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Star Seeds and ETs ?

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Selski !!!

It is so good to see you.

I am glad yours did remain the last post so I could see you. We were at EIC together for a long spell.

I had to post here due to your comment. Yours was the last post for near two years now. That's incredible. It is a good topic.

When I use the term "starseed" I am specifically referring to a Soul who has fulfilled and graduated its own 3D curriculum predominantly from another star system and planetary body. Sometimes I also use it to denote a graduate who, from this graduated state is projecting it's consciousness back through time to our now coordinates to assist 1) raise the potentiality of the reality system and 2) immanent 3D graduates in opening out into the next spectrum of their experience. Both of which are wholly, thoroughly entwined.

I am a Starseed ...another term for which, as the Buddhist's gave - is Bodhisattva.



Wow,  a n o t h e r  year has gone by, almost to the day with no posts here . . .

Just sayin'.


Okay, I will kick the can a bit farther down the road...

There are more than a few of us on this site who are likely of at least, recent ET origination. I am unclear on my own past and not fully aware of the diversity of ET presences here on Earth: I do have the sense of many types and for many reasons.

My own story includes a first abduction when I was 5; I became aware either Physically or Non-Physically and realized a chest-nut shaped ufo was floating outside my window; then I was forcibly floated out of my bedroom window where I lost consciousness. ( the visual of this ufo defied my interpretation and belief for 25+ years until I saw the description by the JAL Airline pilots with their November 1986 sighting over Alaska ). As I was returned, I fought and fell to the floor several feet from my bed. The skeptic in me said maybe just a bad dream, but the deeper part of me simply knew the truth. I went screaming to my parents but they were disbelieving and of no help. So I compartmentalized the experience, along with the concurrent NP and OBE experiences that were happening to me. When I asked, no one could even begin to offer an explanation; so I quickly just kept them to myself.

My resultant fascination with UFO books and abductions led to the books of the '70's and '80's which all spoke of abduction as a negative experience, so given no other options, I bought into that concept. But I didn't have any conscious UFO experiences during that time or wasn't aware of any, so the idea receded for me. That was until 1995, when I had a huge, in your face kind of UFO encounter; a giant blue sphere. Ten years later, I finally had to accept the fact that during that encounter, I had lost time and likely been taken...again absolutely no memory.

From about 2000 onward, I started to read books that introduced the idea that maybe not all abductions were necessarily evil or negative events. Maybe some were and maybe some were not. Lumaza introduced me to the Dolores Cannon books and a new and previously unconsidered idea: maybe the ET's were acting as a support team for specific Earthbound souls coming in to incarnations for certain purposes, like mission specialists. Somewhere, within one or more of these books, an idea was introduced that some abductions were for repair work or updates, physical or energetic. I realized that several of my OBE or energetic experiences may well have involved repair/update work that had been done to me. They put sensors in and monitors and regulators and sometimes they have to replace or update the equipment. This was an intriguing idea.

The support team idea made perfect sense; maybe I was part of an away-team or a single scout of sorts. I had always felt alone and isolated, I just did not fit in with this social system, like I was just here to observe or offer support to the people around me; I sat outside and stared at the stars wanting to go home, somehow. I had always figured that was just a part of the normal human condition, and I still think that to some degree. But maybe there is something more to it. The ET question also still nagged at me. And the OBE thing, Monroe, TMI; all of which had preoccupied much of the thinking during my fifty years. From the '90's on, I noticed from time to time, some nights I would get "updates" during the middle of the night; like energetic downloads. Given some consideration, I wouldn't be surprised that many people have noticed this. Maybe, maybe not.

I guess the event that sealed the deal for me was this: Around 2014, I had an outpatient surgery. I had a mole removed from a bothersome place on my face; it had been there since I was about 10; not good for getting dates. Back in the '70's the doctors had said it was too difficult to remove. By 2014, they said no problem; so I had it removed. That night I was taken and disappeared for 3 hours. At 11pm I walked into my kitchen and when I walked back into my living room it was 2am. I spun around saying "What the hell just happened?" Did they replace something I had removed? I can only wonder. Now I have a tiny mole on my right've got to be kidding me?!!

In 2011 I had my Fieldtrip experience and you can read it here, where I had what I think was an alien contact. At TMI I have had the recent 2020 opportunity to have more contact through Starlines but that did not yield the results I had hoped for; but there were many subtle and intriguing experiences. Memories of blue worlds and green worlds and even silver worlds...these are the visual experiences that I had... Still, through my TMI experience I have received certain ET confirmation along at least two separate lines.

I have absolutely no knowledge of past lives on Earth or anywhere else. But I have the feeling, the sense. It was told to me by a woman with two trusted channels that I insisted on this condition, that I remember nothing; it was a condition for my incarnation. That erasure of memory has apparently been very effective. I have nothing on my time previous on Earth or with the ET's except for the fact that it does happen.

Okay, i recognize that I am stating the obvious to most but my point is that this stuff is really complicated and there is an incredible nuance to it all; that's part of the beauty of it. I don't pretend to know, except my small part, I'm trying to figure it out and I'm just conveying my current perspective.

Have a great tomorrow,

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
                                                          -O. Wilde


Can't remember if I got this from a book, or maybe a YT video (was a long time ago). But it theorized about the government(US) being behind subsequent abductions of real abductees, to implant them with tracking devices. As far as I remember they claimed to have prof, that some removed devices was man made tech. Perhaps you know what I'm talking about here EV ? Can't seem to find it now.
Hopefully, the greed and exploitation of certain of mankind can no longer suppress that which is truth. -Richard E. Byrd


That makes sense to me Bob. I think this is the first time I've seen it mentioned but the thought has crossed my mind.


I came across that idea years ago. Since then, I have become more aware of the possibility that the US government may be more involved in these things then I first thought. Their expertise in some areas contrasted with their corrupt idiocy in other areas...hard to reconcile that.
In my own case, I kind of doubt that they were interested in me since age five. But who knows...

I'm still searching...
Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
                                                          -O. Wilde


EV, - way to kick the can!

I have been trying to get back here to comment, and I will when I get a spare moment to breathe.

Thank you for running with things. I love your elegant, well written posts.