I do not believe Demons exist!

From time to time on the Astral Pulse forums and lately in the Astral Pulse IRC channel (there are links for both locations on the right side of this website) I\’ve been having to tackle the issue of demons.  People supposedly \”fighting\” with and just having general encounters with demons.

I\’ll just say that \”demons\” (or other negative entities) in the astral is purely a matter of BELIEF.  They only exist in the minds and experiences of those who believe in them.

Now, how did I come to this conclusion?  Well, basically, I can\’t remember a single time in my life where I\’ve ever had an encounter with ANYTHING that could even remotely be considered evil that didn\’t come directly from my subconscious mind.  No objective existence of a negative entity has ever cropped up in my experiences.
I\’ve been Lucid Dreaming for pretty much my entire life and more recently into my Astral Projections, I have never experienced this phenomenon.

What can I infer from this?  Well one of two things.

If demons really do exist then they are afraid to interact with me for some unknown reason.  We know this can\’t be the case due to demon-legend and folklore… and honestly, I\’m nobody special.  Now the second option… they are the creation of those who believe and I do not believe that they exist so I don\’t provide them with the chance to exist.  Makes sense, eh?

The only reason people experience demons in their astral projections is because either they outright believe in them or on some subconscious level outside their normally accepted conscious awareness, they believe in them.  Either way, it\’s a fear-based belief that brings them into your projections.

And seriously… fighting them?  That\’s giving them even more power to exist, because you are only further reinforcing the belief in yourself that they exist by engaging them.  Your best bet is to ignore them as best you can.  Close off your thoughts and emotions to the scenes playing out around you and they\’ll fade away into the nothing they came from.

So, the next time you find yourself facing down \”demons\” in your astral projection, don\’t be afraid, they are a simple fear-based self creation.

Our Other Bodies

Deus made a post on the Astral Viewers today asking an amazing question about what happens to our \”metaphyiscal\” bodies when we\’re no longer using them. I\’ll copy his post here:

So i had this idea swirling around my head for a while now. And i hope i won\’t sound totally insane for telling it. I will try to explain it the best i can.

So, what i was thinking is actually what happens to our \”metaphysical\” body when we stop dreaming, LD, AP and the sort. We can have the impression of being sucked in our physical bodies, or that we just simply wake up. I find it a bit hard to believe since our realities (RTZ and the other phases of perception) are somehow interlaced and don\’t have a pyramidal structure. And i don\’t believe anymore that we are \”getting out of the body\” but we simply switch our perception.

In my opinion we simply experience a form of death. Our metaphysical bodies dissolve and we come back to our primary reality i.e. the physical. Our physical bodies will dissolve/die one day too and our conciousness will permanently be transfered into a metaphysical body. So, the thing we percieve as awakening could be just the result of death. Only when we wake up from a dream we actually realise that we were dreaming all along (except from lucid dreams). I believe we temporarily \”project\” into another body which is destined to perish once we switch focus. And that will happen to us once we die.
We simply chage focus and this life will become a long and strange projection. What seems real now, will become the dream later.

I don\’t know, i just wanted to put it out in the open. I\’d love to know what you guys think about it.

It got me thinking about a post I made on the Astral Pulse regarding a question very similar.

Think of it this way… *You* can\’t die.
Each time you project Etherically, Astrally or whatever… you create a body to interact with the environment for that specific journey. You then focus your conscious awareness into that body and control it. <— SOUND FAMILIAR?

It\’s exactly how you operate here on the physical.
A body was created for you to interact with this physical environment.
Since this is your primary focus, you still need this body even if you switch your focus of awareness.

When you create a body for the etheric or astral… after you\’re done with that body, it\’s destroyed.
The same happens here. Once you\’re done with this physical body, it ceases to operate.

*IT* dies…
*YOU* do not.

Now that I\’ve actually put a bit more thought into it, I don\’t actually believe we have other \”bodies\” per se, what we experience when in the non-physical is just an expectation of a body.

What we \”see\” when we\’re focused into other realities is just a projection of our self-image. This \”image\” is completely a \”human\” need, it makes sense to our conscious mind that if we\’re \”somewhere\” we must have a \”body\” to be \”in\” (wow that was a lot of quotes LOL).  To expand on this, many people actually report that, as you spend more and more time \’out\’, you begin to slowly lose this \”human-self-image\” and begin to take on a more \”consciousness\” form… whatever that may be.

So, what happens to this \”human-self-image\” or \”consciousness\” form when you come back to your primary focus? Well… nothing.  Cause it never truly existed to begin with… yet, it also always exists too, because we exist across the entire consciousness continuum simultaneously.

I guess the question then becomes, does consciousness REQUIRE a vessel for which to work in a non-physical environment?
We know that we require a physical body to interact with this physical, Focus 1 oC reality… but I feel that\’s because of the particular \’physics\’ programmed into this reality.  In the non-physical, these physics do not exist…

I guess one could say that shifting/phasing your focus between realities is a \”form of death\”.  One could also say that \”dreaming\”, too, is a form of death we experience each and every time we fall asleep. The only difference between that and what we humans call \”death\” is that your primary focus will have shifted to another reality permanently.

How Our Expectations Cloud Our Experiences

Why is it best to remove all expectations from your projections?

Well… we \”astral\” project in a reality where a few things make up the experiences you have:  Your thoughts + your emotions + your expectations = YOUR ASTRAL EXPERIENCES.
This means that if you go into astral projection with the expectations that you will meet demons or any other number of bad things, then that is exactly what you\’re going to run into.

How do we fight this?  How do we shut off our expectations?  Well, this goes back to controlling your thoughts.  Control your thoughts and your emotions and expectations will be under control as well.

So that\’s how expectations can influence our journeys, I\’ll talk now about how expectations can effect your practices.  I\’ve seen question after question on the forums I frequent where people say that they\’ve had a single experience be it with a full projection or something lesser, like vibrations, but then they can\’t ever get it to happen again.  I try to get these people to go into their practice sessions with no particular goals in mind.  Just be open to whatever happens… go with the flow, sort to speak.

I hope that helps a bit.  🙂