How You Remember Your Astral Projection Adventures

I like to look at how things we do while physical compares to how we do them non-physical.

I was just reading a post by David Warner (of the Astral Pulse) where he said this:

Most of it is the level of consciousness that you and the other party you connect with can bring back that information correctly.

It got me thinking about how I “bring back” the information. The more I think about it, how I “remember” my non-physical experiences works in exactly the same way that I remember things while physical. I have a pretty bad memory while awake… LoL In order to REALLY remember something, I usually say it outloud, at which point it’s ingrained in my noggin pretty good. I’ve done this same thing upon waking in order to long term remember my non-physical experiences.

To me, remembering works pretty much the same way when comparing physical to non-physical. Recall is even the same. I recall a non-physical experience in the same way I do a regular physical experience.

So, give it some thought if you haven’t already and tell us “how do you remember?” 🙂