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Author Topic: Awareness (my story with it (in progress))  (Read 4584 times)
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« on: June 07, 2019, 16:14:42 »

This is my field of study. I have been working with it and revolving my belief around it for quiet some time and many interesting beleifs can come from this:
All you have to do is be aware.     Also sorry if a repeat. I think I've talked about this before but tidying it up all on one topic.

Ill speak of this more, so ill try to keep the main points of having this beleif.

What you do is throw EVERYTHING into supporting this belief. Gain w.e facts, logic, emotions you can to support it. TRUST is a crucial one, because if you dont trust it then you wont try to be as aware. AT THE SAME TIME once you have this #1 beleif it teaches you to trust other things rather than to cling onto something 100% leaving no room for other things to come in.
It teaches you to FLOW - which can mean a number of things
. Also it teaches you ACCEPT what is.
It enhances SELF REALIZATION - such as what you do or react to. It shows your inner workings more so, such as how your 'subconcious' (what you are unconciously thinking/doing) is. and at that point, its no longer subconcious.    [For example, i would practice with awareness and I always was shown my big distractions, what i reacted to. Games was the deepest thing just about]
And finally it teaches you how to LET GO which is harder to describe. You will be more PATIENT and wait for action to rise NATURALLY.
What im saying is...
When you know what to do, yet dont do it WILLINGLY, a peace comes with it. Like being ok with distractions. Being ok with eating that icecream even though its all kinds of bad for ya.
Imagine a god, having the ability of god things but NOT using it. Youd be at PEACE knowing you can change it at any moment kinda thing. Thats what this beleifs bring more of.
It teaches TRUST in many ways.
It CREATES and HEALS. Such as putting awareness on your chakras to stimulate, or traumatic memories to release/heal
Anything you do can be done WITH awareness so its ALWAYS THERE FOR YA. It's your best friend.
You'd rather be aware than not aware at all (for most people). That means youd rather have awareness then be a millionaire, or have anything material happening really.
What you want is a connection to something, and to also be AWARE of it, somehow, to something.

The only thing that I can say that puts up a fight with awareness is... I rather be myself than be aware. Funny wording as I can only conclude that i am awareness, but i dont think its black and white. More of a mix, but who knows. I rather be this character than simply awareness, so it kinda ties with the #1 belief which is good. Thats what i've learned. I dont care what happens or what I experience, I know that I want to be who I am yet something more than what I am  over ANY other desire.

I view reality as layers. All you have to do is remove some layers to get what you want. The PERFECT life is already laid out, and all you have to do is be aware of one layer(s) at a time. You love and appreciate everything. You are grateful for everything. You just arnt aware of it yet. Its always there for ya, and you just have to remove the blocks to get there.    The illusion is you adding layers to create a new expereince, when really you are always removing layers and actions naturally arise to where it seems you then create it. Thats how i like to look at it.  The only time you add a layer is by not removing it Cheesy
Ok enough word games.

Now I would like to warn this isnt for everyone. Some lives may be to hard to be aware of so better keep on droning on as if its not happening lol. But really, if you do put this as your #1 beleif  then awareness will show you what you need to be aware of. It WILL get you there. At some point you wont be able to stop believing. You might come to a very erry feeling of doom ' what if i been wrong all this time'  and old ways will come back ready to influence ya.  And when it does, be aware and release those old ways.

I apprecaite those who've read, and for those who havnt, rot in heck haha jk love yall either way. peace

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