What is Visualization and How Do I Do It?

EDIT: I knew this would happen eventually… I apparently already made a post on this particular subject and linked this very link back in the beginning of September.  Oh well.  I actually consider this to be the very CORNERSTONE of learning how to do Phasing.  In other words, it\’s definitely worth a second look.  Please read it carefully and try to understand EXACTLY what he\’s trying to say here.

Being able to do some sort of visualization seems to be a huge part of astral projection.  With that said, I\’m CONSTANTLY seeing people talking about it and doing it wrong… not to mention there seems to be a vast group of people who believe they can\’t visualize worth beans.

These people are WRONG… *EVERYONE* can do visualization just fine, they\’ve just been conditioned lately to believe it\’s something completely different.  So, rather than me explaining what\’s wrong with peoples idea of visualization, I\’ll just link Robert Bruce\’s NEW article he wrote SPECIFICALLY on visualization.  I agree with every word.


I\’ll post the first bit here to get you started… then head over there and read the rest! 🙂

Taken altogether, the required skills for any kind of energy work or metaphysical development can seem pretty daunting. But please don\’t panic! Taken one at a time the individual skills needed for development are very simple. They are all very easy to learn and do when explained and taught in just the right way. Anyone can learn them! The following development units are carefully structured to present everything in just the right order to make the learning process as easy and painless as possible.

No prior skills are required to begin with. I have designed the coming sections with the complete novice in mind, but while also catering for the needs of intermediate and advanced students. Anyone can learn and use these techniques, even if they have never had any previous success with energy or development work. I say this without reservation. Some of the theories, techniques and processes offered here are quite new, while other components are clever innovations on existing knowledge; but all are extremely effective. Using these tools it will not take years of hard work before any noticeable results are achieved. In fact, because of their effectiveness most people will get worthwhile results the very first time they use them.
What\’s NEW About Visualization?

Let\’s face it, 99% of people can\’t visualize for peanuts! No, let me rephrase that, 99% of people think they cannot visualize. But this is all wrong too, because I know that one-hundred percent of people can visualize perfectly. Everyone does it all the time. They just don\’t know they are doing it. If you are one of the many people that has problems with visualization, then this is the chapter you have been waiting for all your life.

The above stated problem comes about simply because visualization is generally so poorly explained and taught these days. Visualization is considered by many to be an ability that takes years to master. But visualization is extremely easy and it does not take any time at all to master. It is a natural ability that everyone has and uses all the time. It is an ability that anyone can do with virtually no training or practice.

There are profound in-built problems with the majority of today\’s popular New Age visualization-based techniques. This is especially apparent with popular energy body and Chakra development techniques, if you seriously examine them. I have come across countless developmental problems relating to this single issue. This problem is so serious it greatly increases the difficulty levels encountered with any kind of serious development work. Development time is thereby seriously lengthened. As a consequence the majority of people give up well before they get any noticeable or worthwhile results.

To illustrate a part of this problem: if you belong to a meditation or development group, go and ask everyone, one at a time and in private, how they really get on with visualization. Note the slightly worried looks you\’ll get with this question if you push it, especially from those teaching it. If they are completely honest most people will admit to having a few basic problems with visualization, or that they just can\’t do it at all. But you will also find a few who will claim to have no problems whatsoever. These lucky few can easily see in their mind\’s eye whatever they visualize – just as if they are watching a little TV behind their closed eyelids, in their mind\’s eye. The lucky few with this type of visual ability are unintentionally a part of this widespread self-propagating problem.

What is Visualization?

Some people say that they\’re terrible at visualization and couldn\’t do it to save their lives… I think they\’re wrong.
My idea of Visualization is in firm agreement with that of Robert Bruce.  I don\’t agree with a lot of things he talks about, but this one in particular is something that I can really jive with.

To fully understand what it means to visualize, then click on the following link: www.astraldynamics.com

He lays it out in such a way that it\’s close to impossible not to understand that regardless of what you think your skill level is at in regards to visualization, you CAN do it perfectly well and you HAVE been doing it pretty much all your life… you just never realized it.  🙂