Post Focus! Contenteo Part 2!

I had made a post last year adding some content from a member of the Astral Pulse, Contenteo. He recently allowed me to post his Model of Consciousness which is a few posts below this one if you want to see it as it’s REALLY good. I wanted to do a Post Focus on an addition he made to another post he made a while ago. The original post can be found here:

His new post goes into more detail about how he views the other (Monroe) Focus Levels that he didn’t cover in his initial post:

This guide was meant to cover the early stages, but I guess going over the next couple couldn’t hurt. F3/F10/F12/F15/F21, etc. are non consecutive placeholders to understand repeatable mental states as you disconnect yourself from the physical. All language has context and all context has bias, so to reduce bias, this non-descriptive placeholder system works best. These were proposed by the pioneer in the field, Robert Monroe. To respect the bold adventurer and his hard work, I use his system of describing a phase. For the earlier stages of the astral, this sequence works rather brilliantly.

Once you get to F12(understanding these stages well is a must, so go do it now if you haven’t already), you should have a nice Novocaine state going, your body should be distant, and you should be experiencing what I can only describe as black “Vastness.” A very mature F12 state will have you past the breathing problems(the worst of it undecided, it even plagues me now, so don’t expect it to magically go away when you get better, you getting better makes it easier to cope with) and if you did repeated visualizations correctly you will have progressed into F15 without even being aware you did so. This is because I found F15 sets in when you are really engrossed in a metaphysical visualization.

Known as the “No Time Zone”, F15 was the most elusive for me to understand as a young projector. You know you hit the early stages of F15 when you start getting those sinking into the bed feelings. These are the exact same feelings you get when coming out of a falling dream. If you ever stop to analyze an F15 feeling from the inside, you will realize you have no idea what time it is, nor how long you have been attempting visualization. In the moment, this falling/sinking/melting can seem to go on forever, but on waking, you will find very little time has passed, nor sure how long you were exactly in that falling state for. Hence the name.

At this point, it is weird in a way, because you know where you are, you are falling into your consciousness in your bed/couch/wherever. You can talk to yourself while in there kind of focus on other things(although not recommended for achieving a phase, understanding this stage is more important than you might think). If you start thinking of breathing again you may realign yourself with the physical by accident in this phase. You WILL realize you are not breathing and for the first time (Congrats!) in a state which your body also seems cool with the notion. So rather, if you recognize this stage, do what hypnotist’s do, keep saying, “Deeper, and deeper, and deeper…” over and over again in your head and focus on the falling.

Now, a state having such attributes, as you would expect, feels like a transition stage. In many ways it is. The next Focus of mind is much more stable.

AKA 3-D blackness (which is confusing because people confuse it with the vastness in F12, I did when I started), AKA The White Room/Light (which is confusing because it is both black and white, I would say more white wink) is the last limbo state we can define concisely before you project. There is no next verifiable step except projection. So congratulations when you first get here grin. I have a gut feeling this is the stage people are talking about when they have a near death experience and they are saying “Walk towards the light,” etc.

You will know when you get here, because it feels great. It feels like there is a gentle breeze all around you. I like to say you are at PUL(Pure Unconditional Love)’s Doorstep. It is bathing you in vibrations and feelings of ecstasy. No wonder Monks train to come and hang out in this state, because given you can get back there on a regular basis, it could very well become addictive. From this state, you then focus on your “Crown Chakra” to project. I think this is what people are talking about when the say they are getting pulled upwards. Its not gravity’s up, it’s the top of your head’s UP.
It is my opinion that many people try to pull the trigger prematurely in the early F12 stages. It’s like the gun’s chamber still has gas in it, or not enough gunpowder and the whole mechanism gets jammed and stalls. So this is where you are going to want to get before you start doing all that energy focusing stuff so many “pros” talk about. Don’t worry, it will be like you are sitting in this room, and you can feel how “energy” works much better. Given you can weather the intense sensations that happen during the actual “phase,” and I have to reiterate, they are damn intense, you have made it. Home Run. So when the phase occurs, the breeze will become more violent, you will start to hear a loud buzz, and you will feel like you are getting pulled out the top of your head. Frank called this the “cannonball” exit. Quite appropriate. You are the one focusing all your energy there and making it happen so simply hang on to this self created force, and try not to analyze it too much. Just let it happen.

From here, the F12,F15,F21 sequential path changes in a way, because there is a lot of places you can end up depending on how you exactly exited F21, But these are all conversations for another day.

A Final Metaphor

Think of entire Phase like attempting to pop a balloon by pushing down on it against the floor. If you deviate and attempt to control the push, it wobbles all over. You have to keep starting over. However, if you attempt this with a sharp intent and directed energy and simply gain well placed momentum from a well placed understanding of the dynamics of this particular balloon, your task will feel like a cinch. When you phase for the first time, it will be like this. You will be confused why you thought it was ever so hard to begin with. A good understanding of what is going on, gained through practice with true intents, with good timing for your initial projections and, yes, a little luck, will give you everything you need to achieve your goal.

I wish you the best on your travels, as one day you will realize it is the traveling, not the destination, that matters most in adding projection to your lifestyle.


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