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My Free 60 Page Book, “My Astral Projection Truth”, What is Astral Projection and How to do it!

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My Astral Projection Truth: What is Astral Projection and How to do it!

I just finished editing version three of my free Book! It’s now ready for downloading!

I’ve also re-branded it in honor of Frank Kepple, who put in so much time and effort into teaching others to experience the larger reality. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have progressed as much as I have.

It’s now “My Astral Projection Truth: What is Astral Projection and How to do it!

This Book represents everything I’ve learned over my life, but mostly the last 2 – 3 years of my practices in Projection and Phasing. It’s now a 60 page Book full of great information regarding how you can begin to explore the furthest reaches of reality on your own! All the information I provide in it was the same information that helped propel me towards the experiences I now enjoy.

Feel free to pass it around to where ever you wish, as long as the information remains intact and all credit is given where due.  I hope the information helps you as much as it has helped me.

Thanks for reading! Please leave me some feedback on how you like the Book, and if there was any parts of it that are unclear or confusing. I’m happy to re-write sections to make them easier to understand.

Astral Projection and Reality Realizations

On the Astral Pulse today, someone relayed an experience they had and then asked if it was an OBE or not.
This is my response…

There are some realizations that people need to make…

A lot of Projection-talk revolves around the term “Out of body”.
There is no such thing as “out of body”… there simply is no body. Ever. There is only consciousness.

While you identify right now as being physically awake and experiencing this physical reality, your consciousness is merely PROJECTING here.

You’re projecting right now. You just don’t recognize it as such because you’ve been taught that this physical reality and this physical body you “inhabit” are the only things that are *REAL*. This is a… I was going to say a lie, but it’s not a lie, because a lie is when you say something which you know to be false and nobody really realizes or understands this truth yet, so it’s not a lie. It’s just a confusing afterthought that nobody really considers.

You’re taught that all of this stuff you see and experience around you is real… you’re never taught to question any of it, but REAL is simply whatever you experience. Whether it’s in this reality or another reality, real is simply that which you experience.

You might be reading this and feel like you’re really confused about what I’m talking about here and you probably have no idea what I’m talking about at this point, but that’s okay, because if you keep at this long enough, you’ll experience this for yourself and you’ll eventually KNOW. You’re also probably very confused right now too, because you probably think I didn’t even remotely answer the question asked.

When in actuality, the answer is laid out all too clearly here.

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What is the Difference Between an Etheric Projection and an Astral Projection?

From my own experiences and what I’ve researched there isn’t enough evidence that exists from either that dictates there there are these separate “planes” of existence.

From my own experiences, I’ve experienced realities that looked very similar to this physical reality, including areas which I mostly recognize… and I’ve had experiences in realities which are nothing like this physical reality nor are anywhere I recognize.

I surmise from this that what people label as an “etheric” projection is a projection where they are in a non-physical environment that they recognize to be this physical reality… when it’s very strongly possible that all they’re experiencing is a non-physical environment heavily modified by their own consciousness.

See, I believe that people are interpreting their experiences too literal. Robert Monroe did this at first and while it “seemed” like it was correct at the time, he later figured out by his third book that what he was experiencing could not be taking literal. Just like you can’t take a dream and interpret it based upon the literal translation of what you’ve seen/experienced.

So, back to the “etheric” projection… I think it’s strongly supported by the many reports that I’ve read and what I’ve directly experienced myself that reality works much in the same way it does while physically awake/aware. We each experience a non-physical reality (consensus probably) and we each interact with that reality on an interpretational level, meaning that what we experience we must interpret first in order to experience it. While we’re doing this through our projection, we’re not only interpreting our own experience, but other consciousnesses in the “area” (quoted because it’s loosely meant) are also creating and pushing their creations upon others as well… this is why I believe we get reality fluctuations. The further away from the more familiar places we get (ie: our bedroom, house or street) then the more reality fluctuations kick in. Simply put, the source of them is from other consciousnesses working against your own creations.

Going back to the original question… is there a difference between etheric and astral projections, I say only if you believe there is. I don’t think there is any objective evidence out there that supports the existence of different planes. I believe it all comes down to personal interpretation of the experience and what that particular person has experienced or read about previously.

Astral Projection Facebook – Question Response

Someone on the Astral Projection facebook group asked the following question which I would like to address here.

When I am working on AP I lay down on back I usually don’t sleep on my back and I can’t fall a sleep in that position. I get vibrations very quick after 3-4 minutes, then I get numb and I wait for things to happen and only thing that happens is that I open my eyes and start to hallucinate and I see the light through the window and it all goes or sometimes I just wait and I can’t get my physical body to sleep and from the point of numbness and vibrations I don’t know what to do please

Well, what it boils down to here is what it is you’re doing when you’re “just waiting” for your physical body to fall asleep. If you’re just lying there waiting for something to happen, then you’re going to be lying there for a while. You need to give your mind something to do, something to focus on, while the rest of you drifts away.

Basically, what you need to do is focus your mind away from everything that is physical. All of those physical sensory inputs (sight, hearing, etc) need to be completely ignored. This is a lot harder for a most people to do than it sounds. This is the part where you need to “do something”… that something can literally be any technique available. Pick a technique that resonates well with you and use it.

You can focus on your breathing…
You can do the Noticing exercise…
You can do a Mental Rundown…
You can visualize a single object, like a geometric shape…

Whatever you do, you need to be able to focus on it 100% to the exclusion of all else. Now, that doesn’t mean if you get an itch you ignore it or fight against it. If you get a distraction of some kind, just gently and calmly take care of it. Scratch your itch, get a drink if you’re thirsty, etc…

The point here is that to project, it’s more than just lying there waiting for something to happen. You have to actually engage your mind in an activity that diverts the attention away from everything physical. Once you do that, what you’ll find is that you’ll be in a void of sorts… it’s not that you won’t still “feel” or “sense” the physical, it will be that you’re just completely ignoring it instead.

Once you find yourself excluded from this physical reality and you’re experiencing the Void, you have projected! From here, you can ask questions of guides, or place your Intent to experience whatever you want. The limit is your imagination at this point. Although, the hardest part here is going to be holding this state for extended periods of time. This is where becoming really good at meditation will help… considering the fact that what you just did WAS a meditation, you’re probably doing pretty good.

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What’s the “blackness” in the “3D blackness”

I just read a post on World of Lucid Dreaming, where the poster mentioned that they couldn’t get to the 3D blackness in a lit room.

Well, the 3D “blackness” doesn’t LITERALLY mean “blackness”. It just means… “empty space”. Or a lack of visual sensory input.

Does that help?
Here’s a quick exercise you can do to show the effect…
Stand in front of a mirror and pick a spot on your face and just stare at it. Try to not blink or move your eyes from that spot. What are you looking for? Well, as you stare at the unchanging visual, you’ll begin to see irregularities happen. Things will appear and disappear… things will move and bend…
THIS effect is the what the 3D blackness is. Basically, when you view an unchanging scene, your mind will begin to slowly shut off your visual perception. That’s the very event which you’re watching when you do this… this is part of the reason why we blink, it “resets” the scene we’re looking at. When we “enter” the “3D blackness”, all that means is that our visual sensory input has been reduced to near zero.
At that point, we’ve visually removed ourselves from “seeing” this physical reality and you’re now “seeing” a different non-reality reality. You’re seeing the lack of visuals. It’s kind of the same as the sound you hear when there’s no sound to hear… you’re ALWAYS hearing something. Well, you’re also always SEEING something. That’s what you see when there’s nothing to see… 3D Blackness. It’s calming and serene.
It’s really a different state of consciousness. It’s a state of consciousness you can use to project from too!

Meditation – Quieting Mind?

Everyone hears about meditation and hears that “quieting your mind” is a must or else you’re not doing it right!

Meditation isn’t about quieting the mind. It’s never been about that.

Yes, you can ATTEMPT to quiet the mind… but then you’re using a manipulative force in order to do so… and when is manipulating anything into doing what it doesn’t want to do ever been a good thing?

Simply realize the truth… you are the awareness being aware of the thoughts being passed by it. Then simply let that event take place, non-judgmentally.

That is meditation.

Eventually you’ll also realize another truth about meditation… that meditation isn’t an act you do, it’s not something you put 10, 20, or 60 minutes aside per day to do. That’s the very act of blasphemy.

Meditation isn’t something you do, it’s a state of consciousness you exist in, at all times.

So by all means, don’t ever quiet your mind… instead, quiet yourself and listen to your mind.

Why am I Not Enlightened Yet? – Rupert Spira

Bob Hiller (on facebook) posted a really great video from a guy named Rupert Spira. I\’ve never heard of this guy until now, but I think I\’m definitely going to be giving his videos a good listen to! This one is entitled \”Why am I Not Enlightened Yet?\”. A woman asked him this question, and the response is just absolutely fantastic and enlightening in itself. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 🙂

What Kind of Projection Experience Did You Have?

I found a simple questionnaire a little while ago which I then modified slightly to work with my own particular terminology system for determining the type of awareness you had during any particular non-physical experience.

Ask yourself the following two questions, answer them with either yes or no, then look up the answers in the following legend to find out what kind of experience you had.

Answer the following questions:
Did you realize you were dreaming? (just that single objective, did you know you were dreaming?)
A. Yes
B. No

Did you have a \”waking awareness\”, in that you had all your physical memories and knew who and where you were.
C. Yes
D. No

A & C = Astral Awareness Experience
A & D = Lucid Awareness Experience
B & C = Dream Awareness Experience
B & D = Dream Awareness Experience

Some More Astral Projection Questions!

D01, on the Spiritual Forums forum asked these questions:

I\’d like to answer them here, because they\’re actually really great questions!

1) Can an individual close one\’s eyes and instantaneously arrive at the astral bridge (1 minute or less) being only a practitioner of qigong–never practicing astral projection–for 1 year; or, is this a delusional thought?
In the world of Projection, anything is possible. People have spontaneous projections even without knowing what a projection is… this is usually the first step in their discovery of the process. If you\’re excellent at focusing… and more importantly, focusing away from the physical, then yes, this kind of thing would be very possible. There is a big HOWEVER though. The problem is that someone who hasn\’t had any direct projection experiences of their own, doesn\’t really know or understand how the process happens.

I won\’t say it can\’t happen, because as I said… anything can happen. For this particular scenario, even with the training that QiGong provides, it\’s probably just unlikely

In the end, just work on meditation… and more importantly, work on trying to ignore the physical as much as possible. This will remove you from this reality… which is the end goal. 🙂

2) If an individual does not see their astral body leave the physical body, then did I really experience astral projection?
Yes, it\’s a Projection. Projection is about being consciously aware that you\’re experiencing a reality that you recognize as not being this physical reality. That\’s it really. The sensations of \”leaving\” the body and other separation phenomenon are only symptoms of the process by which you have this experience. Just like a lucid dream illustrates the process that you projected by becoming aware while ALREADY being in the non-physical… or the classic obe separation experience whereby you have the perception that you\’re \”separating\” from your body is only the process by which you experience the non-physical.

So anytime you have an experience where you recognize you\’re not in this physical reality, *IS* a Projection. You can understand now that you\’ve probably had more Projections than you realize.

3) Does the astral bridge look like Space with only star like figures swirling around, and can this be referred to Dr. Robert Monroe\’s 3D blackness
That is one particular interpretation, yes. Your interpretation can, and probably will be, be much different. It can even be different each time you experience it.

4) Is Dr. Monroe\’s Focus 21 the astral bridge and if so does one have to get to arrive at that stage, or see it, in order to astral project?
Just to clarify one quick thing. Robert Monroe wasn\’t a doctor. He was an electrical engineer. 🙂
Now onto your question… my understanding is that, yes, Focus 21 (or around there somewhere) is the \”bridge\”. You don\’t have to ever experience it in order to project, consciously or otherwise. More often than not, you\’ll probably skip right past it.

Now, my honest opinion, is to completely forget about any of the \”Focus Level\” stuff and just project. Don\’t be so concerned with what other people say happens AFTER you\’ve projected, just work towards having experiences in the non-physical… explore and have fun. Log your experiences… then after having LOTS of them, go back and begin analyzing them.

Is Phasing the Same as Astral Traveling

I saw the above question just now and I wanted to get my answer down. I’ll just get right to the point: yes, Phasing and Astral Traveling are the same thing. They’re synonyms. Meaning that they’re different words we use to describe the same thing.

There are other words that you’ll see people use to describe Astral Traveling, such as:

Astral Travel
Astral Projection
Etheric Projection
Out of Body Experience
Lucid Dreaming
Remote Viewing
MILD (basically any of those -ILD techniques)

Doing any of those above labels will take you to the same place (the non-physical) where you can do the same things.
“Dreaming” would be the only one from that list that is slightly different from the others. The other labels describe an event where you’re Conscious and Aware that you’re in the non-physical… dreaming denotes that you’re not aware that you’re in the non-physical. That’s the only difference between a dream and the rest of those labels.

In the end, I like to simply call what we experience a “Projection”. Mostly because if someone was to ask me “Was what I experienced an astral projection?” and I answer saying that it was probably a lucid dream, then immediately the individual asking the question feels like they failed because they didn’t have an “astral projection”. They didn’t do what they originally set out to do. It has a very negative connotation towards it. Whereby if I just say that, yes, they had a Projection, then it has a more positive influence upon them. They succeeded! And really, they DID succeed at what they wanted… which is to become aware while being non-physical.

I never worry about if I’m lucid or astrally aware in the non-physical. I simply ask myself, “was I conscious and aware while having a non-physical experience?”, and if the answer is YES, then I’m happy. Even if I didn’t, a dream awareness experience is still highly valuable to me.

Is Astral Projection a Spiritual Practice?

The simple answer to this question is no, Astral Projection is not a spiritual practice in itself. I have no doubt that some people will be surprised to hear that and others will be nodding in agreement. Please allow me to explain.

This is, in fact, the wrong question. The question should be, \”CAN Astral Projection be a spiritual practice?\”. The answer to that is a resounding YES. Of course it can be, but you need to make the conscious choice to make it so.

It starts with asking yourself why do you want to learn Astral Projection, or if the case is that you already know how, then simply ask why do you Project? It begins with the Intent behind the \”why\”. If all you\’re looking for is the thrill of something new, or perhaps you want to just fly around, or maybe you\’re wanting to spy on people… well, the Intent associated with these actions isn\’t of Love. Some of it is self-serving. Some of it is just outright negative. I\’m not saying don\’t spy, don\’t fly and don\’t find a thrill… I\’m just saying that if you\’re looking to grow spiritually, then those things should probably be kept in balance with your other activities. I\’m a big fan of flying… and a lot of the time I get caught up in doing just that. So I understand that sometimes it\’s not easy to keep your mind on track.

Now remember that you can grow spiritually much faster simply by interacting with others in this physical reality. Don\’t hide from other people, they\’re your path to spiritual growth! That is the entire reason why you chose to be here in the first place! To fast track yourself towards becoming a being of Love. If you can stick to that path in the current social atmosphere of greed that surrounds us on a daily basis, then I think you\’re doing pretty good. The nice thing about becoming Love here physically is that it translates over into your Projections. You will find that your Projections take on a much more positive atmosphere to them and you will meet with more positive entities, because you\’ve now shifted your Intent towards a more positive position, hence you will begin to experience such directly. This concept also applies to our physical lives. The more you change within to become closer to Love, the more positive effects you\’ll see happen in your life.

You can definitely also learn to become a more Loving being through Astral Projection. This is where Astral Projection as a spiritual tool comes into play. Just as you grow spiritually here in the physical, through your interactions with other Consciousnesses, the same holds true while you\’re projecting as well. Be kind to all those you meet, because you never know if an entity you\’re interacting with is a creation of your consciousness or a truly separate being from you. So just be nice to everyone.

That lesson also holds true here in this physical reality, except you know that everyone is separate (well, that\’s the illusion anyway) from you. You don\’t know the life stories of other people you meet here physically, so treat everyone with respect. This is the first lesson, in my opinion, of becoming Love. Respecting everyone. It has just as many implications physically as it does during our Projections.

So, as you can see, Astral Projection is only a Spiritual Practice if you choose to make it such. Likewise, even your physical life requires a choice to be made as to whether it\’s a spiritual life or not.

The Many Kinds of Astral Projectors – Bedeekin

Bedeekin made this hilarious post on the forums a bit ago, and I really wanted to share it with everyone!
Taken from:

So far… this is a great collection of peeps on here Xanth. You seem to have brought a balance to the force. It\’s made me see more clearly the different views of individuals that can be placed within specific groups… just like physical reality. Here is my list of \’Types\’.

The Lucid Dreamers… These generally stick to the idea that all nonphysical experiences are Lucid Dreams. Whether it be from Sleep Paralysis or through a dream. They tend not to theorise too much and it seems to be a 50/50 on whether there is more to it than a chemical reaction of a meat based brain. They usually do it to do cool stuff like fly and be superhuman. It\’s cool to control your dreams right?

The OOBErs (Out of Body Experiencers)… these tend to stick to the idea of a RTZ projection being the only true one. They relate \’Astral Projection\’ as a different animal more closely related to dreams and stick to their guns that they actually externalise a type of second (ethereal) body or soul. OOBEs rule!! This group gets upset quickly… generally by the APers.

The APers (Astral Projectors) … These class themselves as spiritual generally speaking. They use a system that relies on an esoteric view originally defined by the theosophical movement that combined many eastern philosophies into one big westernised mass. They categorise different types of projection into specific subtle body types. This is a popular view with lots of props and metaphors… like crystals, energy work and chakras etc. Usually taken on board by the modern newbie.

The love and lightworkers. These are more closely related to the APers but go that one step further by fully embracing the cosmic super-galactic oneness attitude.. they tend to wear dream catchers around their neck and are a modern version of the hippie… they are generally vegan and sign off a post with \’namaste\’ or \’Love and light to you and yours\’.

The Magicians. These embrace the black magic or Wiccan view. Will use spells to ward off demons.. or incantations to manifest them. Horoscopes and tarot cards are essential accessories. Prone to write long posts with symbols and diagrams of sacred geometry. Usually have a poster or avatar of a pentagram or Aleister Crowley holding his fists to his face.

The Hardcore Materialists These are of Russian origin and flatly point to it all being nothing but \’meat brain\’ materialism. They will announce how amazingly mind expanding it is, but \’meat based\’. How you can use it to learn new things, but \’meat based\’. How you can find lost objects, but still \’meat based\’. Will produce very dodgy documentaries and try everything in their power to promote it as \’meat based\’. Everything is \’phase\’… apart form the \’meat based\’ bit. Will use pretty \’meat\’ to promote their materialism.

The phaser A relatively new and balanced group of individuals that use meditation to project. Prone to being a bit too vague for the newbie with words such as \’passively observe\’ and \’surrender\’. Previous to learning about phasing, they will have tried every other method in the past but failed. Because of this it\’s the best method for everyone.

The My Big Toeists Devout followers of Thomas Campbell. Usually over the age of 40. They use very frustrating circular argument for those who dare to contradict Tom Campbell and his theories. Can be seen in Campbell lectures throughout the world. Can be misconstrued as a cult to the outsider. Would happily have a copy of MBT in every hotel room in every country. Everything is DATA.

The armchair APer They will have read EVERYTHING… but just don\’t seem to project. However. This doesn\’t dissuade them from telling actual projectors what it is and the best way to do it. Prone to YoYo thinking due to their noncommittal attitude and whatever book/website they are reading at the time.

The Newbie aaaah… the newbie. Has also read everything they think they need to know before they attempt projecting only to realise it\’s not as easy as getting a phone app. Will vehemently try every binaural beat there is and will say \’almost there\’ frequently. Will have success and want to know if they succeeded. It\’s all open ground… demons, silver chords and possession is entirely possible.

I will say.. it takes one to know one… I have been a few of these in the past.. and I hope it made you smile a little.

There are probably a few \’groupings\’ I missed.

If anyone has any other groupings they want to add, please feel free to leave a comment or join in the thread on the forums! 🙂

The Biggest Astral Projection Misconceptions List!

So, on the forums I asked everyone to post what they felt to big the biggest misconceptions related to Astral Projection.
I wanted to share the list here for everyone.

So remember, these statements are what the posters (and we all \’mostly\’ agree lol) believe to be as being the biggest misconceptions related to Astral Projection.
I\’ve posted the statement, then below it an explanation for why it\’s a misconception.

1. Projection isn\’t a natural thing
*We mostly believe that Projection is a natural occurrence and is a property of simply being a consciousness.

2. You can become proficient in a day or a week
*Just like it takes time to become good at playing the guitar or playing the piano, you\’ll also need lots of practice in order to be successful at Projection.

3. You need more than just yourself to succeed
*Some people seem to think that they need tools such as binaural beats, or light machines. While these things can be of great assistance, you\’re already equipped with everything you need in order to achieve success. You don\’t need anything else but yourself.

4. It is difficult
*This is a big misconception. People always try to make this stuff out to be more complicated than it actually is. While, \”turning your physical senses off\” isn\’t hard to do, it does take much practice and requires a base knowledge of meditation.

5. It is easy
*And on the flip side of things, this isn\’t exactly easy to do either. Sure, some people might be better at it and more \’natural\’ at it than others, but that goes for anything in life. It, usually, requires a lot of dedication and hard work in order to achieve. So, as per the last point, while it\’s not difficult, it\’s not exactly easy either.

6. You can understand and learn it simply by reading everything you can get your hands on
*I\’ve seen this in action a lot. Quite simply, you can read every book and watch every video on the subject that you want, but until you actually experience it personally, first-hand, you will never really KNOW. Also, don\’t believe something just because you read it in a book or watched it in a video clip. Find out first hand. Test the information you get from others… that goes for everything you find on this site as well.

7. There is a silver cord
*I personally have never seen a silver cord. Most people on the Unlimited Boundaries Forum haven\’t either. There are some people who have, so it\’s kind of open to interpretation. Just keep an open mind.

8. You can get possessed
*This just simply isn\’t going to happen and is something you really don\’t need to worry about.

9. You can\’t get back to your body
*This is also not an issue. Sadly, the problem you\’ll mostly encounter is the opposite: You\’ll return to your physical focus against your will.

10. The most important thing is to have a projection in this physical world
*For me personally, I feel that I live my physical life here experiencing this physical reality. I simply don\’t want to waste the precious limited amount of time I have while non-physical here as well. So this point is probably more personal to each person, but I want to experience the more \”out there\” realities, not more of what I already know. Exploring areas of this physical reality I don\’t physically have access to is cool though.

11. Projections aren\’t related to dreams or that dreams are \”just\” dreams
*This, again, is probably more of an opinion than a misconception. I\’ve come to the realization that dreams are projections. They\’re projections in which you simply don\’t realize you\’re projecting. So if you\’ve had a dream, you\’ve had a projection. The difference between a \”Dream\” and an \”Astral Projection\” is simply how aware you are during the experience. The more of a waking awareness you have, the less of a Dream it is an the more of an Astral Projection it is. A projection is a state of consciousness you are, not something you do.

12. Projecting is dangerous
*Again, you really have nothing to worry about when you\’re projecting. If you get afraid or scared, you\’ll come back to your physical focus.

13. In order for your experience to be \”valid\” it HAS TO be like someone else\’s
*This is probably one of the biggest problems I see people have. This is where reading about other people\’s experiences before you\’ve had your own will actually impede you. People read what others experience, then assume that what they read is \”normal\” and if they don\’t experience it exactly like that other person did, then they must be doing something wrong. I\’ve encountered people who have thrown out entire experiences because of this. Please, realize that your experiences are yours alone, nobody can have the experience of another person. You can think you\’re having a similar experience, but that\’s not KNOWING you\’re having the same experience. There\’s a huge difference between those concepts. What you need to do is have experiences, log them, but don\’t judge them. Wait until you have dozens under your belt, THEN begin the analyzing period if you so choose. Then, base your opinions on your direct experiences and not what others tell you.

14. It\’s a linear process, which you have to do step-by-step
*Each person is going to have a slightly different experience with this. It\’s important to realize that what I said above applies… don\’t expect to do any of this exactly as someone else has done. It\’s important to analyze your own approach and see if you can change anything with that.

15. Having a one off experience, and basing all your beliefs on that
*It\’s very important that you don\’t base all your beliefs and opinions on having a single experience. It\’s just not logical. Try to have and log as many experiences as you can first, THEN work from that. That\’s working from a position of direct experience.

16. Trying for a week and it does not work, and because of that projection obviously isn\’t real
*Seriously, you have to give this stuff a little more time than a day or a week. Try working on it for a few months, at the very least.

17. Some ways of interacting with the non physical are more \”real\” or more \”authentic\” than others. Dreams vs OBEs.
*In my opinion, anything you can experience is \”real\”. A dream is as real as this physical reality experience we\’re currently having. The only difference between those two realities is that this one is slightly more stable due to the nature of the mass number of consciousnesses creating it.

18. It\’s an \”occult\” practice only
*Occult simply means \”mystery\”. So yes, if you look at it from that perspective, Astral Projection is a mostly mysterious subject. We\’ll hopefully learn more about it as science becomes more open minded.

Please feel free to leave comments if you think we\’ve missed any… or if you just want to add to the list. I\’ll edit any additions into the list as we go!

Contributors from the UB Forum as: Szaxx, Zagadka, Bedeekin, mini stapler, CFTraveler, Majic, ChopstickFox, and Tobi! Thanks everyone!

TED and Mainstream Science battle with the Metaphysical

Bedeekin just posted this on the UB Forums a short bit ago, and I wanted to share this on a greater scale.
I heard about this video that TED Talk removed the other day, for one reason or another… I`m quite displeased by this move by the TED folks.

So, here is it!

And the other video banned off TED.

And the last video Bedeekin posted, including a quote from Bedeekin, \”This is just amazing… Inventor of the \’God Helmet\’, Dr Michael Persinger has finally wised up.\”

Learning Astral Projection & Meditation – Emptying Your Cup

I think everyone, at one point or another throughout their lives, has hear this phrase before – \”Empty your cup\”.
It\’s not directly spiritual or religiously related, although it can be related to just about every aspect of your life.

This is something that I have personally experienced, and I whole-fully believe that everyone has to do in order to progress on their path. That path can be learning Projection, Meditation, Spirituality in general… anything.

\"EmptyFor myself, it was relating directly to the first two… Projection and Meditation. Over the 15+ years I\’ve been practicing meditation, I read and learned much about what others were telling me that meditation was about, the same was true about projection. Everyone was filling my head with what I should be experiencing and feeling when doing these things. What did I actually learn? I learned that all the stuff I was learning that I THOUGHT was the truth, actually wasn\’t. What it was doing was getting in the way of what *I* was experiencing. I was throwing away valid and valuable experiences because they didn\’t match up to what others were telling me. This is a huge mistake…

So I came to a conclusion that in order for me to actually progress, I had to forget everything I thought I knew about Projection and Meditation. My cup had become so full with the notions, ideas and concepts of other people, that I had no room for my own notions, ideas and concepts to grow and flourish. I don\’t know exactly when this action happened, but it did… and ever since that day, I have found my own path through the forest instead of relying upon the footsteps of those who have come before me. I\’m now self sufficient in my opinions and beliefs, because they\’re no longer beliefs to me… they\’re now based solely upon my own direct experiences, and as we know, \”direct experiences\” are the trump cards with knowledge.

So please, if you\’re looking to learn anything new, be it anything about this physical reality or non-physical reality, you\’ll be doing yourself a huge favour by forgetting everything you think you know and begin to explore with the wonderment of a child. Everything is new.

Forget the labels you\’ve learned… dreaming, lucid dreaming, astral projection, out of body experiences, etc… forget it all. They are the labels of others… they only serve to confuse. Just go out and experience and learn from those experiences. 🙂

EDIT: It\’s been pointed out to me that people are taking this too literal. What I suggest above shouldn\’t be taken as such, it isn\’t literal.
Nothing in relation to projection should ever be taken literally. I\’m speaking about everything you\’ve been told about what projection is supposed to be or is.

Your ideas.
Your concepts.
Your labels.
What you identify with Projection.

Ditch them as they\’re useless to you.
Start from a position of \”not knowing\”.

Are Astral Projections \”Internal\” or \”External\” Experiences?

So, which is it? When we \”project\” our consciousness away from this physical reality, are we projecting to something internal to ourselves or external to ourselves?

I\’ll answer this from my own experience. Basically, since all is consciousness, there is no \”physical body\”. There never was, it\’s all virtual. So there\’s nothing to \”separate\” from. And since there\’s no physical body, there\’s nothing \”internal\” with which you project into. You ARE consciousness, so it\’s not so much that you have to get out of your body in order to project… it\’s that you need to focus away from what you\’re experiencing (this physical) and open yourself to something that isn\’t this physical. It\’s like a wave, individual among the body of water it is born from. Each of us are a wave OF (not in) the ocean. A wave can\’t separate from the ocean, anymore than you can separate from this body of consciousness that we\’re all apart of.

So projection isn\’t something internal to you… and it\’s not external to you either. Why? …because you ARE it. You are the ocean. You are everything. Projection is you experiencing yourself (consciousness) from a slightly different perspective. You\’re shifting your perception away from experiencing yourself as one thing, towards experiencing yourself as something else.

Does that make any sense or have I confused the matter more?

What is “Intent”

People ask me, “How do I project?”.

Well, it’s 95% Intent… 5% Technique.

So, what is Intent and how do you use it to project?

This is the best way I can think of to describe Intent:
Intent is the difference between intending to move your hand, and actually moving your hand. You can intend to move your hand as much as you want. Sit there, look at your hand and just “think” about moving it. It won’t do anything, right? It won’t do anything UNTIL you actually MOVE your hand. That act of actually moving your hand is you placing the Intent to do so. So, Intent is the “action” which occurs a fraction before you do something.

If you can figure out how to harness this power, the power of Intent, then you can Project very easily. In terms of Projection (phasing in particular), it’s all about ALLOWING your consciousness to shift to the non-physical. It’s extremely hard to describe it beyond that, but once you figure it out, you’ll see just how easy all this stuff really is. At that point, the hardest thing you’ll then need to worry about is STAYING in the non-physical. For that, there are other techniques… which, ironically, also involve entirely around using your Intent! 🙂

Have a great holiday everyone!