Inducing Lucid Dreams Using a Timer

So, in the same style as the Salt Cube timer people… I thought I\’d try my hand at making and perhaps improving their timer.

I created the following Wave file.
It\’s based around a base 3 minute system.  I give you 10 minutes at first, then break into the base 3 time system.

So after 10 minutes, you\’ll have alarms at 6 minutes, 3 minutes, 6 minutes, 9 minutes, 12 minutes, 15 minutes, 15 minutes and 6 minutes… total of 81 minutes.
I put a binaural beat in the background, very light, so you can just hear it.  For myself, the spike alarms to wake you at each of the above times didn\’t wake me as I\’m a heavy sleeper.
But I\’m hoping that other \”light\” sleepers might make better use of this. – download link here.

Personalreality also created one using some premade timers, I\’m going to be trying this one out tomorrow morning, so I\’ll report what comes of those.
You can download his here:

I did have a very good dream awareness this morning.  So much so, that I was very surprised after I woke that I didn\’t realize I could have brought my Lucid awareness forth.  >_<
But anyway, I\’ll see how PR\’s works for me tomorrow!

Personalreality\’s \”What is the Non-Physical\”

Personalreality, from the Astral Pulse, is writing a multi-part post on his personal blog, Shades of Consciousness, about \”What is the Non-Physical\”.

His first part is up already.  It\’s a great read, and I think everyone should take, at the very least, a quick glance over it.

I\’m looking forward to reading the rest of his posts in this series.