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twist ((( double day

thank-you CarolaK

((no French?  just feel the rhythm

((((( sleeping, dreaming, lifting over the miles :-)




be careful, wear your glasses :-)


Eclipse !!

as posted over at The Galactic Travel Channel:


Just in case the link above does not work,
below is the text of the message,
and The Monet
it has been an unexpectedly exciting day !!


The picture on my wall is the one below, The Monet
It is part of my altered state dream/travel experiences

I watched the Eclipse in the Monet on my wall

I 'heard' my dear companion (who lives across the ocean from me)
typing in my afternoon nap dream
.. and woke up .. he woke me up to watch it !!
the room was dim
the picture (above on my wall was dark

I saw the light come back to the picture
(it is hanging on my wall when all this is happening

I saw the eclipse through the Monet

woooooo hooooooooo
what a DAY time
dreaming awake, being awake, dream
the room is back to mid-day

the moon and the sun are moving away from each other now

yes, the birds all went silent !!

definitely time for a WALK !!

so exciting
vibrations are moving through the air
the birds are chirping, hesitantly
there they go..


Nice experience you had with the Eclipse, Suzie! From where I am located in this world I don't have the opportunity to see it, however I had my chance when I was in the dunes of Con Con, Chile in 2019, with my special glasses, it was wonderful! I hope it happens again  8-)

Hope you don't mind me mentioning here about the dream you had with me last night, I would like to tell you that there is an interesting element that we had in common here and I didn't remember until now, the "culotte". In my dream they were not those old ones that you mentioned, but yes, it is a garment that in my country we call by that same name "culotte" and it was a very vivid moment where I observed the garment hanging to dry in the sun in great detail, it was white with a diamond texture and a fabric plush with some shiny tones...  A common element, look! And the fun you mention, I was having a lot of fun too, but that moment is a little cloudy. 

Feel free to share more of these experiences to see if we could find other elements in common  :-D 

Sweet Dreams! 🌙
.~Exploring the Wonders of Consciousness~.


loud incoming erasing it listening to the above long ago sounds

such an awesome day yesterday
thanks Tak

culottes are comfortable...
when my mind clears... yes, that was a cool dream/experience

oooo la la



wonderful way to start the day

thinking of all of you :-)



wishing you good ones :):



resting, lying down,
the bed started to shake and rock...
all on its own

oh well : ) :

and what starts to play ?

laughing 8-)



a little bit easy does it !!

how to belong?

Show UP !!



some mornings are softer :):

(trying out the YouTube button ..
just noticed it :):

nice (ty