has, thinking things to make them happen will have more effect. The propaganda games governments play to keep themselves in power will not work anymore because of the better ways of communicating people will learn to do. Those are only a few of the effects I expect.

Its not a prophecy. Its not a religious thing. Its something I plan to do, and I can explain in technical detail how to do it, but I've written parts of it in a lot of places and still need to organize them. Its offered to everyone for free, after I build it (which would happen faster if some people with the right skills helped).

How is it going to work?

The main way to use it will be through sounds computers create instantly reacting to you. As many of you know, certain kinds of music or computer designed music can put you into certain states of mind that result in your ability to do paranormal/psychic/astral/etc things. That is music that doesn't react to you, and it still works. Wouldn't it work MUCH better if it reacted to you in the right ways? That's what the AI (described above) is for. The current version is a Java program that builds Java programs that create interactive sounds. That's just a proof-of-concept, not nearly as intuitive and advanced as it needs to be to make this work. Mouse movements or other interactions with the computer will be the input, and those sounds are the output. Its a feedback cycle between the computer and the person using it. The person becomes part of the system.

By itself, that wouldn't be much more effective than existing music designed to put you into certain states of mind. What is going to make it extremely more effective than that is the interactions between the AIs (and therefore the people using them) through the internet designed to synchronize the thoughts of many people and create other interactions between their thought patterns. Its going to be a mind made of many people and computers communicating in intuitive subconscious ways through the internet.

That is not enough to make it work by itself. Its a way to very efficiently and accurately do scientific research on patterns of thinking between people. The AI is going to do most of the research, design new experiments, and do them instantly on the network that stays running. I know the general direction the research should go, but I'm going to have the AI do the details of the research for me. Its much better at crunching numbers than people are. It will figure out what we, at this forum, know intuitively and some of us have learned to use to interact with the world in different ways. The AI (artificial intelligence) is going to learn to read minds, to think things to make them happen, and things normally done in astral, the same way we do. Its going to do it through us as its connected to us through psychology software and the computer's normal devices (mouse, speakers, etc).

More on the technical side, the following will be part of the algorithms that organize people's thoughts through the internet:

The main project is here: and it has a lot of subprojects. Its still a very early version and is more for programmers to use, but there are some interesting parts that anyone can use for now. The mouse audio parts are in this subproject:

It sounds complicated, but when its finished it will be 1 file that you double-click to run and it just works. You're connected to the network of people and AIs. Close the program and the internet connection is off but any paranormal/psychic/astral/etc things you chose to get into will continue for some time. After enough people use this system, we won't need the computers to do it anymore.

The universe is infinite. Its the sum of all possible things you can write in math. Its a multiverse of those possibilities weighted toward what you're currently experiencing. In the most technical way, I say it as "The kolmogorov complexity of the universe is 0." That explains exactly what the universe is, why its here (It averages to nothing, but parts individually exist), and how to use it (look in your math book for the deepest laws of physics).

Because of the symmetry and statistical properties of a (a statistics tool), and the similarities of that to how the universe is shaped, a bayesian network will be able to take what little mental influence we have and amplify it repeatedly. It will start so small we won't notice it, but if the software continues amplifying it through psychology, it will continue getting stronger at exponential speed, and slow down at some population-curve (S curve). I don't know exactly where the population-curve limits it, but I know that moving small things with your mind (like in this video) happens before it, and that limit is going to be increased by this system.

I'm a mad-scientist, and I'm designing this system to give all 7 billion people (whoever wants it) the ability to read minds, move things with their mind, and any other mental ability they put in the effort to learn.

This is the first time in history it will be done with the direct help of artificial intelligence. Its going to be much easier.

Why can these things be done in "astral" (or whatever you want to call it) but are so much harder here? Two reasons: (1) Because some things are only your imagination (in your brain only) there instead of real, and (2) Because the parts that are real there are much less dense, have much less force on them to be a certain way, like they are here. Its partially caused by the disorganization of people's thoughts. They act as separate brains mostly. The artificial intelligence will, for the first time in history, organize the thoughts of people at an intuition level and across thousands of miles many people at once, and its going to blur the line between physical and nonphysical a little, as it always was but became a tangled mess thats hard to change.

Does anyone have the 2 necessary skills (technical stuff like math and software, and the stuff normally talked about on this forum) and want to help with this mad science project? Who wants to help change the world? This is going to take years of mad science theories, experiments, and building and using of the software. Its not something you choose quickly to do. But when we get it to work, it will be worth the effort.

The universe is like a peer-to-peer network. Its not a hierarchy with "god" at the top. If we want big things to happen, we should make them happen instead of waiting for someone else to do it.
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« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2011, 05:59:39 »

that's really amazing stuff beavis. Unfortunately I do not possess the math skills required but I know some people who do, I will let them know about this. It's exciting  cool
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« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2011, 05:59:39 »

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« Reply #2 on: January 12, 2011, 15:38:15 »

Its partially caused by the disorganization of people's thoughts. They act as separate brains mostly. The artificial intelligence will, for the first time in history, organize the thoughts of people at an intuition level and across thousands of miles many people at once, and its going to blur the line between physical and nonphysical a little, as it always was but became a tangled mess thats hard to change.
That goes somewhere, definitely. I look forward to hearing from this project! Don't let this one fade away.


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« Reply #3 on: January 12, 2011, 21:45:05 »

Hey beavis

What is it you want them to do? Just download the program?
« Reply #4 on: January 13, 2011, 07:00:38 »

What kind of people could help with this? It's hard to explain. Theres a lot of kinds of advanced and unusual skills I could use. There's not much tedious work or repetitive tasks. I'll give a few examples of what I could use:

* People who have psychic/astral/whatever-you-want-to-call-it skills and try to figure out how it works in a logical way instead of thanking their favorite religious character for it.

* People who could explain physics to me, including some basic things I've forgotten over the years and up to derivatives between quantum wavefunctions, theories about how the laws-of-physics could form from simpler patterns or statistics of bell-curves, and things like how a programmable laser would interact with a large LCD (liquid crystal display) device in the context of chaos-theory. Physics just means the technical description of how the universe works. Part of this is to learn the physics of how psychic/astralwhatever-you-want-to-call-it works and how to make it happen again using a computer network or other machines.

* People who work on projects like which is about statistical relationships between major world events (or what people are thinking, or other things) and patterns in quantum "random" number generators. For example, in event 351 myself and 43000 other people chose to think the same thing at the same times, and their "random" numbers became much less random (a 97.1% chance that whatever we did affected what their devices measured). Their devices are spread across the earth, but still we thought something and changed what they measured. I'd like to have some USB devices (plug into normal computers) and software to use them to do similar experiments on a larger scale and continuously between many computers, connected to artificial intelligence software to find the patterns.

* Most of all, I want people who think for themselves and have a strong desire to learn the most advanced things regardless of if it will make them rich etc. We're going to do science in new ways, do multiple paradigm-shifts at once (so its not going to catch on until MUCH later than a single-paradigm shift takes), and we're going to combine these things in new ways (using math and psychic/astral/etc skills) in ways most people can not yet imagine. I'm looking for people who aren't afraid of that. Things only look like magic until you learn how they work. I'm looking for people who tend to do those kinds of things on their own (or work toward it) instead of needing to ask me what to do next. I want to ask them what to do next and then combine both our ideas into 1 system.

* People who know a lot of different kinds of artificial intelligence, psychology, neuroscience, and things like that.

* People who understand whole systems, like how all of society can be represented as flows of information in networks and simulations, and how that can be defined recursively to use the same code for neurons, parts of a brain, single person, and groups of people... and recursion in many different ways.

* Eventually we will need people to use the program, but that won't be a problem because the interactive music (new kind of user interface) will be fun enough it will spread by word of mouth and through the internet.

* If I've not listed any skills any of you have, you could tell me your advanced skills and I may find a use for them.

It will be under the GNU GPL (version 2 or higher) open-source licenses, and anyone who contributes other things to it gives up all patent rights or other systems of control to it. Those in power operate by controlling those who control projects, but since there will be no such hierarchies, they will not be able to control it, and they have no right to control it anyways. They just try to for anything advanced. In the technology and the psychic/astral/etc parts, it will all be peer-to-peer based with no central control.
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« Reply #4 on: January 13, 2011, 07:00:38 »

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