My View on “Negs”

I had made a comparison in IRC chat the other day regarding my views on what \”Negs\” are.
I was thinking about horror movies and my thoughts came upon \”A Nightmare on Elm Street\”, and it really got me thinking about \”Negs\”.

\”Freddy\” can be considered the ultimate example of a Neg.  And within that example it shows the kind of power you give them and exactly how to stop them as well.  He\’s a being that only came about due to the thought energy that others put into him.  Also, as a created being, he only had the power you hurt you if you gave him that power.  At the end of the movie, the last teen alive couldn\’t be killed because she found out Freddy\’s power, you had to BELIEVE in him for him to kill you.

Well, this is EXACTLY how I view Negs.

A Neg only exists if you provide it the thought energy to exist… if you provide it the BELIEF that it exists.
It only has the ability to manifest and harm you if you give it that power.  This is why I tell people that Negs are only as powerful as you make them out to be.  Otherwise, they are powerless to harm you… or to even exist.

This isn\’t to say that every case of someone being haunted is this though.  There are cases where a haunting is caused by some spirit… but telling the difference between these two things can be difficult sometimes.   Although, I do believe that actual spirit-hauntings are a minority of situations.  I feel that the majority of them are these kinds of thought-form related hauntings created by those living there.

Another example is the Amityville House… the house where a family was massacred and subsequently haunted for the next family.  Well, the most recent family has just put the house up for sale and has never had anything bad happen to them there.  I believe this is because they never fueled by believing the stories regarding the thought-forms that were there previously.

This Blog Entry on Shades of Consciousness made by PersonalReality further illustrates my point.