Projection Experience – Tuesday, July 24th

I woke up around 5am this morning,  I don\’t know why.   When I went back to sleep I found myself having a dream awareness experience, where I was trying to get ready for work.  I was \”somewhere\”  in my house coat when I remembered I still needed to shower!  So I raced off towards where I thought my house was (because for some strange reason I was nowhere near it lol).  It was around this point which I started to fly.  That was the tip off that I was in the non physical. 

Now that I was projecting, I believe with a strong lucid awareness, I landed in order to test my reality.  I felt the cement I was standing on… It felt so completely physical.   I looked up and around me to see that everything was just as it should be.   I flew over to a tree and grabbed a branch,  I began to feel myself wake up,  so I took the branch and crumpled it in my hands.   I put all my intent towards experiencing the feeling of it crumbling.  It was every bit as real as the physical.  The awareness it generated with that reality completely stopped me from waking up and strengthened my experience.

So this is definitely something that seems to work well.

I continued on with my experience by flying off.   I don\’t remember too much between then and a king up,  however I do remember that I had grabbed another branch,  but at some point when I began to wake up I couldn\’t get to the branch fast enough to save the experience.

My lesson?  Don\’t wait for the wakeup sensations to begin.  Do the awareness generating techniques throughout your experience so you don\’t have to worry about waking.

The Key to Most Astral Projection Techniques/Methods

Someone posted a PDF on the Astral Pulse tonight showing 66 different Astral Projection techniques.

The thing is that they\’re not 66 different techniques. They\’re the same technique with 66 slight variations. Well, that is, the ones that you do while consciously awake. There are ones listed where you initiate them from a lucid awareness experience in the non-physical.

It\’s a great write-up and all, but I think it\’s more important for people to understand *WHY* each of those techniques work.

I\’d encourage people to take a bunch of techniques they read about (here or wherever) and try to break them down into their base parts. Try to figure out makes the technique tick. Here\’s a hint… they\’re all asking you to do the *EXACT SAME THING* just in slightly different ways.

Ok that wasn\’t so much of a hint as telling you. LoL

Just about every technique incorporates Visualization or Mental Concentration/Focus in some way as a method of fixating your awareness away from the Physical. That\’s it… that\’s the entire secret. That\’s what took me over 10 years to figure. I use this concept to create my own visualizations and you can use this knowledge to further help yourself to project.

There\’s nothing mystical or magical about any of this and most importantly: ANYONE CAN DO IT.

Unique Experiences of the Non-Physical

I wrote this on the Astral Pulse and I wanted to share it with everyone here too. It\’s kind of in response to someone who posted, but as I say in the post, it\’s not directed at them. I hope they see & understand that. 🙂

After writing this post, I feel like I should preface a bit first… I didn\’t write this post to antagonize anyone. I apologize otherwise, cause my words might sound kind of harsh… and they\’re not directed to todd421757 either.  His post just made me wanna share this.  LoL

I keep an open mind when I read a book or a post. If it is a valid book, I should be able to repeat the experiences of the author. I have repeated the majority of the experiences by Sylvan Muldoon. To me Sylvan\’s book is credible and contains objective information.

That\’s just it though, you can *never* repeat the experience of the author… you can only BELIEVE you have repeated it.  You\’ll never know, because you can never have someone else\’s experience.

How YOU interpret a projection might seem or sound similar to you, but it\’s not experiencing what they experienced.  You can only have your own experiences.

Take someone like Frank for example… he mentioned a few of his experiences, and we can sit back, read them and be like, \”yup, I experienced that\”… but did you *REALLY* experience *THAT* exactly as Frank interpreted in which he experienced it?  Nope… similar maybe, similar sounding even, but \”experienced what he experienced\”?  …nope.

Even what Frank calls Phasing probably isn\’t what I experience.  I don\’t do Frank\’s Phasing… I do Ryan\’s Phasing.  Contenteo does Contenteo\’s Phasing… Lionheart does Lionheart\’s Phasing.  NOBODY on this forum does or will ever do Frank\’s Phasing.  Frank said he followed in Robert Monroes footsteps… he didn\’t.  Frank had his own experiences which he interpreted as best he could in what Monroe experienced, but it wasn\’t what Monroe experienced.  That\’s why that, in the end, Frank came to completely different conclusions than Monroe did.  This is why everyone, who puts aside their prior \’beliefs\’ and \’bias\’, will eventually come to completely different conclusions.

There are 6.5 billion people on this planet… and there are 6.5 billion different experiences to projection.

Most authors contain experiences which I cannot repeat. This leads me to believe the information they are presenting is subjective and dream-like.

I have no idea if Frank\’s information is truthful or not. In the end, it is up to each individual to decide.

I posit that *ALL* authors contain experiences which you can can not repeat.  You can only *BELIEVE* you\’re repeating them due to your interpretations.

Once you recognize that you can never have someone else\’s experience, it opens up an entire new reality to you… a reality where everyone\’s perspective is correct and every perspective has something of value to teach us.

The point is this…
Never try to be like someone else, you\’ll be trying forever…
If you delude yourself into thinking otherwise, you\’ve only succeeded in fooling yourself with yet another \”belief\”.
Lose the beliefs and just \”DO\”.

\”Belief\” is a very powerful thing… so powerful, that it has caused wars and has taken countless lives from this physical reality.

Dream vs Lucid/Astral Experience

I had a great non-physical experience last night, but it was a \”dream awareness\” one, regardless of how much clarity or control I had over it. Clarity and Control are secondary characteristics of a non-physical experience. Awareness is the primary characteristic you need to consider. I\’m going to use my experience last night as an example for how people can answer their own \”was this a dream or an astral projection?\” questions.

First I\’ll recant the experience a bit. I don\’t remember much of the details, but I do remember that at some point in the dream I was able to fly. If you\’ve read any of my posts you\’ll know that this is something I absolutely love doing in the non-physical, except this time I thought I was fully awake and was FINALLY given the ability to fly (LoL I know, crazy huh?). I flew around Toronto a bit, even to the point where I was gleefully jumping off skyscrapers and zooming along the waterfront. Not ONCE did I consider the thought that I was in the non-physical… and that would be the key here.

The experience was crystal clear and I had full control over my own actions (I was making all the decisions as to where I went and what I did there, no control over the environment though), yet I had no idea I was dreaming. So regardless of the clarity and control I had… because I didn\’t realize I was dreaming, I call this a \”Non-Physical Dream Awareness Experience\” and not a lucid or astral awareness experience.

Now, as I\’m typing this, I am remembering a point very early in the dream where I was rubbing my hands together to retain my focus, which points me towards having at least a Lucid Awareness at the start, but for one reason or another I quickly lost that awareness and went straight back into a dream awareness.

Clarity and Control (of yourself and/or the environment) are simply secondary characteristics of a non-physical experience. They do not denote what kind of experience you\’re having. As above I had clarity and control yet I had no awareness. I was, for the most part, the actor playing a character in a play, not knowing it was a play.

I hope this helps. 🙂

Morning Non-Physical Experience – September 8, 2011

This will be my first logged experience in a few months. I\’ve had some lucid/astral awareness experiences over that time, but they were either not meaningful or they were very short (1 – 5 seconds).

Last night, however, I had some meaningful experiences, a couple breakthroughs, and some frustrations.

First, the breakthroughs! Well, I started off before going to bed repeating an affirmation that I was going to become consciously aware during my dreams that night. Along with that, I firmly placed the Intent that it would happen. As it happened, I did have a really nice, long and clear lucid/astral awareness experience which I perceived happened for 15 – 20 minutes.

The second breakthrough was that during this experience I decided to run a simple test revolving around keeping myself in the non-physical. A point came where I began to sense that I was beginning to wake up. I was starting to feel my physical body lying in bed, so what I did was I consciously ignored those signals and focused my attention COMPLETELY within the non-physical environment I was experiencing. It worked perfectly. I was able to further extend my experience doing this.

I eventually did wake up though. I laid in my bed wondering if I should just close my eyes and go back into the experience, but I felt that I should jot down what notes I could quickly so that I could remember this stuff later in the morning. I found a piece of paper and a pen, both of which I normally keep on my bedside stand and wrote down a few keywords. Well, I went back to sleep and woke up in the morning. When I went to look for my notes I had made, and here\’s the frustrating part, I couldn\’t find them! Apparently the act of me \”waking up\” and \”writing down my notes\” was a FALSE AWAKENING. GAH! LoL

I\’ve forgotten a good chunk of my experience from last night. I think I retained the most important aspects of it though. Thankfully. hehe

Morning Projection – Friday, February 4th

I had, what I could consider my first successful fully conscious exit projections. They\’re not much, but I\’d like to share them! I haven\’t had the time until now to jot these down. 🙂

I took the day off work and slept in a bit… I woke up around 9am, and with a quiet house I decided to put in a bit more phasing practice. I got into my usual routine… 15 – 20 minutes go by, and I found myself staring out of the bay window at the front of my house, I knew right away that I was in the non-physical. I glanced outside to see an \”outside\” that wasn\’t like how it was supposed to be. I had a great idea the time… I wanted to see how fast I could fly. I\’m not sure if it began raining before or after this, but I took off in the rain and as I was seeing how fast I could fly (which seemed to be pretty fast, although because of the rain I couldn\’t see well) the rain was pelting me in the head… and I felt every drop.

Shortly after this, I lost the experience… I fell into a dream awareness experience where I was walking into an Aikido class, yet nobody was training, everyone was talking. I got changed and ready to go, but for some reason I had forgot to take off my jacket and my hat… meh. My sensei spoke to me personally about something, of which I don\’t remember, but then I woke up.

Lying in bed, I tried again… this time I appeared in my bedroom, everything looked perfectly normal… yet this time it took a second to realize I was in the non-physical, so you could actually call this a false awakening. I was holding onto something, a \”strip\” of something, leather maybe? It wasn\’t until I, somehow, turned it into a bracelet of sorts that I realized I was non-physical. Anyway, knowing where I was, I started to walk out of my bedroom towards the bathroom… yet, my feet felt strange, almost like I had something wrapped around them, kind of like when you have your pants down at your ankles and it makes it hard to walk. LOL I made it to the bathroom, yet I had trouble moving my head upwards to look in the mirror… I could only look upwards enough to see my legs and feet. This is the best part though… I felt myself beginning to wake up so I enacted upon an idea I had earlier this week regarding focusing upon something within the experience to keep myself in there. I focused upon the bracelet/leather thingie… I began studying it, looking it over, feeling it. This prolonged my experience for another minute or two.

The first experience I had was a usual flying run-of-the-mill projection for me… I didn\’t really discover anything good out of it. The second one, I found that the \”focusing\” upon an item thing really did help retain my consciousness within that reality frame. I highly suggest giving it a shot for experience-prolonging. 🙂

Morning Projection – October 11, 2010

I wanted to journal my experience I had this morning.

So, the first thing I remember was finding myself standing in a very beautiful grassy scene.  I had completely bypassed Lucid Awareness and apparently went straight to Astral Awareness.  I could see rolling, green hills for as far as the eye could see.  I remember looking up at the blue sky, and it was so very beautiful.  I just remember standing there for a few short seconds taking it all in.  The colours were absolutely brilliant.  I believe this was a Focus 3 oC area.

Standing around in this field were MANY people.  I didn\’t notice anyone wearing any strange clothing… they all seemed to be rather modern.  Some of them were standing off by themselves, others were standing in groups having conversations.

What I believe was a teenage girl came up to me and started talking.  I don\’t remember what the original conversation was, but I do remember asking her name in the hopes of getting some information about her that I could try to confirm when I returned to the physical.  Her name was Cardiff.  Unfortunately, I didn\’t get a last name or any other information regarding her…  I do remember \’chatting it up\’ with a few of the other people there, but I don\’t remember the details of them.  I remember one big burly fellow giving me a big hug… he seemed to know me, I dunno from where though.  All throughout these chats with people, I remember jumping up and flying around a bit.  I absolutely LOVE flying.  🙂

So anyways, around this time, I began to feel that I was dropping back into Lucid Awareness… because I was starting to see some Focus 2 oC environments overlay into my experiences.  I then began to feel myself wake up… the good thing here was that I woke up slow enough that I was able to keep myself still and my eyes closed, HOWEVER, I also had to go to the bathroom, which was probably the initial reason why I woke in the first place.  LoL

My initial goal this morning was to try Personalreality\’s new LD inducing sound file… but, since I didn\’t need it this morning, I skipped that.  I\’ll try it sometime this week or probably next weekend. 🙂