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Author Topic: Alternative DBZ story line.  (Read 4583 times)
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« on: December 02, 2003, 14:03:11 »

Searching, Founding and a Wish


         The planet Karthay was a gas giant of immense proportions; covered in great swirling storms of red, orange and yellow it had a pair of small thin rings that seemed to glow with an ethereal green light. Orbiting it were 46 moons of varying sizes. 13 were large enough to support atmospheres and life while the rest were all extremely mineral rich. The planet was one of the richest centers for commerce in the galaxy, and it was there that the Sayaijn ship decided to stop and refuel.

         Or rather, restock the supplies. Due to a piece of fruit that had gone bad bacteria had run rampant through most of their food supply, and with the size of certain Sayaijn appetites they weren’t likely to last long without restocking.

         Zarbon deftly altered the ship’s course so that they were heading now for the second largest moon and the capital. All business was conducted on this moon, called Yoru. It was almost a piece of artwork, the entire moon had been sculpted until it was a perfect paradise, artificial heat generators, imported water, hell even mountain ranges with perfect snow had been created.

         It was a planet where if something was for sale somewhere in the universe, chances were you could find it here, or at least get a refund. Zarbon tapped the computer and hailed the main office, after a couple of seconds he was patched in to an official.

         “This is the Sayaijn ship Warrior’s Pride asking for clearance to land in the agricultural section of Yoru.” Zarbon said formally to the bird like creature on the screen. It scowled and flicked its feathers.

         “Permission granted.” It snapped and suddenly Zarbon recognized the alien for what it was, a K’ithyca, a species that Frieza had enslaved and then sold their planet. The Sayaijns had done the enslaving.

         “They did rebel you know.” Zarbon said softly, feeling some odd impulse to make peace, and the bird creature just snarled as the screen went blank. Zarbon shrugged to himself and turned back to directing the ship. The universe was now divided into five main camps. There was the Shazef federation, the Kold Empire, the Sayaijn empire and Planet-states, single planets sometimes controlling one or two others. They were powerful enough that the effort of conquering them wasn’t worth it, and the neutrality they offered was beneficial enough that conquering them seemed even less desirable. And then there was the Union, a group of planets that no one knew anything about, anybody that went to them was never heard from again, any attack on them was futile and radar wouldn’t work on their planets. All that was available were pictures, distant ones for after a certain distance the light from the planets failed, they were utter mysteries…

         Zarbon remembered once when Frieza himself had attacked on the planets, powering up into his fourth form. Zarbon shuddered, the sheer amount of power that Frieza had wielded was amazing, and yet even more amazing was the fact that briefly their most powerful ki sensor had detected a flair of energy that had made Frieza’s insignificant. The math revealed it was over 10,000 times that of Frieza, and Frieza had promptly fled the area, never to return.

         Even the most powerful of wizards and witches were unable to discern what was on the planet; the greatest psychics and mystics couldn’t pierce the fog surrounding it or any of the other planets that seemed to suffer the same fate.

         The only recorded mention of the Union making a move was when it overtook a small planet simply called planet number 387. It didn’t appear to have anything of value on it, but one day quite suddenly every member of the race that inhabited disappeared and planet number 387 was impenetrable to attack or tracking.

         As Zarbon lowered the ship into the atmosphere he thanked whatever god was out there that the Kolds had fallen for the bluff he and the Sayaijns had concocted. Although Frieza had been destroyed in his first and weakest form, they had told the family that he’d been in his fourth form, and that if any other member of the Kold family came seeking revenge, they would have the entire Sayaijn race go Oozaru and kill them-

         “Zarbon!” Vegeta shouted, a vein bulging in his head as he glared at the man who started in surprise.
         “Gah! Don’t do that Vegeta!” Zarbon gasped, his mouth open as his heart beat furiously within his chest.

         “Hn, I’ve called your name at least 6 times and you didn’t hear me baka, now get your butt up and lets go, I’m hungry as a Kergit during Futa season.” Vegeta growled, referring to a large mammalian creature of Vegeta-sei that during the Futa blooming season went into an eating frenzy before going to sleep for 8 months.

         “Fine, I’m going, I’m going…” Zarbon muttered and Vegeta smirked, something that he’d been doing quite well since he was three. Zarbon had grown to loathe that smirk, partially because of how often he saw it and partially because it was just so damned good a smirk.



         Goku stood on the ground, watching as the children, well young adults rather, ran themselves ragged trying to accomplish all the work he had given them.

         “Look at all familiar Goku?” Krillin nudged him in the side with his elbow and winked. Goku grinned.

         “Yup!” He said simply. He’d taken a big leaf out of Master Roshi’s book so to speak to use for his own training method. He’d lost a lot of students this way, a good many had just up and quit, but the few that stuck on were showing great promise.

         The Son and Chestnut school for Martial Arts was already held in extremely high regard by some of the greatest martial artists around the world, mostly because Goku and Krillin were both well-known fighters and Master Roshi had endorsed the school, and sometimes he even came out to guest teach, mostly lured by the promise of young woman in the big city.

         “Hey guys, class is now over, it’s time for a break!” Krillin suddenly bellowed causing all the kids to gasp for breath. They all wearily dumped off whatever loads they were carrying and headed into the dorms to wash. The SC as it was dubbed by its students was way back in the boonies. Bulma and Yamucha had both put up some money to build the place, which was actually right next to the Son household. Krillin lived in a house with Tien, Choutzou and Lunch. Goku, Chichi and Gohan all lived in their own house and the kids lived in two dorms. There were now 20 students at the SC, 13 boys and 7 girls.

         Tien, Goku and Krillin supervised training classes while Lunch and Chichi cooked. Chichi also taught academic classes while Choutzou taught economics and business classes along with social science. After all, he was an emperor (a position he passed off to his sister, Chazra) at one point and knew quite a bit about such things. He also taught them mental control techniques, although none of them displayed any real talent for it.

         Gohan was delighted that other kids were around and the girls all took rather quickly to the little boy. Lunch’s baby Cena was the center of attention whenever he/she was brought out, although the kids were a bit scared when Lunch turned into Ranchi the first time. After that, they all carried around little packets of pepper incase she should sneeze until they could become bullet proof.

         “Lunch is in 45 minutes, so go do whatever, although for most of you I would recommend that it involve lots of water and soap.” Krillin snickered. Goku looked at Krillin.

         “Wanna spar?” He asked and Krillin shrugged as the students stumbled back to their dorm.

         “Sure bud.” He said and settled into a fighting stance. Goku did the same and for a second they were perfectly still, and then they were on each other, punching kicking elbowing- everything except bighting and hitting below the belt was on.

         Goku mused on that fact that Krillin was getting much more powerful lately. The small bald monk was definitely improving, and was quickly approaching his own power level. There was a great difference in his fighting style, Goku knew personally that he fought better when his emotions dominated his power, but Krillin was obviously being as analytical as he could, trying to find any advantage that he could over the Sayaijn.

         Finally the both separated and Krillin smirked.

         “Taiyoken!” Krillin shouted and a bright light flared out from his hands and face. Goku yelped in pain as his eyes were blinded. Krillin stood there with Goku furiously rubbing his eyes while trying to glare at the midget.

         “I win!” The short man grinned, holding up two fingers in the victory sign.

         “Very funny Krillin.” Goku responded sarcastically, still rubbing his eyes. “Now help me get inside for lunch.”


         Bulma wiped the sweat from her head as she tweaked the delicate circuitry on the large machine in front of her. Carefully she soldered up the hole and leaned back with a sigh of relief. Her hands were cramping as she drew back from her work and smiled at the machine before her.

         The very first- well the actual name was far to long and complicated to even think, but it was basically a teleportation device. The size of a 3-car garage, but a teleportation device none the less.

         “Hey babe, watcha working on?” Yamucha asked as he sauntered up to her, his hair slicked back and wet with sweat. She looked at him distastefully.

         “Teleporter, now get in the house and shower!” She commanded imperiously. Yamucha chuckled and flashed forward with super-human speed.

         “Care to join me?” He asked huskily and suddenly Bulma looked downright predatory.

         “Sure- but only if you wash me extra carefully.” She said and as she stroked his bare chest with a single finger. Yamucha grinned and buried his face in the crook of her neck, her sweet delicious smell washing over him and the soft white skin there making him wild with excitement.

         “You bet.” He whispered and slowly flew up and over to the main CC house.

         Sometime later Bulma was sitting- no- lounging in her bedroom with only a robe wrapped around her body, reveling in “after glow.” Yamucha came in flung himself limply on the bed.

         “Babe, you are something else, I don’t think there is a single person on the planet who can match you for smarts, looks and nymphomaniac-ism.” Yamucha said and Bulma chuckled.

         “Poor little Yammy, did I wear you out?” Yamucha rolled his eyes playfully at the nickname when suddenly the entire house rang with the fury of a thousand bells- actually 2,345 bells but honestly, who would count that? Yamucha sprang up in panic, his eyes wide.

         “What was that?” He said and Bulma looked at him questioningly, she obviously couldn’t hear him. He took a deep breath.

         “WHAT THE bonk WAS THAT?” He screamed at her and she nodded and took an equally deep breath. Yamucha suddenly looked scared.

         Outside the birds in the trees that had all fallen out of their nests when the bells rang, froze as suddenly it was quiet, too quiet, then-

         “IT WAS AN ALARM I SET FOR WHEN THE DRAGONBALLS ARE READY TO BE GATHERED AGAIN SO WE CAN MAKE A WISH AND DON’T YOU SWEAR AT ME YAMUCHA, I AM A SENSITIVE WOMAN WITH A LOT OF NEEDS, AND COARSE LANGUAGE ISN’T ONE OF THEM.” After that, there was a great migration of avian life to other parts of the continent that weren’t so- loud…


         “Well gang, we’ve got them all, now Son kun, please come up here.” Bulma said. Goku came up and reached into the hat that Bulma had. They had spent the last week gathering the dragon balls; the entire gang had come together for the activity. Now they had each written their names on pieces of paper and put them in a hat that Goku was holding. Goku- since he could be trusted not to cheat- was going to pick a piece of paper and the winner would get the wish from the Dragon Balls.

         “And the winner is-“ Goku began and then stared at the paper. “Oh, wow.” He murmured and everyone looked at him expectantly. “Is their anyone here named Panties?” He asked and everyone suddenly glared at Master Roshi and Oolong.

         “You are supposed to put your name, not your wish you PERVERTS!” Bulma screeched at them. She then turned to Chichi and they exchanged a victory sign. Everyone sweat dropped.

         “So that means I win!” Roshi crowed and Bulma shook her finger.

         “Nope, your name isn’t Panties so you don’t win, Goku, pick again.” Goku reached into hat, his tongue stuck out between his teeth in a manner that Chichi found very entertaining. All of their students were gathered around them watching to see if this so-called dragon really existed.

         “And the winner is-“ Goku said and pulled out the slip. “Yamucha!” He announced and the dessert bandit grinned and flashed everyone the victory sign. Everyone wondered what he would wish for; he had come a long way from wanting to not be shy around women. Yamucha grinned and rubbed his hands together.

         “Eternal dragon, I summon you!” He shouted and Shenlong shot out of the dragon balls, his long sinuous form expanding as it filled the sky. His great red eyes flashed with life and power.

         “What is your wish, and beware what you wish for because it will come true.” Shenlong boomed in that terrible huge voice of his. Yamucha already had prepared a wish, but it had taken him a while to come up with. His girlfriend was the richest smartest woman on earth and he was one of the top warriors on earth, and last time they had gotten rid of disease… Chichi had wished for a machine that could create the cure for cancer, vaccine for AIDs, just about anything.

         Bulma had promptly started the medical wing of Capsule Corp and slowly began to destroy illness all over the planet. From then on they had decided they could make more, frivolous, wishes.

         “I wish that I possessed the secret to Goku’s ability to improve above and beyond what any human has before.” Yamucha said and Tien raised an eyebrow, Yamucha had just enough honor he didn’t just ask for the power, but for the secret…Tien wondered if it actually was a secret.

         “Your wish has been granted, farewell!” Shenlong roared and vanished in a flurry of light. Yamucha grinned and then glowed briefly, and then screamed in agony. He collapsed on the ground, writhing in pain and everyone stared at him in horror.

         Finally Yamucha regained control enough to rip off his pants. Everyone froze, not because Yamucha was standing there with his heart be-spotted boxers, but because he had a tail…


         Radditz tapped the counter gently with his fingers; so far they had found 3 more Sayaijns that were part of the group that had disappeared while Frieza was lord. Nappa had been ordered to take two of them back to Vegeta-sei for reintroduction into society.

         The third, a woman of perhaps 20 years of age, had been captured by the people of her planet and tamed psychically. Zarbon had handled the negotiations at first, until finally Vegeta had said, “Excellent, come on Zarbon let’s go.”

         It had taken them a few seconds to realize that Vegeta had been talking with the leader of the group telepathically the entire time Zarbon had been talking. And they had been reading Zarbon’s mind… Vegeta got a very rough sparring session for his treatment of the Kydra-jin but the Sayaijn had enjoyed every minute of it. So Zarbon had slipped a laxative in Vegeta’s food, which most definitely had not made the prince happy.

         All in all, it was a pretty eventful trip so far. Radditz leaned back only to have his mind brushed quickly and lightly by a foreign presence.

         “Hey Plu.” Radditz said as the new female walked up. She was of medium height and so not very tall compared to Radditz, but she had the sleekness of all Sayaijn women. It was well known that although Sayaijn men held the brute strength, the women were faster, generally smarter and if really pushed a hell of a lot more dangerous.

         “Heya Radditz.” She responded slowly, unused to talking as her whole life she had been brought up talking mentally. “Where are we going next?” Her voice was confident for all of its hesitancy.

         “Hmm… Next we’re checking out planet number 452 and then we’re checking out number 653.” He said, wait a minute… 653? Radditz tapped a few commands into the computer while Plu walked up and stood slightly behind him, her tail switching gently behind her.

         “Oh, wow.” Radditz said and Plu smiled.

         “That’s great, now I get to meet your little brother!” She exclaimed, and Radditz didn’t even reprimand her for reading his mind, Kakarot was on planet 653, he could only hope that Kakarot was still alive. Of course the planet was supposed to be full of weaklings, but then again so was Plu’s planet. Instead it was full of some of the most powerful psychics in the galaxy.

         “Hn.” Was all he said.


         “Excellent Dabura, when shall we return to that little planet?” Babidi asked his pet demon. Dabura gave a nonchalant shrug.

         “Whenever Master Babidi, how long would it take us?” The wizened old catfish wizard stroked his chin thoughtfully.

         “I could just teleport us there, but then we wouldn’t have the chance to toy with that damn Kai…” He murmured thinking to himself. ”Let’s give it a couple years at least… there are some more things I wish to check on.”

         “As you wish my master.” Dabura responded.
{next cahpter coming next}
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« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2003, 14:04:22 »

A Small Purple Man and Drunken Sayaijns…


         The Supreme Kai of the universe looked out across the planet he was on, a species was going to die here today. He sighed as he watched the last member of a nameless species succumb to the thing known as evolution. He still had so much to learn, the race of Kai’s the god guardians of the universe, had been decimated by Majin Buu, leaving only himself and three very young Kais left… Two boys and a girl. On boy had grown up to be Kibito, and the other had become the Grand Kai, the girl had fathered the four kais which currently guarded the universe before dieing at the hands of King Kold, albeit accidentally. Which was all that had saved the lizards life…

         But such morbid thoughts had no place here today, for today he would embark on a course that would make it so a new race of gods would rise from the ashes of his own. And save the universe too…

         Hey, if you can kill two birds with one stone why not?


         Time had passed; it has a habit of doing so, at times a very annoying habit. But it had passed, and now it was time for people, martial artists in particular, to enter the 24th Tenchi Boudokai. Of course all the z-fighters would enter, but it is important to take note that the z-fighters had expanded. Rau Fan and Nam, both had sought out the SC and gotten teaching positions there for one.

Yamucha grimaced slightly at his memories of Rau Fan; the beautiful woman had nearly defeated him at one of the previous Tenchi Boudokais, back when he’d been scared to death of women. And Nam brought a smile to his face, remembering how serious the man was in trying to win to cure the drought of his village. He had lost to Goku, only to have Master Roshi inform him that water was free, and he took quite a few capsules back to his village.

         They would be entering, so would- Yamucha stuck his tongue out of one corner of his mouth and began counting. Krillin, Tien, Choutzou (who had promised not to “tamper” with the tournament), Goku, Chichi, himself, Gohan (the boy was already strong enough to bench press cars) and- Piccolo…

         Yamucha was just a tad nervous about having the devil incarnate (literally) competing against him and his friends in this tournament. But Piccolo had changed, it had all started with Goku offering him the Senzu, the definition of honor was given to Piccolo. Then Garlic Jr. had appeared and they’d had to team up, then Piccolo had tried to conquer the world again, only to be beaten by Goku again while Goku had the audacity to correct his fighting techniques.

         Time passed, Piccolo started coming around, long story short he was only it to beat Goku, and yet now the former demon of earth, the evilest and most powerful villain they’d ever face, was playing with Gohan.

         “Hey guys! Over here!” Goku’s voice broke Yamucha’s contemplation. He looked up and grinned at the other man. Ah yes, Goku, he now possessed the “secret” to Goku’s power, and it was a little strange to be sure.

         “Hi everyone.” He smiled at the group, his tail curled tightly around his waist just like Gohan’s.

         “Hn.” Grunted Yajirobe, the large samurai calmly inhaled another donut and gave Yamucha a speculative look.

         “Yamucha.” Tien nodded to the man while Choutzou just floated there.

         “Ah HAH!” Bulma yelped, appearing out of nowhere and making Yamucha jump a good five feet in the air. “I found you!” Yamucha sweat-dropped.

         “I didn’t think I was hiding…”


“Well hello everyone, and welcome to the main competition of the 24th Tenchi Boudokai!” The announcer guy sang out. Everyone cheered, it had taken a week or so for all the elimination matches to take place and now the main competition was about to begin.

         This year Bulma had secured special seats for all the non-competitors of the z-fighters, it was actually a suite where they could stand (or more importantly, sit) and eat while watching the fights.

         “The finalists are once again- Goku, Yamucha, Tien, Hercule, Korusha, Choutzou, Gohan, Jackie Chun, Rau Fan, Krillin, Kora, Ma-“ The announcer stopped and looked nervous. “Ma Junior…” The whole audience went quiet and then he brightened. “Who has promised not to blow up the stadium this time, fantastic!” In the back they could all hear a derisive snort and loud mumbling about magic tricks.

         “Eh, that Hercule has his opinions folks, and we also have Nam, Kiyokurota the fifth, Shin and Kibito!” The crowd roared and the man grinned, this was going to be great!

         Meanwhile in the courtyard all of the combatants were standing in different groups. The z-senshi in one, Hercule off to a corner with Kora and Kiyokurota and Shin with Kibito in the center. Everyone was giving the small purple man sidelong glances.

“Humph, took a damn good truckload of makeup to make him look like that I bet.” Hercule sneered. None of the z-fighters were that worried about their competition in that corner, maybe if they were normal humans they would have been worked up over a man who could lift a bus, but they could bench buses, not just one.

         “Hey Choutzou, what do you get from that Shin guy?” Goku asked quietly while Gohan annoyed Piccolo. The green man looked distinctly unhappy, only if you ignored the telltale lip curl that was as close to Piccolo got to a smile.

         “Let me see.” The midget said and closed his eyes. For a second nothing happened then-

         Choutzou stared in awe as he watched two galaxies collide, a star collapse into a red dwarf, a sunrise on a planet with five moons that all reflected the colors of it, a white hole and a black hole feeding into each other- endless wonders that made him cry at the beauty before being wrenched back into reality.

         : Let us just say I am a friend- ok?: A voice echoed in all of their minds and Choutzou stiffened, this voice held such power and such age it made him feel insignificant. He had only felt that one other time, when he’d just touched the edge of Uranai Baba’s mind, and then the sheer power of her magic had been deafening.

         : Baba is here? This planet must be more important than I had thought. And you young one have quite the potential.: Shin commented, and Choutzou knew that this bit of conversation was for their ears alone.

         : Good luck, you will need it.: Choutzou said and Shin grinned. It was a creepy sort of grin.

         “Maybe.” And his voice was soft like melted velvet that made Choutzou shiver, there was that age and power again…


         Vegeta grimaced as he sloshed his drink around in the special cup. It was Futa mead; something guaranteed to get any Sayaijn drunker than- well anything. Or course a Sayaijn still had to drink quite a bit of it, so Vegeta was on his third mug and feeling the affects quite pleasantly.

         “How can you drink that stuff?” Zarbon asked his handsome face screwed up in disgust. Vegeta looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

         “We’re different species dumb excrement.” Vegeta said. Zarbon stared at Vegeta for a second before shrugging and slugging back some fruity concoction that Vegeta was sure would make him vomit.

         Between both of them sat Radditz staring glumly at the class before him. He was puzzled, mostly over his feelings towards Plu. The Sayaijn woman was unlike any he had ever met before. She was soft spoken, kind and gentle, and yet there was aura of death around her, violent death. She was a paradox, even though Radditz wouldn’t have used that word.

         “Stop bonking moping Radditz.” Vegeta growled as he took another pull from his mug. Radditz swirled the glass around, in it was something that would have made both Vegeta and Zarbon choke. It was a drink simply called Ol. A bizarre chemical that functioned in the same way as ethanol for humans, but this one worked on all mammalian species.

         “I’m not mopin’.” Radditz slurred back sullenly at Vegeta, Radditz had a jump-start on his two higher-ranked companions. Back on Vegeta-sei a couple of years ago, he would have felt intensely out of place, but now he felt he had a bond with the crown-prince and the Pretty Boy as Zarbon was known amongst the Sayaijn populace.

         Albeit, Pretty Boy had bite…

         “Yes you are, and there’s only one cure my friends!” Another alien slurred out- “Drink it away me frie-“ It went quiet and the three men watched with vague interest as the three armed being slowly toppled forward. He landed with a crunch that made most people in the bar wince, but not those three, they were cool customers reflected the bar tender.

         Until they got so drunk he had to kick them out.


         “Well she was the finest space whore

         For 90 parsecs around

         She’d go down on the floor

         And-“ The two voices lifted in song continued on about for a bit, slurring some words and making others up entirely, but the meaning of the song was only too clear to its listeners. And its listeners were not happy.

         Rubar was inside but both Plu and Basil were outside, both amused in a stereotypical womanly fashion.

         “I never got to hear all the words to this song, let’s see if they finish it.” Basil muttered and Plu grinned. They listened and then, as Radditz’s and Vegeta’s voices faded away Zarbon kept singing the bawdy song, their faces began to grow red.

         “Oh wow…” Basil whispered, even Vegeta and Radditz, drunk as they were, were blushing as Zarbon continued blithely on with some very lewd and explicit descriptions.

         “I didn’t think that was possible…” Rubar said in awe as Zarbon got to a particularly intricate part of the song. Plu’s eyes widened.

         “Oh yes it is, and Zarbon’s done it with three at once too.” She said and Rubar’s eyes widened while Basil’s got speculative. If there was one thing Sayaijns respected aside from cooking ability, fighting and music (and not necessarily in that order) it was sexual prowess. And from what Plu was getting out of Zarbon’s mind, he was the definition of sexual prowess. Listening in on his mind was an education in and of itself, and she felt no guilt in doing so.

         “Oh my, did you know that-“ Plu began and started whispering to the other two as Radditz gently swayed and fell over on his face only 20 feet away from the ship. Vegeta began to point and laugh at the other Sayaijn while Zarbon began to sway, his eyes glassy.

         “Hey- get the drunks off the street!” Shouted a chubby looking official. His face was pompous and his bearing arrogant. Suddenly Rubar wanted nothing more than to beat the excrement out of him.

         “Drunk- I ain’t drunk!” Crowed Zarbon lifting one finger in the air, pointing at the sky. Vegeta laughed uproariously at this. Zarbon looked surprised suddenly.

         “Or maybe I am- wadda ya think Veg?” He slurred and the prince just stumbled around and flashed the peace sign. The officer looked positively incensed.

         “Why you scum bag, who do you think you are?” He demanded and marched right up into Zarbon’s face. “It’s always bonking pretty boys like you that think they can get away with anything, well why don’t you go home and bonk your boyfriend over there huh?” He shouted, spittle flying from his lips onto Zarbon’s face. The three Sayaijns by the door were frozen, until Rubar and Basil made to move forward but Plu stopped them.

         “Ya know, ya shou’ be mo’ caushi- caushi- carefu’ ‘bout who ya think’s drunk.” Zarbon slurred and the officer growled, making his flab giggle. Suddenly Zarbon’s ki flared and his hand snapped forward to grab the man’s neck.

         “Because a Kydra-jin can out drink any being in the universe, and ki can destroy all traces of poison in my system, making me sober whenever I want.” Zarbon said softly, his hand closing firmly around the neck of the officer whose eyes were now wide with fear.

         “You know, I hate ugly things.” Zarbon said softly. “And you fit the bill quite nicely.” The officer wheezed.

         “I- I have a family.” He gasped and Zarbon clenched his fist tighter.

         “You should have thought of them before you ticked of Zarbon.” Zarbon said in that soft dangerous cultured voice of his. The man’s eyes widened, the name Zarbon was synonymous with power throughout the galaxy, for years he had been Frieza’s right-hand man, and now was closely associated with the Sayaijn Empire.

         “No! There is no need to kill him!” Plu shouted, her eyes wide with astonishment that Zarbon would kill a helpless man, who’s only crime was he was a little over-zealous in his duties.

         “Only the strong survive in this universe, he should know his place Plu, which is Hell.” Zarbon said, his voice steel coated in warm honey. Basil shivered, Zarbon’s voice had the most erotic ring to it, her eyes half lidded she ran her softly pink tongue over her lips sensuously. She could feel the Heat coming onto her, the desire burned deep in her loins for this man. Rubar could sense the feeling his twin had through their bond and knew that tonight he would have to shut her out while Zarbon and his sister had their fun, otherwise there was no telling what Rubar would do.

         “Please Zarbon, have you no mercy?” She pleaded and for a second Zarbon’s eyes flashed with pain, and he dropped the man. He didn’t look back, but just stalked into the ship. The officer rubbed his neck and wheezed his thanks to Plu before running off. Rubar hoisted Radditz onto his shoulder and helped Vegeta in to the ship, who was too drunk to deny he needed the help.


“And the fights are-

Rau Fan versus Kibito Nam Versus Jackie Chun Goku versus Hercule Shin versus Ma Junior Kora versus Gohan Kiokurota versus Choutzou Tien versus Yamucha Krillin versus Korusha
Well it should be fantastic folks, so tune after the commercials to watch the fireworks fly!” The announcer guys winked and the crowd went wild before going to get refreshments.

After a bit the crowd settled down and the first match began. Rau Fan sauntered out to the ring with Kibito trailing slightly behind. Shin grinned slightly; his companion was in for a surprise, a big surprise. This woman fought in a way that Kibito was totally unfamiliar with.

“And 1, 2, 3 here we go!” The announcer shouted. Kibito dropped into a fighting stance as Rau Fan did the same, only to have her eyes go wide as she looked at Kibito.

     “Wow, you’re so big…” She trailed off, her voice low and seductive it sounded like purring with honey on its edges. Kibito suddenly found himself feeling flushed and looking in an area that he really shouldn’t have been.

“Hit it!” Rau Fan commanded and some rock music started out of nowhere. All the guys in the audience started cheering as Rau Fan strutted up to Kibito and began to dance erotically in front of him, moaning and running her hands all over her body.

“Ah-yeah-ur…” The large pink man stuttered as Rau Fan got up close to him.

“Hey big guy, show a girl a good time eh?” She whispered huskily into his broad chest. Kibito began to breath a little heavier and Rau Fan grinned.

“Oops!” She shouted just as she nailed him in the balls. Kibito screamed shrilly and every guy in the surrounding five miles reflexively grabbed his own package to make sure it was safe.

     “And Kibito is out!” The announcer shouted and all of the woman in the crowd began to laugh. Shin winced; he hadn’t thought she would do that…

Then it was time for the next fight, which went as expected. Nam put up a good show but Jackie Chun (who was merely Roshi’s alter ego) defeated him with relative ease.

Goku versus Hercule was a laugh, maybe if the man hadn’t been facing a man so powerful he had been offered the position of god he might have won, but Hercule was blasted out of the ring mercilessly.

Finally it was time for Shin to face Piccolo who was under his own alias, Ma Junior. As Kaioshin gently floated over to the square Goku nodded to Piccolo.

“Be careful Piccolo. He’s hiding his strength.” Goku said to which Piccolo just snorted.

     “Whatever.” He said coldly and walked on out there, the corner of his mouth twitching as Gohan shouted a “you get him Mr. Piccolo” out to him.

     “Are you ready Piccolo?” Shin asked and Piccolo stiffened, how did the man know his name?

     “Oh I know far more than your name Piccolo, but we can save that for later, for now let’s just fight.” Shin said softly and Piccolo growled, no one snooped around in his head and got away with it. He swiftly erected a mental barrier that would repel even Choutzou.

     “All right grump, let’s go.” The Namek snapped before zooming forward to smack the supreme Kai of the universe hard in the face. Shin didn’t even flinch.

     “Oh wow, Ma Junior has just delivered a powerful hit to the face, but Shin doesn’t even look like he’s noticed.

     “Boom.” Shin said, and Piccolo was blasted backwards by the sudden flare of ki that Shin summoned from all around him. The Namek slammed into the arch above the entryway for the fighters, sending concrete and rock shards everywhere.

     “Hm…” Shin murmured softly as he floated down to where the other fighters were. The audience was totally silent.


In the crowd, two people watched with great interest. One of them was cloaked in darkness, his over coat wrapped tightly around him. Just barely visible on the inside shirt was a small bow tie symbol with two R’s on it.

And in the prime seat of the house, so expensive you could buy a house or pay for the private suite. Uranai Baba chose to pay for the suite; after all, she was very satisfied with her house.

     “But what is the supreme Kai doing here? And why is he so unskilled?” She asked softly, and summoned her magic, briefly catching a few glimpses of images.

     Goku wreathed in gold, his hair long and his power enormous, a tall green insect with power that rivaled her own, a large pink blob with an insane grin, a grinning demon with a dark writhing ki that made her flinch, a dark gate, a secret power- oh excrement…

Very little scared Uranai Baba, but this- this was enough, there were forces in the universe that were awakening, and soon- very soon, they would begin to move.

{next chapter coming soon}
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Fights, Seduction and Introductions

        After the fight between Shin and Piccolo, things went as expected for about two rounds. Gohan beat Kora easily, the tall lanky human was powerful but Gohan had him beaten in strength, ki, speed and intelligence. Kiokurota was beaten by Choutzou, because it’s very difficult to hit someone when they know where you’re going to strike. And what your worst fear is, and they project the image of being your worst fear directly into your mind. And then they push you off of the fighting ring.

         But now came a match that had all the bettors in a frenzy. Yamucha, the famous baseball star, and Tien who had won the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai were to be facing off against each other. As the two walked up onto the platform, the rest of the z-fighters speculated on who would win.

         “Hey Goku, who do you think will win?” Krillin asked and Goku grinned.

         “I don’t know, Yamucha is a lot more powerful but the second that tail comes loose Tien will be on it quick as you can think. And Tien is very good, extremely good.” Goku said, his voice rising in excitement. “This will be a damn good match.”

         Above in the ring Yamucha and Tien nodded to each other and then both settled back into their fighting stances. And then it was on.

         With a flash of speed Yamucha phased forward and began to deal furious blows to a much slower Tien, or so Yamucha thought. But after a couple of seconds Tien nimbly avoided his punched and threw a knee into Yamucha’s gut. Yamucha reacted on instinct and shot up into the air while Tien threw a powerful fist through empty air. Yamucha coughed and then grinned, his blood was singing the song of war and he loved it.

         His tail unfurled behind him as he readied his next attack, the Wolf Fang Fist. Suddenly, he realized Tien was gone, but where did he go…

         A blossoming of pain in his tail was the answer to that question. He whimpered as Tien grabbed and squeezed painfully on his tail, but Yamucha had expected such an attack, and had prepared accordingly.

         Just breath, isolate the pain, ignore it and fight through it. For a second Yamucha’s body relaxed and then he slammed an elbow back into Tien’s face.

         The tri-clops dropped like a rock but as soon as he hit the ground he vanished. Yamucha floated down swiftly and closed his eyes, hitting the ground in a fighting stance.

         For a second the air was quiet, and then Yamucha disappeared too. A series of explosions seemed to burst out across the ring, and great amounts of force were generated from each one, making loud noises and a lot of wind.

         Finally Tien was seen flying backwards and Yamucha raising his hands and in the victory symbol, only to gape in horror as “Tien” hit the wall and disappeared, it was an illusion! So where-

         Tien’s fist felt like a megaton brick of steel as it slammed into Yamucha’s gut flinging him out of the ring and into the walls, hard to enough send them breaking apart into great chunks.

         “And Tien is the winner!” The announcer shouted. Yamucha groaned as he picked himself out of the rubble.

         “Go Tien!” Shouted Choutzou, Tien coughed up a little bit of blood and sat down.

         “Wow, that was excellent!” Cheered Goku.

         “Yes, it was a most interesting fight indeed.” Shin said softly. Goku, Gohan, Rau Fan, Master Roshi, Krillin and Choutzou all looked at him as Tien was helped out of the ring and Yamucha limped his way to the suite the rest of the z-fighters had.

         “Who are you?” Goku asked, his eyes flashing with curiosity. Shin grinned impudently and secretively.

         “A friend.”


         The stars were mere pinpoints of light, dots of bright paint on a canvas that swirled like water. They were harsh, cold, powerful and beautiful. The universe was full of such wonders; things of such intense breathtaking splendor were almost always full of energy, death laced with life. It was a paradox that made many wonder about many things.

         Once again Zarbon found himself thinking about ki. He meditated on it, watching the stars fly past in the window before, letting his mind sink into them, the cold dark of space, entropy given infinity.

         Ki was life, energy, but from where? There was only one place it could come from, the soul. Training could bring it out and increase it, refine it until it could be used as one of the deadliest weapons in the universe, or to heal…

         Zarbon raised his head and then let his ki carry him up and forward to the glass. He just stared at the stars, the speed, the power- gods it was almost too much too bear.

         In the 200 years or so that Zarbon had served Frieza, he had seen many wonders, he had seen stars collapse, he’d seen a sunrise from space, he’d watched a moon spin into a gas giant, the colors and intensity of it all.  

         Zarbon tensed, someone was in the room with him, someone-

         “They’re magnificent aren’t they?” Basil asked softly, and Zarbon smiled quietly to himself. Oh these Sayaijns… So like the universe, such power and elegance, such grace and beauty and yet there was a hard jagged edge to them, the perfect mixture of violence and beauty, of power and vitality. How could you not admire them? How could you not be entranced by them?

         Zarbon gently brought a hand up to Basil’s soft tanned face, and she turned to him, her eyes brimming with lust. Zarbon’s blood quickened, his breathing came harsh and heavy, as he felt overwhelmed by a primal need, bestial desire swarmed over him, he needed this and-

         He smashed his face against Basil’s, a fierce kiss full of burning spices and fiery red-hot lust. This was an act of blood, an act of life on a level so primitive its power was all encompassing.

         They didn’t make love, they didn’t bonk, they didn’t have sex, they joined, and for a time became something that transcended any and all notions of physical intimacy while at the same time reveling in the physical. It was magical, powerful and awesome as only a Sayaijn can make it, as only a Kydra-jin can make it, as only ki can make it.

         It was an act of poetic fire.

         It was damn good…


         It was time for the next big match; Krillin had beaten Korusha with ease, which left the semifinals as thus-

Rau Fan versus Jackie Chun Goku versus Shin Gohan versus Choutzou Tien versus Krillin
Roshi had started off the quarterfinals with a bang, knocking Rau Fan out of the ring with a Kamehameha, even though she had promised to show him her bra. Today he was all business.

         But now it was time for the next big match, Shin against Goku. Goku looked hard at the smaller man and tried to get a sense of what he was about. Shin’s ki didn’t feel evil, as a matter of fact it felt kind, a goodness that could only come from a kind heart.

         “Are you ready! Then- go!” Goku phased into nothingness as Shin smirked. The supreme Kai of the universe was interested to see what Goku would do, this man was a warrior of much renown on this planet, and Shin recognized him for what he really was, a Sayaijn. The appearance of two Sayaijns and a half-breed on this planet made Shin very curious. The likelihood of two totally unrelated species being chemically compatible was next to none. And yet… There stood the evidence of it, in the form of a young boy and the sleeping child in that woman’s womb, Chichi was her name.

         Almost absent-mindedly he blocked Goku’s punches all the while feeling out the various presences in the arena. He smiled inwardly, it was obvious the Sayaijn was getting frustrated, and beginning to use his full power. But it was nowhere near enough.

         Finally Shin held out a hand and Goku was flung out of the ring, pushed by an invisible hand and slammed against the outer wall much as Piccolo had been.

         The next match was between Gohan and Choutzou, but Gohan, who although was physically much stronger than Choutzou, was not trained at all in the arts of telepathy. Choutzou made a big show of hypnotizing him for the crowd and to draw it out, but in reality it only took a little effort for him to make Gohan’s mind go to sleep and to make him walk right off the platform.

         Now came another test of ability, the fight between Krillin and Tien, the two strongest men in the world, well human men at any rate.

         “And go!” The announcer shouted as Krillin met Tien with a furious smashing sound. For about a minute they just stood in the middle, duking it out with fists and kicks before Krillin, using his height, snapped Tien’s legs out from under him and slammed ki into him. Tien grunted as he flew back and stopped from leaving the ring.

         Krillin was on him again, but this time Tien caught him with a fist right in the chest, Krillin gasped and flew backwards with Tien chasing him. But Krillin wasn’t done by a long shot- although Tien had been training very hard and in intense conditions, Krillin had spent the past year or two teaching, perfecting his form and sparring with the most powerful being on the planet, although Goku had just been beaten by that purple guy.

         But the point is, Krillin is stronger than Tien, and although he has no psychic ability, he does have walls so that you can’t manipulate him like Choutzou did to Gohan.

         So after Krillin drew Tien into the air, he used his superior speed to crush the other warrior.

         “And we have a ring out!” Krillin grinned and then gasped as sat down and slumped his shoulders- damn was he tired! Tien groggily got up from the ground, clutching his aching head and stumbled out of the arena.

         “Well wasn’t that exciting! We have a small break now and then we will move on to our next set of matches, which are-

Jackie Chun versus Shin Choutzou versus Krillin
These promise to be excellent, so go get something to eat and get back as soon as you can!”


Two months, it would be just two months before he met his little brother, and Radditz was concerned about him. To be blunt, all of his thoughts were dwelling on his brother, Kakarot. Would he still be alive? If so it would be no big loss, Radditz didn’t even know the man, but-

It would be so neat to have a sibling, there would be so much Radditz could show him out in space, so much to laugh and fight over, it would be fantastic, but only if Kakarot were alive…

So Radditz watched the stars go by, and hoped for the best.


Master Roshi lost to Shin within in a couple seconds; it had been no contest for the Supreme Kai, although for a split second he’d been distracted.

It seems the resident gods are coming to pay a visit. Shin thought and grinned as Korin and Kami both alighted in the area surrounding the stage, both invisible to normal eyes. Shin nodded to them as he left the ring, they both looked surprised. And then in awe as Shin let them sense his ki, and then in fear as Shin whispered into their minds “Don’t be afraid little gods, I mean no harm.”

And then it was time for the match of Choutzou and Krillin. Krillin had prepared for this, although he didn’t posses Choutzou’s mental strength, very few beings in the universe could. Well overall at any rate, there were about a billion or so psykers in the universe, beings with immense psychic powers, but Choutzou had enough potential to rise above all but a few.

However he wasn’t that powerful yet, and Krillin had spent about a year mastering meditation techniques that blanked his mind, making it impossible for Choutzou to affect psychically, and the little emperor wasn’t strong enough to hold him telekinetically. Or at least totally, he could greatly slow Krillin.

“And go!” And as Choutzou reached out with his telepathic powers Krillin did the one thing that would hit the little man before the battle became on of wills.

The ki ball hit Choutzou dead on and slammed the man back and off of the ring just as Krillin felt the world turn to cold molasses.

“Wow, that was quick, but it’s over!” The announcer cheered and Krillin grinned widely as his body returned to normal.

“That was fast.” Bulma commented to Chichi who shrugged.

“He had to move fast before Choutzou could get a hold of him, ki is like light but thought is instantaneous, Krillin was just lucky he move that nano-second before Choutzou did.” Chichi remarked authoritatively, which she was. Chichi was the strongest woman on earth, and as such knew her fighting techniques and strategies.

The next and last match was quick, as quick as any that had preceded it at least. It mostly amounted to Shin making Krillin freeze up and pushing him out of the ring. So it was that Shin, the mysterious stranger, won the 23rd Tenkachi Boudokai.


         The z-fighters all stood around in a group, looking at Shin and his friend Kibito.

         “I yes, you’re all here, excellent, now for your two gods to show up-“ Shin had no sooner mentioned them then Kami and Korin appeared with Uranai Baba. Shin’s eyes looked pleased.

         “Baba, you’re here, that’s excellent-“ He started but she interrupted him.

         “Shin we need to get a jump on this, because the future holds a lot worse than Buu.” She said sharply and Shin paled.

         “What?” She looked at him and for a moment the air was still and he swore.

         “excrement! That’s just what I need…” He trailed off as Chichi shot up.

         “Excuse me mister but there are little ears listening here!” She exclaimed and Gohan flushed at his mother’s behavior.

         “My apologies, my name is Shin and I am the supreme Kai.” He said simply. Immediately Kami and Korin dropped to their knees before him while the rest of the group looked bewildered.

         “The supreme what?” Bulma asked as Shin gestured for Kami and Korin to stand.

         “You know how Kami here and Korin are gods for your planet, well so am I, except for the entire universe.” He said simply and then they got it. And Shin grinned a little as their eyes all bugged out of their heads.

         “Now.” Shin continued rubbing his hands together. “Let’s get down to business.”


         The two months had almost flown past to Radditz, although to Vegeta it was like they were crawling at the slowest pace imaginable. Zarbon was too busy having sex with Basil and training with Vegeta to notice the passage of time, and Basil was in turn to busy with sex and training to notice as well. Rubar was close to a nervous wreck, a horny nervous wreck. Because of the twin bond he was getting these tantalizing feelings from Basil that were slowly driving him into an unnatural heat.

One reason why Sayaijn twins were so unusual, they were too close and when the Sayaijns were still evolving, women and men with a predisposition to fathering or mothering twins didn’t pass on their genes. If one twin died, the other usually did too, if one went into heat when the other wasn’t, the other might go crazy, if someone bonded with one twin and not the other, the bondless twin would slowly go insane while the other one remained perfectly fine.

         Well Rubar knew that dangers, and knew he would have to “relieve” himself on some female somewhere before he exploded. So when he saw the ship come out of hyperspace he felt an immense amount of relief at the small blue orb hanging in the middle of the black that was space.

         “All right, Zarbon give me some power levels.” Vegeta commanded and Zarbon punched in a couple commands to the ship’s computer

         “Worthless… worthless… worth- HOLY excrement!” The Kydra-jin exclaimed, as his scouter displayed a number that he just couldn’t believe. Vegeta looked at him with a look halfway between fear and delight. Fear because it was a power level that scared Zarbon, delight at the finding of a new ally because only Kakarot could have a power level that high on this planet.

         “It’s- it’s over million-“ Then he stopped, because suddenly the power level was dropping down to- 5000? Zarbon smacked the monitor and looked to see if it changed.

         “Vegeta I think your ship is broken.” He muttered and Vegeta raised an eyebrow.


         “Well that power-level just sank to about 5000, which just doesn’t happen…” The Kydra-jin muttered when Plu inhaled sharply.

         “There’s- there’s a mind down there, such a powerful presence, they know we’re here!” She exclaimed. And indeed they did, the Supreme Kai had known of they would come to earth well before they had even left Vegeta-sei. He had in fact carefully manipulated them so that they would send these specific Sayaijns and Zarbon. Suddenly the ship shook and everything went white before with a thud the ship landed on something.

         Zarbon groaned and got up clutching his head, which was throbbing painfully, everyone had fallen over when the ship lurched and he looked out the view window-

         “What the bonk?” Vegeta swore as he too stared outside at the blue skies and green landscape.


         Bulma blinked as she waited for the aliens to come out from the space ship. Beside her the z-fighters all looked vaguely interested, although none of them were concerned in the least. Thanks to the room of Spirit and Time they each actually had fours years of training (except for Gohan who after the first year Chichi had declared would not be going back in, she didn’t want his entire childhood gone in four days and spent solely on fighting) in the first couple of weeks of the last two months, one for each Kai that Shin had brought to earth.

         Ever since then Shin had been training them himself, and they had made leaps and bounds that astonished the supreme Kai, even the humans were now amazingly powerful, or at least compared to most of the other beings in the universe. But Shin knew they still had quite a ways to go before they could stand up to someone as powerful as Buu.

         Then the door of the ship opened, and out came- Bulma’s tongue caught in her throat at the tall masculine form with long hair draping down his back.

         Wow, he is ho-ot! She thought to herself, and she smiled internally well built to… Then came another man, one who made Bulma suddenly feel very excited. Oh wow, he is- oh my Kami! She thought as she watched Zarbon come out of the ship, and then there came another man, not quite in the league of the green one but on level with the longhaired one.

         Then came the female contingent of mission, the two women were both sleek and deadly looking, Bulma thought both of them were beautiful and lastly-

         Hmm… He’s a little short but holds himself like he’s the tallest man in the world. She speculated on the last man to exit the ship, whose regal bearing was very evident as he floated down to join his companions on the ground.

         “There, that’s Kakarot.” Vegeta said pointing to Yamucha whose tail was extended behind him. Radditz frowned and Yamucha looked confused.

         “But that man looks just like my father.” He said pointing to Goku making Vegeta snort.

         “Well there can’t be two Sayaijns on this planet-“ He began but was interrupted.

         “Actually there can.” Shin said simply, and the group of aliens looked at the purple man in surprise. “Radditz is right, that man is Kakarot, now known as Goku. The other man is Yamucha and he is a Sayaijn by accident.” Shin said before turning to them and smiling. The Sayaijns and Zarbon all looked at each other, who was this guy?

         “Oh, how rude of me, my name is Shin and I am the supreme Kai of the universe, I have been expecting you.”
{next chapter coming soon}
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Training, Ascending and Tragedy


         Damn, he’s good… Radditz thought as Nam flashed forward to where he had been a couple of seconds before. But not good enough he thought as he slammed a fist into the man’s back, making Nam fall down, slamming his body hard into the dirt. Radditz grinned and easily dodged the kick that Rau Fan aimed at, but didn’t dodge her ki blast. The longhaired Sayaijn growled, the woman was very fast and good with ki, although not overly strong. Still she packed a mean kick so he was careful to avoid her flexible legs that could deliver hard blows if he let them.

         A little ways off Vegeta, the crown prince of Vegeta-sei was idly tapping his foot, waiting for his turn to spar with the supreme Kai. The group of Sayaijns had been on this planet for close to a month, which his father should be aware of by now. The chance to train under god was one that Vegeta just couldn’t pass up.

         “Are you done yet?” He snapped out suddenly, he was the prince of all Sayaijns, not some commoner like Kakarot who was being trained right now. Shin stopped and looked calmly at the prince.

         “Have some patience Vegeta, it can win battles for you.” Then he grinned and Vegeta felt a little nervous. “But if you want, you can fight with me right now. Along with Goku.” Vegeta barked a short laugh.

         “I doubt you could keep up.” Shin laughed and Vegeta clenched his fist in anger.

         “Vegeta, how old do you think I am?” Vegeta paused.

         “A million?” He hazarded and Shin looked a little offended.

         “Do I really look that old?” He asked and looked at his hands. “No Vegeta, but I am thousands of years old, and I was there when your face first spawned a SSJ, his power is nothing next to mine.” He said and Vegeta’s eyes went wide, this man had seen the SSJ? He felt awed and a little afraid.

         “So come on, both of you at once.” Shin said and Vegeta sneered. He would ascend to SSJ, and show this man what a true Sayaijn could accomplish. He shot up with Goku and both of them hit the Kai at once. Shin grinned and began to spin around them like a whirlwind.

         “Ah, this is pathetic, I came here on the search for allies and all I get are weaklings.” Shin suddenly scoffed, and Choutzou nodded to Baba, that was their cue. Shin had indeed seen the first SSJ transform, and knew that anger was the key to the transformation. So now was the time to make them angry. Baba began to whisper the words to a spell as Shin challenged the two Sayaijns fighting with him.

         Vegeta was incensed, this man was insulting him and his pride would not allow this behavior to continue. Choutzou gently began to stoke the fires of anger in the prince’s mind, building it up while telepathically telling Plu it was time for her to begin. Plu nodded mentally, she too had been told of the plan, and she would have the much harder job of making Goku angry, to prepare them for what Shin would do.

         Chichi stood up and walked over to Zarbon who was watching the fights. Baba grinned and kept chanting softly to herself. Meanwhile Goku was slowly getting angrier as Shin made a fool of him, Goku may have been a nice guy, but he did have pride, and Shin was mocking him and beating him. He felt a curious blood lust well up within him, anger unlike any he felt before.

         “You know what, I don’t know why I’m doing this, you’ll never be powerful enough to aid me in any way shape or form, so I might as well dispose of you.” Shin said simply, and Goku stopped, his eyes wide with betrayal while Vegeta became even more enraged at this man’s arrogance, which clashed with his even as Shin beat him. Shin held up his hand and let a blast of purple ki scream forward, which both Goku and Vegeta dodged, but as they turned to watch it by reflex, they saw it streak towards a surprised Chichi and Zarbon.

         “NO!” Goku shouted as Vegeta flashed forward to try and stop it, in vain. They both watched as the blast exploded, a pair of death screams rising up from the area where the ki exploded. Goku turned to look at Shin, and his face twitched, once, twice… His anger was like a force of nature, the fury of a desert sand storm and an erupting volcano, the rage of dead love, it burned with the fury of boiling acid, his body felt tight and hot with anger, a rage and hatred that was black and seething with red, pulsating, incensed- he snapped.

         Vegeta watched as his best friend, his greatest ally, the man that was a brother and father to him, that taught him how to truly fight, the man that had shown him how to manipulate his opponents, how to use strategy to beat stronger opponents. Zarbon- a friend- memories of pranks, never again… Vegeta had never felt the pain of true death in his life before, it was new and tore at him like a vicious clawed hand, pain tied up with anger unlike any he had ever felt before, because there was blame for this, Shin… He reached for his power; clawed at his energy so that he could visit retribution on the man who killed Zarbon- he unleashed the darkest urges of his Sayaijn mind and found his power was god-like.

         “Very good!” Shin crowed and both Goku and Vegeta screamed in fury, racing forward to slam into Shin- and stopped, because right behind Shin was Zarbon, with Chichi perched on his shoulder.

         “Chichi?” Goku asked, his voice soft and hopeful while Vegeta just stared. Neither noticing that their eyes were a burnished blue and their hair a silken gold.


         The smell of food made everybody’s stomachs rumble. Although Vegeta was still a little angry with the supreme Kai for the trick he’d pulled, and the other three that were involved in the trick, but he really couldn’t be too angry for them making him become the strongest Sayaijn in the universe.

         Except for Kakarot whispered a little voice in his head, but he suppressed it, Kakarot wasn’t a true warrior like Vegeta. Vegeta could be utterly ruthless and held no relationships to weaklings that could be taken advantage of. Besides, he still had his tail unlike the poor 3rd class.

         “Oh wow! Thank you Chichi!” Goku said and his wife smiled at him, she’d felt a little guilty and forcing Goku through that whole ordeal, and so had made it up to him the best way she could- in public that is. But Chichi had gone all out this time, more so than usual. There was food that looked so good you almost didn’t want to eat it, but that didn’t last for more than- oh- .0003 seconds for any of the people that could eat food.

         Piccolo wrinkled his nose, the sight of all those humans, Sayaijns and what ever the hell Zarbon was pigging out on the food that Chichi had prepared was disgusting…

         “This is good!” Radditz said cheerfully, he had enjoyed his time on earth so far. The humans were all right, sort of weak but getting to know his brother was great fun especially since Kakarot was so strong. Still, it was bizarre to be related to the man, although Sayaijns weren’t monsters, Kakarot was a little too soft to really be an effective warrior, or so Radditz thought. He didn’t know about the adventures of that first quest for the dragon balls, of how Goku could be merciless when needed, of how he could endure incredible agony and still triumph.

         Nope, all that Radditz was thinking about now was that Rubar had stolen some of that delicious rice dish from him, so he grabbed a haunch of some animal off of the other Sayaijn’s plate. A playful bout of food stealing ensued.

         “What are you two doing?” Vegeta sneered, and Radditz flushed.

         “The food tastes twice as good when it’s stolen, right guys?” Yamucha asked making Vegeta snort and not notice as Yamucha deftly filched a chicken leg from the prince of all Sayaijns, making Zarbon snort into his soup and get it all over his shirt.

         Yamucha and Vegeta laughed at the embarrassed Kydra-jin, drawing the attention of everyone around them. It had been 3 months now since the supreme Kai had arrived, bringing with him training opportunities the likes of which were unparalleled in the entire universe.

         “Chichi, this food is divine.” Shin commented, making Chichi blush and Bulma started a weak chuckle.

         “Wow Chichi, it’s not everyday somebody tells you that and knows it first hand.” Bulma said and Chichi laughed making Goku look over at her fondly while he shoveled a bowl’s worth of noodles into his mouth.

         After a few more minutes of frantic eating, everyone pushed their plates back and just breathed.

         “Huh?” Vegeta asked, his scouter was beeping at him. He pushed a button on it and it spoke.

         “King Vegeta!” Nappa’s voice thundered out over the scouter. Vegeta looked confused for a second before growing pale.

         “What happened?” He asked coldly, emotionlessly, as everyone around the table grew quiet.

“They- the Changelings attacked out of nowhere, the first wave of soldiers were beaten back and we evacuated as many as we could, but then- Kold himself was here Vegeta and he annihilated Vegeta-sei like it was nothing!” Nappa’s voice broke and Vegeta clenched his fists.

         “No.” He whispered and screamed as he went SSJ, his aura blasting back the table. Radditz gave an animalist roar of fury while Basil remained stuck in her seat, shock making her body numb while her brother Rubar felt a cold bitter hatred begin to well in his heart, his anger forging his soul into a place of ice and hate.

         Zarbon was shocked, and then he felt a great sense of sadness, for a split second he felt the utter depression of someone whose life has just lost meaning- until he was consumed by anger. He had fought and bled for these Sayaijns had found his better half buried in their pride and fire. He would not let it end this way.

         “I am going to rend that bonk limb from limb!” Vegeta roared.

         “Nappa.” Zarbon said into Vegeta’s scouter, his mind was racing, emotions of any strength he could suppress indefinitely, a skill you needed when working for Frieza. Right now a million ideas were flashing through his head, until they hit on the simplest and most effective.

         “Bring the survivors to Chikyuu, the natives are compatible with Sayaijns and the offspring are powerful, Prince Vegeta has also become the SSJ, we can deal with Kold and Koola.” Zarbon said his voice clipped and cold.

         “All right Zarbon, we’re coming.” Nappa said. The supreme Kai sighed.

         “I’m sorry Vegeta, I should have been paying attention better to the universe, but with all the preparations…” He stopped and Krillin leapt up.

         “Ah hah! I knew that all this was for more than just training us because we had the most potential- what’s you deal Shin?” Krillin asked, his eyes flashing with a mixture of curiosity and anger. Shin sighed.

         “Yes, I have not been totally open with you, but I have never lied, you are the beings with the greatest potential in the universe that are obvious enough I don’t have to dig for you. Several of you will save the universe I’m sure, but more importantly, we are preparing for an enemy that likes of which you have never seen.” Shin said softly.

         “All though you don’t know it, Frieza’s final form is weaker than the SSJ form, not by too much but by quite enough. The enemy we are preparing for is over 1000 times more powerful than Frieza, over 1000 times more powerful than a SSJ, at this level. But I know that SSJ’s can grow in power, that you humans have the hidden potential and even Namekians are beings of great power. Buu is a monster created by the ancient wizard Bibidi-“ And so Shin told them the story of Buu, of the old Kai’s, of Babidi and the fact that Buu was currently deep within the crust of the earth.

         “So- you’re saying that the most powerful evil to ever exist in the entire world is within the earth at this moment, and we’re going to fight it?” Chichi asked and Shin nodded. She sighed.

         “At this rate Gohan will never get his studies done…” She shook her head and then tossed her hair back. “Well then what are we waiting for? We have to train and Bulma has to create better gadgets for us to play with!” She said cheerfully, but with a hard edge.

         Unbeknownst to all of them, a small ladybug was sitting under the table, listening to the entire conversation. Deep within a mountain an old looking man hunches over a computer console, his demeanor familiar…

         He’d watched the Tenkaichi Boudokai and seen what the z-fighters had been capable of, and it was nothing to what they were now. His androids weren’t able to compete, until a few days ago when he hit on the secret of limitless energy in a form as small as a fat highlighter.

         But this new development fascinated Dr. Gero, this Buu sounded like the perfect contingency plan in addition to Cell. All he had to do now was find it…


         Vegeta sat on the edge of the cliff, staring out at the blue before him. The same blue of Vegeta-sei’s skies… He clenched a fist, this senseless sadness was- well pointless, especially given that soon the planet could be wished back, along with all of his people, but still… There was a great deal of pain in his heart right now.

         Goku didn’t know how to react to the destruction of a people that he belonged too, but knew nothing of. He felt sorrow that so many innocents were dead, but he also knew that what he felt couldn’t compare to what the other Sayaijns, excepting Yamucha, felt.

         Radditz sat hunched over in the middle of the forests that surrounded the city, his long ragged hair acting as a shroud beneath which he could hide. He thought of his father, of the distant memories that were his mother, of the smell of the Futa trees in bloom, of the hunts through glorious jungles and training in the desert sun.

         Zarbon was lounging in the massive pool that the Brief’s owned, it felt so good to be surrounded by the cool liquid. But his mind was as far from that physical sensation as good from evil. His mind was in the stars, focused on revenge for his Sayaijns, he did consider them his Sayaijns; he was a father to them, the wise counselor to their king and perhaps the strongest prince they had ever seen. He would see their vengeance complete.


         “Where is that Kai?” Babidi muttered to himself, walking through the halls of a large dark building, Dabura at his side.

         “Why don’t we use this place’s scrying facilities?” Dabura asked and Babidi nodded. With a wave of his hand they teleported to a large blue room that held a large crystal ball. Babidi waved his hands over the ball for a second, muttering under his breath, and then swore.

         “The Kai is on earth! That lousy piece of-“ He trailed off swearing and cursing in several different languages. Dabura stared at the ball impassively.

         “Master, if he is expecting us to continue following him, should we not take advantage of this and attack him?” The demon king asked. Babidi stopped swearing and cursing for a minute and grinned, his catfish-like face looking even more ugly than usual.

         “Parapa PA!” Babidi shouted and they vanished. When they reappeared it was in the main room of the ship they had buried at the site of Buu’s egg. Babidi’s grin faded before he screamed in rage, beside him Dabura’s eyes narrowed and his ki began to rise.

         Strewn about them were dead bodies and destroyed equipment, great streaks of ash and trashed body parts littered the room, but worst of all…

         “WHERE THE HELL IS MAJIN BUU!” Babidi wailed, his magic rising dangerously making the room feel warm and hot. Whoever had taken the greatest weapon ever created would feel his wrath!


         King Kold reclined in the throne that he had placed on his ship. Suddenly Koola burst into the main room with an annoyed expression on his face.

         “Father, Vegeta wasn’t on the planet when we destroyed it.” Koola complained and Kold looked confused for a second, before figuring out that Koola meant prince Vegeta, not the king.

         “Well I guess all we need to do is mop up after that job, do you know where he is?” Koola shrugged, he had no idea. Kold sighed

         “Well I guess I’ll just ask Pyre…” Kold muttered as he pressed a button that opened a line of communication with a planet so far away from this galaxy it was like another universe altogether, and indeed it was. When Majin Buu was first released, Bibidi had created him as tool of revenge, after all, it would have been far easier for him to simply dominate some sort of Changeling or something else that could destroy planets at a distance if sheer destruction was his goal.

         But Bibidi wanted revenge against the order of mages that had exiled him, cast him out. So he had fled to the last refuge in the universe, the corner galaxy under the control of Glacial, the Emperor of the Changeling Empire who was succeeded by his eldest daughter, Pyre. Bibidi had succeeded in killing off the Kais of that galaxy before he was stopped. Now what was unfortunate was that the Ultimate Kai and his subordinates were all slain by an uprising of super-powerful warlords in the rest of the universe.

         Now these Warlords ruled the rest of the universe, and one such one was Pyre. She was short, about as tall as Frieza and her color scheme was red and black. She wasn’t sadistic like Frieza, but she still doted on her nephew, hoping he would grow out of this phase but acknowledging such a cruel edge would be needed in dealing with her unsettled domain. The Changeling Empire was the largest of the assorted territories in the universe, and about half of it was unexplored, in the form of the Galaxy that Frieza and the Sayaijns occupied.

         “Pyre?” Kold asked the screen which turned in his sister’s face and another. Across the table from his sister, who possessed more power in her first form than Kold did in his fourth, was a warrior who had proven his prowess in battle more often than Kold, Koola and Frieza had put together.

         He was lean but incredibly muscular, although not so that he looked like a series of lumps sewed onto a body. His features were angular and would have been handsome had they not been marred by a series of scars. His left eye had been replaced by a bionic model that enabled him to do so much more than just see. His skin was a dark blue that matched his stark white hair.

         “Ah, the infamous King Kold.” Weru said, his voice was actually a surprise, it was very soothing and soft, cultured, a voice that belong in quiet large rooms decorated in soothing wood tones discussing economics, logic or any number of scholarly pursuits. It was not a voice that should belong to one of the most accomplished fighters in the history of the universe and quite possibly the greatest tactician to ever exist.

         “Something wrong again Kold, is Koola dead this time?” Pyre asked, her voice tense, she had liked Frieza a great deal but she adored Koola, he had such potential and she did not want to see her fool brother ruin his son’s chances at true power.

         “No Pyre, but I was wondering if you could have a psykers locate Prince Vegeta…” Kold trailed off hopefully. Weru displayed no emotion that Kold could see but Pyre could tell he was amused. It was in his eyes, well his remaining eye. The other one showed no emotion whatsoever.

         “Fine Kold, you’ll have the information in an hour.” She said, shutting off the screen. On the other end Kold sighed, every time he talked to his sister he felt like he was talking to his father again, who just couldn’t understand why his son was so- so- inadequate. Kold clenched his fists, he would show them, show all of them!

         “Koola, can you take care of the remaining Sayaijn’s yourself? I need some, time to myself.” Kold said and Koola nodded, he wished his family would resolve their issues, but as long as it didn’t inconvenience him, he really wasn’t that concerned.

         Meanwhile Pyre was rolling her eyes as Weru chuckled to himself.

         “You’re brother truly is pathetic.” He snickered and she sighed.

         “I don’t see how we came from the same parents, he honestly is- for lack of sounding repetitive- pathetic.” She said, her eyes resting on Weru’s. The two were meeting as part of their alliance dictated they must every month. The stipulation was iron bound and they were both happy with it. The time they spent together enabled them to coordinate secretive plans and allow them breathing time from the cutthroat politics they enjoyed.

         “Grath is making moves again.” Weru growled and Pyre snorted.

         “Since when isn’t he? The man has no self-restraint, the only reason he’s a Warlord is because of his power level.” Pyre was full of contempt for those who she deemed morons, only a few of the Warlords she had respect for, and only one did she consider a friend, and that was Weru. Between the two they represented immense power, the other Warlords had tried to form counter-alliances or join theirs, but Weru and Pyre had accepted no offers and the others were too into the bickering that kept them apart.

         But Grath was dangerous because of the sheer amount of power he did possess. Grath was a super warrior, one whose power easily topped anyone else in the universe, except for Pyre’s. Nobody except Pyre knew how powerful she truly was, only that in her first form she was already classified as elite, in her fifth form, who knew how much power she could have? It was quite possible she could overpower the tall blue-eyed red man who held the smallest but most highly trained army in the universe.

         “Pyre…” Weru trailed off and she sighed.

         “I’ll send a detachment out, how about- the Legion?” She asked and Weru’s eyes widened.

         “Pyre, that is beyond anything I hoped for are you sure you can afford that?” He asked and she shrugged.

         “Nobody dares to attack me overtly, and covertly is much easier for me to deal with since you sent that Omega unit to me.” Weru nodded, the Omega unit was his personal spy force, actually one of three, and the Omega unit excelled in, neutralizing problems. Or as I like to say, killing idiots thought Weru.

         But the Legion was another story, a trio of extremely powerful warriors that sparred with Pyre on a regular basis in her second form; they were the super elite of her empire. And they would be invaluable to Weru.


         “Hmm…” Dr. Gero hummed to himself as he played with the wires on his new energy converter unit. 17 and 18 stood slightly behind him, their bodies rigid in their slumbering state. Behind them was Cell, currently evolving into his first stage. Dr. Gero had decided that with the discovery of Buu some adjustments would be made to his creations. First of all Cell would be the team leader, and therefore would transform to be complete. After finding out Goku was an alien he had sent a couple of Warp Bugs to the planet that they mentioned so often, after of course stealing its location from their ship’s computer.

         The Warp Bugs had entered the wormhole and disappeared, only to return when the planet was destroyed with DNA samples from a variety of sources, one of which was a pair of Changeling type creatures of great power. Gero had thrown in some more Sayaijn DNA and the Changeling DNA to Cell’s chemical soup before he entered the larval stage.

         Now things were coming together for the mad genius.

         “Triple the energy conduit capacity, let’s tweak this…” Gero was a genius, much like Bulma in many respects, except for the evil stuff although there were certain shape changing pigs that would argue she was just as cruel.

         Finally Gero grinned, it was ready, although converting the energy would take time. Since the thing that lay in this egg would need Ki he was running the energy that his androids fed off of through a converter that would make it into Ki.

         “Soon, soon they will feel my vengeance.” Gero whispered and cackled maniacally.

         Deep within the egg, a presence stirred, and it held a promise in its soulless body, a bloody promise.

         Apocalypse incarnate.

{more in the next chapter}
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Go To Hell


         Babidi settled himself down into the cushiony chair that closely resembled a throne in his room. He glared at the globe before him, as if daring it to disobey him. His eyes were almost red with rage and a tiny bit of fear. Whoever had captured Buu had been utterly ruthless, and powerful. On inspection by Dabura, every single being he’d held in this ship was dead, and some of them were powerful indeed, none of them could add up to Dabura but they were strong all the same.

         He flexed his hand, and stared at it. Inflicting the Majin bond upon a being brought out their hidden potential and amplified the evil in them. But it took part of the caster’s magical power, it was why Babidi at the height of his power had only been capable of using a simple (but powerful) teleportation, a weak barrier spell and a simple attack spell that made an enemy’s body implode.

         Now he held his true might again, magical power that had cowed many powerful sorcerers’s throughout the universe over the past thousand years. Babidi was now at the height of his power, the death of nearly a thousand of his powerful agents had given him access to power he’d long since ignored. Delving into himself he found hidden reservoirs that obviously had developed and pooled in the Majin bonds, now all his for the taking.

         It was a heady experience needless to say. Babidi stood up and wandered over to the crystal ball, activating it with a thought and summoning Dabura with a second, all without uttering a word.

         “Yes master.” Dabura said in that low creepy voice of his. He took his master’s new power in stride; he took everything in stride these days it seemed to Babidi. But Babidi knew Dabura was his most loyal servant, the amount of energy he’d invested in the demon king was staggering but he knew it was vital to keep Dabura close.

         Suddenly his head snapped up and he snarled.

         “Majin BUU!” He crowed, his eyes glowing with triumph. Without another word he teleported to the area of where he felt his father’s greatest creation. A second after he appeared in the sky, he summoned Dabura.


         “Oh no…” Shin gasped, his eyes going wide and then his body began to tremble with anger. “Buu…” He said, his voice full of more loathing and hatred than anything any of the warriors around him had heard before. Goku stood up.

         “Shin?” He whispered and the Supreme Kai stamped his foot.

         “Damn!” Shin snapped, his mind was racing, what could he do- there was nothing for it, they would have to flee this planet, none of them were strong enough to face Buu yet.

         “Everyone, we’re going on a little trip, gather anything you may need before we can resurrect earth again. Be back here in five minutes, Buu has been released.” Shin whispered and the group around him flinched. Goku reached out with his mind and touched-

         “Oh Kami.” Whispered the man, his eyes wide with fear, the power he felt was bottomless and cruel, a dark empty ki that spoke of death and oblivion. The rest of the z-fighters instantly became afraid, for if Goku was terrified…

         “Come on guys, let’s get our stuff, Puar come on.” Yamucha said and he blasted off to his desert hideout, there were a few things he needed. Tien and Choutzou had carried their most valuable possessions with them, but Krillin needed to run back to Roshi’s island to collect some of the old man’s things. Goku would get Krillin’s and his family’s valuables and Piccolo needed nothing. However Bulma…

“Yamucha! Get back here I need help!” She yelled but the desert bandit was long gone. She ground her foot into the ground, her blue eyes flashing dangerously. Suddenly she whirled around and pointed at the remaining warriors.

“You come help me.” She snapped. Tien shrugged and followed her along with Choutzou but Shin stopped them.

“I’m sorry Bulma but I need you two to collect Korin and Kami along with anything they might need. And I have to go make arrangements.” The Kai said and disappeared with Kibito. Zarbon grabbed Rubar and they went to launch the ship into orbit where they could retrieve at leisure. Radditz had followed his brother with Plu tagging along.

Bulma looked around and dismissed Chichi and Gohan as helpers, she didn’t want Chichi around her sensitive equipment while she was so distressed. Gohan was snuggled up in his mom’s lap asleep. Oolong and Roshi would just try and cop a feel, both of them. So that left-

“Vegeta, come help me pack up my lab.” She commanded and the prince bristled at her tone.

“Excuse me?” He asked, his tone dangerous, he was royalty damn it, not some common servant to be commanded so. Bulma blinked and shook her head.

“Sorry, Vegeta would you please help me pack up my lab?” She asked, not a little testily. Vegeta looked at her and considered telling her “no” but figured the verbal fight that would follow would use up too much of his time.

“Hn.” He said and followed her into the house. After going through a long corridor she approached a door and tapped in a few codes while the Sayaijn prince watched her speculatively. The woman was interesting and incredibly intelligent, indeed it seemed she was not an anomaly. Well her particular level of intelligence was, but many more humans were also in possession of this intelligence.

Sayaijns were not a dumb species, but the capacity for learning that these humans had astounded Vegeta, and it was obvious that the two species were compatible… It all added up to one thing, Chikyuu was the perfect planet to become close allies with Vegeta-sei. Humans were both smart, had potential as warriors and were creative. Already Vegeta’s mind was racing with the possibilities that would emerge when Chikyuu joined intergalactic politics.

Of course we have to survive this Buu creature and the Kolds, but with Kakarot and, of course, myself as both SSJ’s, that should be no problem.

         “All right Vegeta, could you please levitate this computer terminal?” Bulma asked politely, unlike the rest of her earth friends the aliens weren’t intimidated by her, although Chichi certainly did, intimidate them that is. Vegeta smirked.

         “Child’s play.” He said and the entire terminal, which must have weighed about 3 tons, lifted cleanly off the floor without him touching it. Bulma grimaced at the dust and slid under the terminal. Vegeta idly wondered what it would sound like if he dropped it on her, but he wasn’t the kind to kill people that didn’t deserve it. Still, he wasn’t averse to playing with people.

         “AAAAAAHHHHHHH!” Bulma screamed as the terminal swayed in the air and dropped an inch forward. Vegeta slapped a hand over his mouth and tired to suppress his laughter as the blue haired genius breathed a million miles a minute.

         “WHY YOU-“ She began, and it only went downhill from there. Vegeta was impressed, he thought Zarbon had taught him all the crudest sexual insults there were but Bulma knew a few that surprised him.

         Needless to say it took some time to clean out her lab and capsulate everything.


         Kold sat in the command room, a glass of chilled wine in his hand. He gently swirled the red liquid, in the ambient light it looked like blood. He took a gentle sip, letting the flavor swarm his taste buds before turning back to the console before him.

         The long-range sensors had picked a few power levels that distressed him slightly. But now-

         “I tell you father this is foolhardy, these new powers are far too powerful for us!” Koola ranted, he was scared and perfectly willing to admit it. The powers on this planet that was supposedly so small and worthless were astonishing in scope. Two of them were massive enough to make Koola have nightmares. But his father wouldn’t listen to a word he said.

         “Fine Koola, I will go down to the planet by myself and deal with these powers when we get there.” Kold said, the ship had slowed as it entered the solar system; the engines were low on power so they were letting it absorb radiation from the distant stars.

         “What’s our ETA?” Kold snapped and one of the personnel saluted as he looked at a screen.

         “Approximately 15 minutes.” The man responded and Kold nodded-

         “Sir, a group of powers just disappeared!” One of the men shouted. Kold glared at him.

         “What?” Asked the son of Glacial, greatest emperor the universe had ever known. The man cringed but continued.

         “A group of about 20 or so power signatures just vanished, all of them were powerful but the two most powerful are still detectable.” Kold shrugged.

         “Maybe the two powers killed them, whatever it is, I care not, proceed as planned.


         Dr. Gero looked on as Buu frolicked around the area, grinning madly the entire time. He had quickly determined that the monster had a very low intelligence level, but he had been very respectful and laughed at the things jokes and attempts at humor. And then he had given the thing candy. Buu had become endeared of Dr. Gero, especially when Gero promised him revenge on his former master.

         “Cell, how are the others coming along?” Gero asked politely of his trump card. Buu was powerful but Cell was very close in power to Buu. And Cell was much smarter, much smarter; he had added his own genetic material and Bulma’s to the android’s body. And he didn’t know how intelligent the aliens were but he knew that Cell was not only a genius he was a prize-winning fighter.

         “They’re coming along fine Gero.” He responded and Dr. Gero grinned.

         “Excellent, soon the ultimate army will be commanded by the ultimate general and my dream will come true!” Gero crowed and Cell grinned behind his back. He had no intention of letting the power crazed android genius ruin his plans to become the ultimate fighter. He had been granted life, and therefore had his own purpose, one that just didn’t happen to match up with Gero’s.

         That was when all three detected a power surge, something that hadn’t been there a second ago and was now present. At the same time a beeping emitted that signaled the birth of 16, 17, 18, 19. Cell grinned as his sensors discovered that this new power was massive in scope, accompanied by one much smaller, almost insignificant. Cell’s grin turned predatory, this would be a great challenge.

         “BUUUUUU!” The pink blob crowed, making the newly awakened 17 and 18 sneer in sync.

         “What is that?” 18 asked derisively and Cell shrugged.

         “Some sort of super power soldier that Gero discovered-“ He began when the genius interrupted.

         “Cell what is-“ He began when the side of the mountain seemed to erupt. When the dust and light cleared there stood a small green man and a large red one. Cell picked the red one as the power.

         “Majin Buu, there you are!” The small green man who resembled a deranged catfish cooed. 18 and 17 were both looking at each other with raised eyebrows now while 16 merely stood blankly at attention. 19 was looking at Gero who was thinking.

         “That is Majin Buu?” The red man asked, scorn tainting his tone. Buu whistled and began to play in the dirt.

         “That’s what I asked.” 18 said conspiratorially to the red man who grinned at her while giving her the once over.

         “Pretty.” He said in that deep gravelly voice of his while 18 winked at him flirtatiously. 17 gagged and the green man stood up.

         “Dabura, stop that. You, Dr. Gero I believe you call yourself, my name is Babidi and this is my father’s creation.” Gero grimaced but didn’t question how thing that called itself Babidi knew his name. Dabura looked at Babidi.

         “I thought we didn’t know if it was, that creation could be your father’s as well.” Dabura said pointing at Cell who looked offended to be the called a “creation” even if that was what he was.

         “Actually I created both of them, but I believe we have room to discuss, other avenues of business…” Dr. Gero trailed off hopefully but Babidi just glowered at him.

         “That is Majin Buu, he has the symbol you moron.” Babidi snapped at Dabura who sighed.

         “Sorry Master, my mistake.” 18 glared at the small wizard, she liked this big powerful looking demon, and she didn’t like the pip-squeak ordering him around.

         “Why do you call a bizarre talking catfish your master?” 18 asked Dabura. Babidi seemed to turn blue at this.

         “WHAT? I AM ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL WIZARDS IN THE COSMOS! MY FATHER WAS BIBIDI HIMSELF!” He screamed at her, and 16’s eyes shot open and stared at Buu. Buu had frozen at the mention of Bibidi and turned to Babidi. Everyone grew quiet instantly.

         “Buuuuuuuu!” Squealed the pink blob, his face contorting in what looked like anger. Babidi felt a fleeting bit of fear before rallying.

         “Yes Buu, I am the son of your creator, now obey me or I’ll shut you up in the ball again.” Babidi snapped. Buu looked torn, to attack or to not attack.

         “Ahem.” An almost soft voice rang out, but with a tone of command in it that was obvious.

         “Wha-“ Babidi began but was interrupted by Dr. Gero.

         “Baba?” He gasped at the woman hovering before him on her crystal ball. Uranai Baba grinned at the group before.

         “Get the hell off my planet.” She ordered. Babidi snarled and hurled a fireball at her, not a ki one but one burning with magical power that only an extremely powerful warrior could survive. Baba brushed it away with her hands.

         “You call that a fireball?” She asked, her voice dripping with scorn. Babidi almost screamed in frustration, his magical power skyrocketing.

         “Kill them Dabura, kill them all!” He raged and flung a bar of power magic at Dr. Gero, killing him instantly. At that Buu screamed.

         “BUU MAD NOW, BUU CRUSH YOU!” Cried the pink blob, and for a second his awesome power was apparent to the group. But Dabura was unfazed, Babidi had boosted his own already substantial power by increasing the Majin bond. So Dabura summoned his own energy.

         The two kis met with a furious clash of light and energy, the resulting explosion devastating the ground for miles around. A surge of power flashed throughout the galaxy and light years away delicate energy sensors exploded. Dabura roared and Buu screamed, each attempting to outdo the other. Babidi threw up an energy shield while 17 and 18 did the same around the group of androids. Baba didn’t make any movements, but for some reason none of the incredible energy touched her.

         Far away from the site of the battle, Koola gave an almost frantic look to the power level instruments on the ship and panicked. He ordered the ship to get the hell out of there and set a course for his aunt’s capital planet. On board his own personal drop ship Kold grinned, the prospect of a good fight gave his blood a rush.

         When the ki rush died down Babidi glared at the witch known as Uranai Baba. Dabura and Buu glared stonily at each other.

         “Buu, do as I say or you’ll be locked up for another few thousand years.” Babidi snapped and Buu frowned but Babidi had turned his attention to Baba.

         “As for you, go to HELL grump!” The wizard screeched and threw enough magical energy at her to destroy a star. Baba then did something that sent a rush of fear through him; it chilled his spine to the core. She caught the energy and grinned.

         “That’s a good idea, go to hell as you said, thanks.” Said the wrinkled old woman and spun the energy around. “Let’s drag you to Hell by the power you love so much.” She snapped and then opened a vortex. It sucked in the essence of each of the villains into the depths of Hell, and then Baba realized she had done the unthinkable, made a mistake.

         “Oh well.” She shrugged and sat down to wait.


         Kold grinned as he stepped out of the space ship and then frowned. The other powers had gone too. This was most unusual and disappointing. He looked around him at the dominant species of Chikyuu.

         “Hello.” He said and half the people around him fainted. He raised an eyebrow, this was even more unusual.

         “He- hello Mr. Alien.” Said one brave soul as he edged forward. Kold turned and looked at him.  

         “Where did those ki signatures go?” Asked Kold and the man gaped.

         “Wha- what?” Kold frowned, that wasn’t the answer he was looking for. He tapped his scouter and it didn’t detect any other powers whatsoever. Suddenly he felt a tugging on his body, his soul felt light, and he grimaced as he realized his essence was being pulled from his body. Unlike his eldest son, he knew nothing of the mystical arts so he let it take him, waiting to see where he would go.


         It was a surprise for everyone when they disappeared only to reappear in hell. It was an even bigger surprise when all those who shared genetic material with Cell were pulled into Hell too. It was no surprise that when they got there, fights broke out.

         “YOU!” Vegeta screamed as he saw Kold and flashed forward to deliver a blazing upper cut to the King. Kold felt his jaw shatter but recovered quickly, realizing that he would have to summon his energy and transform, which took forever but it was necessary. He grunted as Vegeta was sent flying by a well placed kick and he dodged Zarbon’s fists.

         “KILL THEM DABURA! KILL THEM ALL!” Babidi screamed and threw a ball of energy. The residents of Hell were staring at the scene before yelling and attacking everything around them. Goku looked at the z-gang and nodded to them. Yamucha, Tien, Nam and Piccolo all began to fight off the denizens of Hell while Krillin stood guard over Bulma, Gohan and Chichi. Goku raised his power to the max just below SSJ and attacked Kold. Radditz was busy transforming to Oozaru with Rubar and Basil while Plu and Choutzou were battling the spirits of Hell in their own special way.

         Cell and the androids were frozen until they sighted Goku. 16 immediately began to look pained as his arms moved of their own volition. Without thinking Cell knocked him out and looked at 17 and 18.

         “Take him to Bulma, she can reprogram all of you so that we can be free of the sick bonk’s power.” Cell said and 18 nodded. 19 looked furious however and attacked Cell.

         “We must obey Dr. Gero’s-“ He began but Cell vaporized him with a flick of his finger. Suddenly a calm came over the battlefield as Buu settled to the earth.

         “Now Buu angry…” The pin monster trailed off and grinned in such a way that it sent chills through every warrior and spirit there. “You. Go. Bye BYE!” The monster swelled and then whistled.

         “Big Energy.” He almost whispered and suddenly ki shot out in every direction. The resulting explosion was the equivalent of a billion megaton nuclear explosion. When it was over the souls of Hell were gone, their physical forms gone for all eternity.

         “Buu Buu Buu Buu Buu!” Sang the monster to himself as he danced around. Babidi let out a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding, safe behind his energy shield. He looked around him, plucking names out of minds to get a feel for who was still alive.

         “Bu- Bulma?” Yamucha breathed, his eyes wide and almost unseeing. Where was Bulma? Goku groaned as he levered himself up from the ground and Krillin held back a sob of pain. His arms were wrapped tightly around Gohan, he’d used his body as a shield for the boy and the skin was ripped from his back. Piccolo hastily regenerated his body parts while the various other warriors got up.

         “BULMA!” Screamed Yamucha, looking around frantically. As soon as Goku heard that his head snapped up and his eyes went blank. Bulma was the first person after his grandfather he’d met. His very first friend, the one person who knew him better than himself. He was closer to her than even Chichi, they were so close that romance wasn’t even thought that entered their minds, just a pure platonic love. And now-

         “BULMA!” Screamed Yamucha as his aura began to expand and his eyes flashed blue. He felt his ki boiling up to the surface; his rage was becoming all encompassing. With a cry of pain Yamucha became a SSJ.

         “A- A SSJ?” Kold gasped, the blast had done little damage to him as the energy released when a changeling transforms functioned as a shield from the brunt of the assault. Vegeta looked at Kold and grinned.

         “Not the only one-“ He started only to be interrupted by a strangled cry of hate that was more heartfelt than anything he’d every heard before.

         “YOU WILL PAY!” Goku screamed, his ki had shot up past anything they had felt possible from him, his hair stiffened and lengthened slightly, lighting crackled around him and his features took on a hard cruel edge that had not been there before. Vegeta gaped at him, what was he? Buu looked up at Goku and therefore missed the massive ki ball that Dabura hurled at him.

         “NO! Dabura don’t hurt Buu!” Cried Babidi and then stiffened.

         “You annoy me.” 18 said and sliced the wizard in two. Babidi gave a small gurgle and then she incinerated the body. Dabura cried out and clenched his head. The M symbol glowed briefly before fading slightly, along with Dabura’s power level. Buu flipped up, or rather his legs flipped up and the rest of him grew out of them. Only to have his body smashed by the angriest Sayaijn alive.

         Goku sent a blast of ki straight through the rotund villain while Yamucha gave him a hearty punch to the face. The two beat on the pin blob with all of their might before setting down next to each other and looking at the mound that was left of Buu.

         “Damn him.” Yamucha spat and Goku growled. Then they stiffened as Buu swelled and began to regenerate.

         “Looks like you could use some help.” Said a voice and the two turned around. “The name’s Cell, and just for the record I’m on your side.” Goku then raised a hand and placed on Cell’s chest. Cell raised an eyebrow and then felt a slight tugging on his mind-

         “I see, well then Cell, Yamucha, let’s try a triple Kamehameha.” Goku grinned. He stood in the middle and Cell went on his right with Yamucha on his left. The three set up and all began the attack.

         “Kamehame HA!” Cried three voices in sync as Buu finished regenerating. It was then that the Supreme Kai showed up with Chichi, Kibito and a few others.

         “Buuuu!” Screeched the pink monster as it blocked the blast and fired one of his own back at the group. The two beams clashed, Buu’s slowly growing more powerful.

         “Looks like you could use a hand boys.” 18 said as she extended a hand, adding her own power to their huge blue blast. Beside her 17 did the same. Tien settled down and added his energy to it, Piccolo did so as well.

         “Looks like a regular party here.” Vegeta commented and the group of aliens set up for the signature attacks.

         “BUUUU!” The monster screamed as the power of the combined warriors overwhelmed him and began to tear apart his body.

         “FINISH IT!” Dabura cried and let loose a blast of energy that could have decimated a solar system at the evil creation of Bibidi. The energy overloaded and shot out of hell, blasting through the checkpoint of the after life and into the universe, the cold void of space. As it did it knocked a good many things around, one of them being giant barrels containing the pure essence of evil. The evil dropped into the pit and seeped out of sight, falling endlessly till it hit the ground, a place that was neither heaven nor hell, but the limbo in between.

         “You- you did it.” Shin breathed, his eyes wide with amazement. There was a flash of light and then Baba appeared.

         “Yes they did, and I’m sorry about that whole Hell thing, let’s take all of you home.” Baba said and they vanished in a flash of light.


         Very few species in the universe are immune to the void of space, only one can exist in it without any access to planetary sustenance. Changelings cannot do that but they can last in space for as long as needed. Koola had tried to stop the spell that pulled him into Hell, and had partially succeeded, he was still alive.

         But barely.

         His body was torn apart and he knew that he would have to work for years to regain the power he once held. But for now he was alive, he was alive! And it would be only a matter of time before his aunt found him. Pyre was after all, one of the most powerful people in the universe.

{more in the last chapter to come}
The Astral Pulse
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Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

         It was a clear day, the kind that had families out with picnic baskets or at least out for a bike ride. It was a lazy sort of day, the kind that every day should be, the sky was a light blue and the plant life was a vibrant green. The warm rays of the sun seeped into everything, bringing with it life warmth and in some cases sunburn. The air was still cool, a breeze was stirring the grass slightly and all was peaceful-


         That is until the ground seemed to explode causing the various animals to flee in all directions.

         It wasn’t a good idea to be within 50 miles of sparring Sayaijns, much less the super kind.


         Goku grunted as Vegeta landed a hit directly into his stomach. The prince of all Sayaijns was improving by leaps and bounds everyday. Truth be told Goku had never had a sparring partner or opponent as good as Vegeta was. With a flash Goku disappeared but Vegeta knew what the other Sayaijn was attempting, and ducked the kick that lanced through where his head had been a second ago- only to have Yamucha knee him in the stomach.

Vegeta growled and backhanded the other Sayaijn before slamming a leg into a surprised Goku. Gotcha Kakarot the prince thought smugly before vanishing. Yamucha shook his head and growled, his blue eyes flashing with the desire to win. With a cry his power unfolded around him and he created a shining ball of potent energy. He hurled it at Goku who thought fast and deflected it to where he knew Vegeta would appear.

         The prince was surprised to find himself face to face with a ki ball the color of sky blue when he reappeared, but not so surprised he couldn’t block it. The resulting explosion made Yamucha pause, long enough for Goku to launch a blitzing assault on his chest. Yamucha was caught off guard and goku got in a few good hits before the former desert bandit shot backwards, a move that for a second surprised the other man.

         “AAAAHHHH!” Vegeta screamed, his aura flaring up like a volcano erupting, the mindless fury of raw destruction. For a second the air was so charge that nearby trees caught fire and the ground beneath them trembled. Goku grinned and launched himself at Vegeta with his own aura blazing like the fire of a noon day sun.

         “Rogafufu KEN!” Screamed Yamucha and Goku froze, he remembered this attack- but it was too late as Yamucha was on them, his power increased exponentially and his hands moving faster than they could follow. The last thing Vegeta remembered seeing was a huge wolf shadow covering Yamucha’s body.


         Vegeta groaned as he sat up, what had he been hit by? He growled as he remembered, and frowned. How could that- how could Yamucha have such a powerful move and he not have seen it before? He wondered what other tricks these humans had up their sleeves. Sayaijns, humans, hybrids, demons, androids, Nameks and Lunaris knows what else. Vegeta thought, invoking the name of the Sayaijn god in passing.

         Sayaijns contrary to popular belief were very religious, which was easy when your religion didn’t suspend the most pleasurable aspects of your life or condemn you for small mistakes. There were four Sayaijn gods, Lunaris the Moon God and god of the Oozaru aspect. There was Aiyoku, the male god of lust and sex, there was Shukou, the god of food and general revelry, and finally there was Ikousen, the goddess of war and battle. Lunaris was always extremely popular, but so were the others, they represented the most important things to Sayaijns, aside from loyalty and honor.

         It had long been tradition that the kings and queens of Vegeta-sei had been the high priests for any major ceremony, and Vegeta had mad ehis fair share of offerings to each. Lunaris’ ceremony was to have all the Sayaijns go to a neighboring planet and transform and engage in a massive free for all that ended in a giant roaring bout of singing as the giant apes would lift their voices on high to one of their gods. Vegeta closed his eyes and briefly remembered the wild sense of unrestraint, letting go of everything and just living for the moment, for the fight and then- filling his lungs with sweet air and bellowing in praise and prayer. It had an awesome primal feel that still made Vegeta’s skin prickle.

         The other gods had holidays celebrated according to each one, for Ikousen a royal tournament was organized that allowed all who could to compete and classes were taught by the king’s elites to the children of Vegeta-sei. For Shukou there was a feast large enough for every Sayaijn to gorge himself and a wild party afterwards with some of the cosmos’ finest drinks being swallowed in massive amounts. And sa for Aiyoku’s holiday… Vegeta flushed at that memory, of the Futa blossom’s and their powerful scent pervading his every body part and the feel of liquid fire in his loins-

         Think those thoughts anymore and you will need one hell of a cold shower in a minute to get rid of what might pop up… Vegeta thought to himself and grinned at the almost chiding tone his inner monologue took.

         Suddenly he stretched, enjoying the feel of the soft bed sheets against his body and the supportive mattress. He had slept in the most comfortable of beds, suspended in the air and on the hard metal floor of a spacecraft, but somehow these human beds seemed the most wonderful things ever. He scratched his head and smacked his lips, he was hungry but it wouldn’t be something he wanted to take care of for a couple hours, wouldn’t be good to spoil his appetite after all, these humans sure as hell knew how to cook!

         “So you’re awake eh?” Vegeta turned sharply to see Zarbon, who was looking very dapper in designer black jeans with a tight white t-shirt. Vegeta raised an eyebrow. Where had he gotten those clothes? They weren’t armor so they must be earthen leisure clothing; they looked like something you’d find on Ruthag, or some other planet home to a large number of courtesans and whores.

         “Yes, and what are you wearing?” Vegeta asked as he stood up shaking off the small aches from the bandit’s attack. He rolled his neck and grinned as he felt it crack, that was a good feeling.

         “Bulma took a group of us shopping for ‘stress relief’ and I went with them just to see what this planet had to offer.” Zarbon said casually while looking Vegeta up and down. “You don’t look injured, did Kakarot knock you flat?” Zarbon asked and Vegeta felt a twinge of anger at that, but he knew that even though he’d become the legendary super Sayaijn, Kakarot had become something much more. But in no time at all so would Vegeta, he was sure of it.

         “No, it was Yamucha, he had a special attack that I’ve never seen before.” Vegeta said, his eyes slightly vacant as he remembered the attack. Vegeta was like Kakarot in that way, they both had an incredible memory for techniques although Vegeta’s trained in and Kakarot’s was natural.

         “Oh.” Zarbon said and then chuckled. “Well it looks like he didn’t fare to well without you.” He said and pointed to another bed and Vegeta looked only to see Yamucha there with his leg in a cast and his eyes closed. It was obvious that Goku had trashed the other Sayaijn. The prince of all Sayaijns stood up and flexed, enjoying the feeling of new strength rushing through his limbs.

         “They’re both still inexperienced with fighting. Especially flying.” Vegeta said and it was true, he outweighed both Yamucha and Goku for structured training. But the two somehow kept surprising him, finding new ways to truly test his power. This visit to earth which had lasted far longer than it should have had made Vegeta far more powerful than he’d ever dreamed. It made me a Super Sayaijn.

         “So where’s Kakarot?” Vegeta asked and Zarbon thought about it for a second.

         “He’s at the school.” Zarbon replied after a moment and Vegeta nodded. He’d learned of the SC after they’d spent a week or so back from Hell. With any luck soon the humans will begin to become a warrior race Vegeta thought. Chikyuu was a planet that was easy to fall in love with, strong fighters, great food and an aptitude for technology pointed to Chikyuu as the next “big thing” for intergalactic travel if Vegeta was any judge. It would do well for the Sayaijns to get a head start on negotiating for Chikyuu placing them as favored planet status, maybe even a sister planet alliance?

         “What about the others?” Vegeta asked as he began to limber up by stretching. Zarbon creased his forehead for a second before answering.

         “Radditz, Plu, Basil and Rubar are all at the school too. Dabura is on some place called Kami’s Lookout and the androids are all here.” Zarbon finished and Vegeta looked interested.

         “Is Cell here?” Vegeta asked and Zarbon nodded. Vegeta grinned; he had another sparring partner then!


         “Hey Yamucha?” a voice filtered through the haze of sleep on Yamucha’s brain and he looked up to see Bulma’s face. He smiled but the noticed the upset expression she had on, the creased look of confusion, pain, guilt and worry. It was not something he was used to seeing on her face.

         “What is it Bulma?” He asked, his dark eyes thick with worry. Bulma bit her lip and then spit it out.

         “I’m pregnant.” She whispered and Yamucha’s eyes went wide before his face lit up and become regretful at the same time, it came out looking like he’d eaten a raw fish that was too sour.

         “Oh, well I meant to wait until our anniversary in two weeks, and the ring isn’t here, but-“ Yamucha gulped and looked into Bulma’s blue eyes, eyes that had enchanted him for so long. “Bulma Briefs, will you marry me?” For a second there was a silence and Bulma’s eyes filled with tears.

         “Yamucha, you know I can’t-“ She gasped and Yamucha froze. “I’m too young, I still need some freedom, and- and I don’t even want this baby.” The last was said very quickly and Yamucha gaped at her, his mouth worked but nothing came out. Bulma was crying now and Yamucha felt his arms responding to the sight before he could think. He held Bulma close and let her cry, her tears soaking into his clothes. He was stunned, Bulma didn’t want to marry him? Bulma was all he’d known, his only girlfriend, one of his closest friends, his one and true love…

         Or was she? Yamucha looked down at Bulma, they were close, so close, but was it because they were soul mates, or because they only knew each other?

         “Thank you Yamucha, I’m so sorry, but Yamucha, I-“ She stuttered, she didn’t want to say it, didn’t want to hurt him, but she just knew that this was the end, their relationship wouldn’t survive this. “I want to abort the baby.”          Yamucha went stiff. “What?” He asked incredulously and BUlma looked at him through teary eyes. “I can understand breaking up with me, but that- you can’t do that!” Bulma suddenly looked outraged.

         “What do you mean I can’t, it’s my body, it’s my baby, this affects me far more than you!” She snapped and Yamucha’s jaw worked.

         “But- but- but it’s wrong, what if you’re parents had aborted you-“ Yamucah began but BUlma interrupted him.

         “Well why don’t you have the baby then!” She snapped and he looked angry.

         “Ok I will!” He snapped back and they froze, his face went red and Bulma’s turned thoughtful.

         “You would?” She asked and Yamucha blushed.

         “Well, yes, yes I would.” He said, his voice gaining strength and Bulma nodded thoughtfully. Then she scrunched up her face, and smiled. Her face was red and blotchy from crying, but now she looked like herself again, her face and eyes were lit up, a terrible burden had been taken from her.

         “But Bulma, I can’t have a baby, I’m a man.” Yamucha said, trying to break the news gently. “And we can’t use the dragon balls, because we have to revive Vegeta’s planet with them.” Bulma rolled her eyes.

         “I already thought of that, it’s very simple what we do next.” She said and Yamucha suddenly looked leery. “I mean come on, we know our planet’s god, we know the four other gods that look over the universe and we know the supreme god so to speak, if between those six we can’t find some way-“ She stopped and grinned. “Or we can just ask Baba.” Yamucha raised an eyebrow.

         “Do you realize how much that will cost?” He asked softly, his tone joking and Bulma grinned at him and tweaked his nose.

         “I am the richest woman in the world Yamucha.” She teased and then sobered. “And I’m sorry.” She whispered. Yamucha shrugged slightly, he hurt but he knew she did too.

         “Maybe this is for the best.” He said and drew her into his arms one last time. For a second they just held each other, a warmth that had never truly been there coming into being. And then Yamucha let her go.

         “Let’s go ask.” He said.


         Goku frowned, Geru, one of his slower students, was still having trouble with summoning his ki. Geru tried very hard he knew, and he wanted the boy to find his ki, but for some reason he just couldn’t…

         “Come, on, just reach inside yourself, focus, calm, breathe…” Goku said softly and the boy exhaled before yelling in frustration and slamming his fists against the ground, causing it to smash apart. Geru was of medium height and blond haired with green eyes. His parents were prominent scientists at Capsule Corp but all he wanted to do was fight. Normally he soaked up lessons quickly, although he didn’t progress strength-wise nearly as fast as some of the others, he was a good kid.

         “All right, stand up Geru.” Goku said and the boy did. Goku sighed internally, he was going to push the boy.

         “Geru, fight me.” Goku said and Geru looked shocked but Goku gave him no time to think. He flashed forward at normal speed and slammed a fist into Geru’s chest, knocking him back about 15 feet. Geru aly on the ground for a second before flipping back up. Goku grinned, that was more like it!

         Suddenly a series of explosion shattered the surrounding area as a group of meteorites slammed into the forest around the school. The explosions flung giant boulders and trees everywhere. Goku turned to look at Geru and saw a boulder flying at Geru, his eyes wide and full of fear. Goku reached out with his ki but waited, seeing if he could force the power out of the boy that he knew was there. Geru’s body tightened with fear as the rock arced up and sped down towards him, until he reacted out of pure terror. Ki erupted from him and vaporized the rock and Goku grinned before turning SSJ.

         Then he flung his arms up and let his ki rush out in a furious explosion and disappeared. The shockwave shattered windows but put out the forest fires that were raging. Soon all the flying debris was being deflected as the teachers of SC fought back.

         Radditz was the first to look at one of the meteorites, and to realize that they weren’t meteorites at all.



         The castle that was home to Uranai Baba was grandiose, built into the sheer of cliff that was one side of a mountain, it was her private retreat. The winds battered it constantly, producing a haunting wail that chilled people to the bone. Inside the castle were many rooms, nearly a hundred in all. In one of the larger ones was her library.

         Baba had many books, thousands of important magical tomes covered walls that stretched high into the sky. She floated on her crystal ball and traveled over to the end of the room to a wall with a book case that held maybe 500 books or so. These were her special books, not the ultra-rare and powerful ones but ones that were indeed special and powerful in their own way.

         She picked one up that was decidedly simple, although in its simplicity it accomplished something that would redefine even how the Kais viewed the universe. She opened the book, aged pages crackling even beneath her careful fingers. She would have to de-age the book soon.

         Suddenly the book filled with light and projected out a three dimensional map of the universe. Galaxies spread out before her, black holes, stars and dead space matter. It was all-visible to her questing eyes.

         “Show me Empress Pyre.” She said and the map whirled around before it began to zoom in to one particular galaxy, shooting forward onto one planet and then into a room and showing her an image of a short lithe red Changeling. Baba stared at the being that would prove to cause the universe more trouble in the next few years than anyone before her… Baba watched the Heir of Freon govern her empire and smirked. At least Pyre was not as blood thirsty and cruel as her nephew and brother.

         “Show me Warlord Grath.” Baba commanded and the vision took her to another part of the universe, to another Warlord, one who’s power was only equaled by his ego and bloodlust. Grath was imposing to say the least as her vision settled on the tall bulky warrior. He was about 8 feet tall and had orange skin with blue eyes and short-cropped spiky black hair. He wore a gi that was surprisingly similar to the ones of Earth, except it was perfectly white with gold trimming and a gold sash.

         Right now he was breathing heavily and sweating as he sparred with his corterie of warriors. The five other beings surrounding him were all of varying sizes and builds, but had one thing in common, they were the elites of the elites. Their power was huge, they were super soldiers, each one extremely intelligent and powerful, although they were insignificant compared to Grath’s true power. But the great Warlord trained with ki restraints on, making him fight for every single dram of energy that he pulled from his body.

         Baba observed him for a bit and dismissed him as nothing more than an over powered fighter with delusions of grandeur. But would he prove an ally or an enemy? Because the enemy was still sleeping, and would for a time but eventually…

         Baba continued to view the universe, searching out the various other Warlords, even scrying on the planets mysteriously called the Union, they were scattered throughout the universe, and although they numbered only about 100 worlds over all, they were impenetrable to all but the most powerful eyes. Then she turned her gaze to a series of dead worlds, these were hidden, on the very edge of the universe orbiting red dwarf suns that looked like specks of blood on the black canvass of the universe. Baba’s already wrinkled face became more wrinkled as she frowned. The planet’s prisoners were still sleeping but the enchantments holding them were weakening, and it would not take much longer before they began to break free, after all, the guardians were gone…

         Then she grinned, for not all hope was lost, there were those that slept that were good, on other worlds she looked at, held in stasis until those other prisoners awoke. And there was of course Chikyuu, Earth and the Sayaijns.

         Soon it would be time for Roshi and her to reveal their true power and purpose.

         Soon the greatest warriors the universe had ever seen would arise.

         Soon, a new race of Guardians would be born.

{I hope you had fun reading my story, as a disclaimer: I did not write dbz or any of its counter parts  And I give credit where its due}
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An End For A Beginning


         In the dark forbidding depths of space hung a single red planet orbiting a blue star. Its inhabitants- who were called Sayaijns- named it Vegeta-sei. Sayaijns were great ruthless warriors, known throughout the universe as beings of incredible power and a taste for destruction.

         Above the planet Vegeta-sei the sky was also dark and forbidding. It was spring, the time when the Futa trees would be coming into bloom, triggering the Sayaijn heat. It was for this event that all Sayaijns across the universe had been called home; no one ever missed the Futa festival. Every Sayaijn aware of their heritage and able to attend were at they festival. Btu this festival was different from the others in the past. On this one hinged one of the most influential events in history.

         For tonight would determine the survival of a species, or the fall of a tyrant.


         “Look at all of them Zarbon, those primitive moronic monkeys.” Frieza almost purred. Zarbon suppressed a shudder of disgust and shot a small look at Dodoria. The fat pink being was surprisingly calm. Zarbon grimaced internally; if Dodoria could be calm so could he damn it. But still…

         Zarbon and Dodoria were both the strongest warriors their respected races could offer, and had only recently found out their home planets had been destroyed by Frieza. When they had discovered Frieza’s plan to annihilate Vegeta-sei, they had both decided enough was enough. The Sayaijns were the only race powerful enough to defeat Frieza, so they had warned them of what was to come.

         Zarbon could only hope it was enough.


         “Do you see the out come of this battle Bardock?” The Sayaijn King Vegeta asked. Bardock sighed.

         “No, I don’t my king, I still only see- well you know.” Bardock finished lamely. King Vegeta scowled at the third class warrior. The unusually strong third class warrior, who could also see the future, and because of that was saving the Sayaijn race.

         “Well, at any rate thanks to Zarbon and Dodoria we know exactly when Frieza will be here. Is everyone in place Nappa?” Nappa grinned at the king.         “Yes sire, the entire army and every elite on the planet are both in position. And the orbital moons will be activated as soon as it is time.” King Vegeta laughed.

         “Excellent, today shall truly be a great day. Oh and Bardock,” The king said to the other Sayaijn. “You are now first class, so act like it.” Bardock’s eyes widened and he bowed.


         Frieza laughed as he saw the monkeys below him swarming around, all of them bellowing in anger. And they were helpless to stop him! Suddenly his scouter bleeped and he stared in anger at it. Zarbon and Dodoria were leaving the ship, and taking the boy with them! He roared and stood up in his floating chair, staring at the small space pod that was flying down to the planet, totally ignoring the bursts of bright white light appearing on the surface of planet Vegeta. Miniature moons coming into being all over the surface of the world.

         But he did notice when a blast the size of a small moon came off of Vegeta and incinerated his body. His worse nightmare had come true; the Sayaijns had realized that the combined power of a thousand of them was equal to a far great power if they combined their blasts. A thousand warriors each with a power of 20,000 were equivalent easily to someone with a power of 200,000. The average Sayaijn had a power level of 5,000, but when they transformed into Oozaru, their power would increase exponentially.

         So it was that the entire Sayaijn army and every elite and first class warrior on the planet transformed into the giant monkeys that all in the galaxy feared, the combined blast of nearly 100,000 transformed Sayaijns hit Frieza.

         It was like hitting a gnat with a nuke.


         10 years later…


         “Zarbon! Get in here!” Thundered the voice of the Sayaijn prince. Zarbon rolled his eyes and stood up from his work to go see to his annoying charge. His features hadn’t shown a bit of aging, indeed Kydra-jins could live for up to a thousand years and Zarbon was only 248. Dodoria however was showing his age, his species only had a life expectancy of perhaps 50 years. Although anything that used ki like they did could increase their longevity by a good half of how long they should live.

         He walked quickly down the hall of the Sayaijn palace, wondering what the brat wanted now. It had been 10 years since Frieza had died at the hands of the Sayaijns and he had been adopted in a matter of speaking by King Vegeta, despite the fact he was roughly four times the age of the King. King Kold and his family had sued the Sayaijns for peace, panicking since the explosion of ki on Vegeta-sei had made every ki-sensing device within a billion light-years explode. It had made Zarbon consider the nature of ki, just what it was exactly.

         He knew that ki was the life force if you will, the energy within every living being. It could be brought to the surface and made greater if you trained it; it sustained the life of- well just about everything. Zarbon had a theory in the works about ki and as he considered it he suddenly found himself facing Vegeta’s door. Without bothering to knock he snapped out an “Open” and found himself facing the irate prince himself.

         “Damn it what took you so long?” Growled the irate prince before turning his back on the Kydra-jin. “Come on Zarbon it’s time to leave.” Zarbon frowned, what did the prince mean?

         “Excuse me?” He asked and Vegeta snickered at the expression he knew was on Zarbon’s face.

         “I said we’re leaving, for off-planet Zarbon, that means space and stuff.” Vegeta said in such a sarcastic tone that Zarbon had to smile slightly.

         “All right Brat Prince, let’s go.” Zarbon, King Vegeta and Picka were the only beings alive that could get away with calling Vegeta nicknames. Picka had been his caretaker when he was younger, due to his mother’s untimely death the king had been devastated, especially since whenever he looked into his son’s eyes he saw hers. So Picka had taken care of Vegeta for years until the King had finally found himself cherishing his time with his son.

         It was just about the sappiest story Zarbon had ever heard but it still brought a crinkle to his eyes. Zarbon was a sucker for sappy stories.

         “I assume that we have some sort of mission?” Vegeta nodded.

         “Retrieving Sayaijns lost during the time of Frieza’s dominion. We’ll be taking Nappa, the son of Bardock with us and a couple of others to go round up said Sayaijns.” Vegeta said and Zarbon shrugged, it beat his administrative duties any day of the week. “You’ve already been packed for, now get your butt in gear and let’s beat it.” The prince said and Zarbon grinned. Vegeta was only so informal with a certain group of people.

         Most Sayaijns were cold brutal monsters, courtesy of the treatment they received from Frieza, but Vegeta showed what happened when Sayaijns were given the freedom to grow as themselves. Sarcastic and with a quick temper Vegeta was mischievous and knew how to have a good time, and he lived to fight. Ah yes was the brat ever mischievous… Zarbon fingered his hair remembering the last prank the brat had pulled, the nerve of him dying his beautiful hair pink of all colors!

         Of course Zarbon had returned the favor, and the pictures of Vegeta with a pink tail standing livid in the throne room were enthrone over Zarbon’s bed much to the Brat Prince’s chagrin. Of course Vegeta’s pictures hadn’t made the news, Zarbon’s new hair color had. The Sayaijn populace had all had themselves a good chortle at his expense.

         For all their posturing and machismo Zarbon had found these past 10 years amongst the Sayaijns to be some of the best of his already rather long life. They were wild and vicious but were extremely loyal, even to the point of idiocy, and they were above all warriors.

         “Let’s go have an adventure Vegeta.” Zarbon said and he ruffled the boy’s hair, something once again only he, King Vegeta and Picka could get away with. Although Picka more than the two of them. Vegeta grumbled and the two walked out the door.


         Zarbon let out a low whistle as they boarded the ship. It was a good-sized ship, large and flat with ample room for the 6 warriors it would be carrying. Hell it would have ample room for 100 fighters! Vegeta smirked at the other man’s face and let him inside. Once again Zarbon was impressed in spite of himself.

         He traveled along the hallways and marveled at the elegant construction of the ship. He finally reached the bridge and grinned at the sight of the elegant consoles, this would be an excellent place to catch up on his reading and galactic news.

         “All right Zarbon, you know Radditz-“ Vegeta began and Zarbon turned around to see Vegeta standing next to a young Sayaijns with long hair. “And Nappa.” Zarbon nodded to the commander in chief of the royal Sayaijn army, an oaf with a peculiar head for battle tactics. He was peculiar because aside from being a great tactician he was an utter imbecile. He wasn’t even that great of a fighter, but as general he certainly was great.

         “This is Basil and her twin Rubar.” Vegeta introduce two Sayaijns that looked very similar except for the obvious gender differences between the two. Rubar was a powerfully built man a few inches taller than Vegeta with a cocky smirk and messy hair that spilled all around his hair like dreadlocks. His sister was the same height, her build less bulky and her features as hard as they were beautiful. Her smooth and curvy figure made Zarbon think a few dirty thoughts before turning back to the prince.

         “Now can we go Vegeta?” He asked and Vegeta shrugged. Rubar and Basil looked surprised at the informality between the two but Nappa just turned around and went to look for the kitchen. Radditz moved forward and plopped down into a chair facing the sky of Vegeta-sei, his long hair draping over the back of the chair awkwardly.

         “Whatever, I’m going to go train in the gravity room.” Vegeta answered and Zarbon nodded. He turned around and began to tap in a bunch of commands on the computer console. The ship began to smoothly climb into the sky and there was peculiar surge as it suddenly shot into hyper-speed only a couple miles from the surface of the planet.

         “So where are we going first?” Radditz asked turning to the Kydra-jin. Zarbon looked at the computer and frowned.

         “Some place called Gertoon.” Radditz shrugged.

         “Whatever, do you want to spar?” Zarbon chuckled; the monkeys never did get enough.

         “Sure, why not.” He said and got up. Radditz followed him out of the main room and that just left Basil and Rubar.

         “Huh, well sis I’m gonna go find the kitchen.” Rubar said and Basil shrugged.

         “I’ll go watch pretty boy and Rad spar.” She said and they went their separate ways.


         Earth was a blue sphere orbiting a golden sun. It was covered in water with great islands dotting it, but more than two thirds of it was covered in a deep blue. Orbiting it was single moon, now dotted with cities that had sprung up there ever since Capsule Corp had decided that they needed a zero-g environment to test some of their more controversial inventions.

         The technology had come straight from the labs of the Briefs family. Although no one except a privileged few knew that a great deal of the space-age technology had been taken and adapted from a spaceship that had carried a small boy to this planet a good many years ago.

         But thanks to that miraculous process we call time said boy was a boy no longer, he was now a young man, happily married with a small boy of his own. Right now that particular family was visiting the Briefs, in a grand reunion of something they called the Dragon Ball hunt.

         It was motley crew to be sure. There was the young man, let us call him Goku for that is his name, and his family. Chichi was his wife, the most powerful woman on the planet and quite possibly the best cook in the universe. Their son Gohan was an adorable little “rascal” or rather as much a rascal as he could be since thanks to his mother he was able to derive the quadratic formula and thanks to his father he was stronger than the average human adult.

         There was a short man with a bald shiny head and a sly grin; Krillin was his name, a monk with the title of strongest man in the world- although two other men at the party closely contested that. One was a roguish looking man, a desert bandit by the name of Yamucha, and the other a definite oddity, the triclops Tien. Tien was accompanied by a small emperor named Choutzou and a woman who if she sneezed was one of two people, Lunch or Ranchi. Lunch was a submissive beautiful bluenette and Ranchi was an aggressive violent blonde that packed two Uzi’s and desire to use them on things that moved, things that didn’t move, and even things that didn’t exist. The curious personality changing woman was carrying a small bundle, the result of her marriage to Tien. It was named Cena, and had the unfortunate ability of switching genders whenever it sneezed.

         But the fun doesn’t end there, for two shape-shifters, by the names of Puar and Oolong, were also there. Oolong was a pervert of a pig and Puar a floating blue cat- thingy. And to top it off the famous Master Roshi, arguably the strongest 200-year-old man alive and a notable pervert at that, was also in attendance.

         But let us not forget the Briefs themselves, the dashing and beautiful (not to mention domineering and temper-tantrum throwing) genius known as Bulma Briefs was there as well. With her were her two parents, Mrs. and Mr. Briefs. The only odd thing about them was that no one knew their first names.

         But perhaps the strangest guest was the tall young looking green man with the antennae on his head who spent much of his time at the party glaring at everyone and sitting in midair.

         “So how are things Goku?” Krillin asked cheerfully, his grin contagious as Goku grinned in pride.

         “It’s great, Gohan’s the best son in the world and Chichi is the greatest wife in the world.” Chichi blushed at the compliments but Gohan just smiled brightly up at Krillin.

         “Hey mom can I go play with Mr. Piccolo now?” He asked and Chichi glared at the floating green man.

         “Hey Piccolo!” She screeched and the Namek, for that’s what he was, spasmed and fell out of the air in surprise. Chichi grinned and nodded to Gohan who dashed off with great gusto and flung himself atop the green man.

         “I still can’t get over the fact that Piccolo’s a good guys now.” Krillin muttered but Piccolo heard him anyways.

         “I am most definitely not one of you- I am only associating with you until I become strong enough to defeat you. You are fools to let me do that by the way.” Piccolo said stiffly, and everyone neglected to comment on the fact he was letting Gohan crawl all over him.

         “Sure thing Piccolo, anyways Goku, I take it those contacts that Bulma invented work right?” Krillin asked and Goku nodded.

         “Yep, Gohan hasn’t transformed once and he’s great about putting them on.” Chichi said for her husband. “And how are things Krillin, find a lucky lady to share your life with yet?” Chichi winked at the now furiously blushing monk. Krillin laughed nervously and put a hand behind his head, for a second looking like a midget nose-less and bald version of Goku.

         “Eh, heh, well no.” He stumbled and Chichi laughed. Bulma then came waltzing up to the couple with a mischievous grin on her face.

         “Hey guys, having fun?” Chichi nodded.

         “Yes it’s great to have everyone back together again- and have you seen Tien and Lunch’s baby? She’s so adorable!” Chichi bubbled and Bulma smiled.

         “I know, it’s so great that they got together isn’t it? And Cena is just the cutest little girl.” Bulma said and Chichi nodded enthusiastically. “Still, it’s a pity that when she sneezes she turns into a baby boy.” Chichi stared at Bulma and then shook her head.

         “Wow, talk about gender confusion…” Bulma began to laugh, a rich high sound that made Goku smile fondly, Bulma was like a sister to him, she picked on him just like one at any rate…

         “Hey babe, here’s your drink.” Yamucha offered Bulma a tall glass that she took with a small smile. Yamucha turned to Goku and gave him a hearty hug that the Sayaijn man eagerly returned.

         “Yamucha it’s been a while.” He said and the other man grinned.

         “I know, and Chichi look at you, still quite the beautiful princess I see, although I must admit I don’t begrudge you a bit Goku, I’ve got my very own princess…” Yamucha trailed off look charmingly at Bulma and both of the women smiled at each other.

         “He’s such a nice boy isn’t he Chichi?” Bulma asked rhetorically and then linked arms with her friend and they walked off to coo over Lunch’s baby some more.

         “So Goku, are you free to spar anytime this week?” Yamucha asked sipping his beer. Goku grinned.

         “Sure whenever- but I got a question for you guys.” Goku suddenly turned serious. “I want to put some money away for Gohan’s future, and I bet Chichi and I will have more kids, but the tournaments only happen every few years. And if something would happen to me…” Goku trailed off. Yamucha and Krillin looked thoughtful.

         “Well bud I wouldn’t worry to much about it. If anything happened to you Bulma and I would set Chichi straight financially, Bulma is the richest woman on earth and I am a very famous baseball player. Hell Choutzou is an emperor, I bet he’d chip in as well.” Yamucha paused. “Basically I got no ideas.” Goku looked at Krillin who shrugged.

         “I dunno, but I know what you mean. I want to get off Master Roshi’s island and do something with my life, maybe impress that Marron girl enough to go out with me.” Yamucha rolled his eyes.

         “Krillin, butterflies impress Marron.” Krillin bristled at that and then chuckled weakly.

         “Yeah I guess you’re right-“

         “You know what you could do, is open a fighting dojo.” Master Roshi suddenly butted in. The three men all fell over in surprise, as they hadn’t noticed the old pervert coming up on them like that.

         “Think about it, you know the Turtle way to fight and you’re both smart enough to come up with a few of your own methods, open a dojo, get Bulma to lend you some money and a couple panties and you’ll be all set.” The three nodded and Goku made a mental note to himself.

         “Ask Bulma for money and panties, ok Master-“ Suddenly Yamucha and Krillin were jerked back by what Roshi had said.

         “Why you dirty old man I’ll get you!” Yamucha shouted and Roshi cackled madly and ran off with Yamucha hot on his tail. Krillin sweat-dropped and turned to a baffled Goku.

         “Goku buddy, just ask for the money.”
{next chapter coming next}
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