Lucid Awareness to Dream Awareness Example

This morning I had a non-physical experience I wish to share which illustrates how ones awareness can easily shift between states very quickly.

I had woken up around 7am this morning, to which I immediately tried to initiate a Phasing attempt. I phased directly into a lucid awareness experience, where myself and a friend of mine were attempting to clean up a cluttered room. It was a lucid awareness experience, because all I really knew about it was that I was in the non-physical, I had no realization of who I physically was or where my physical body was actually located.

Anyway, during the experience I spilled a drink to which, because I knew I was non-physical at the time, I was going to try and \”lift\” the spill using my mind. I closed my eyes in order to focus better, but at that point I became afraid (not scared, mind you) that as my eyes were closed that I might \”shift\” back to my bed. The funny part was that I did kind of feel a slight shift happen and when I opened my eyes I actually found myself back in a bedroom. I THOUGHT I had woken up, but I really hadn\’t. Upon reflection later when I really did wake up, the room I found myself in wasn\’t my actual bedroom. I had lost the lucid awareness I had attained earlier and was, at that point, had a reduced dream awareness.

If I hadn\’t closed my eyes at the time, I probably could have kept the lucid experience going for a bit longer. But because I only had a lucid awareness, I didn\’t have the faculties to realize this. This is also why it is important to increase your awareness to an astral awareness whenever you get the chance to, as you\’ll have much longer experiences because you\’ll be in a better state of consciousness to do the things you need to do to extend the experience.