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Afterthought: 2012

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Frank, you would be wise to actually research on the movie, before you dismiss. In fact you be wise to research on everything you dismiss. As you are often wrong. It's not very good for credibility.

QuoteThe movie "Day After Tomorrow" in which all kind of weather anomalies occurred before the disasters, is actually based on a book by Art Bell(and another) and not to alarm, but all those precursor weather anomalies have taken place and are still taking place today.

I told you it was based on a book and precursor events are based on real events discussed in the book:


Now, the movie is sensationalistic, as you would expect from any Hollywood commercial movie, and it actually quite ridiculous. However, the realities it portrays of global climate changes is a very possible phenomena.

There are many scientists, geologists and seismologists that are warning of an impending climate disaster. Again, as you pointed out earlier, there have been ice ages in the past. There are some scientists who now believe sudden ice ages can occur.

Again, I said earlier, don't be alarmed, but at least be cautious. Ignorance is only bliss till reality catches up. From my research into climate and general earth changes, I have seen some evidence to suggest there are changes taking place.

I have no bubble, Frank. I am very open minded to every possibility.  In my humble opinion, that is what keeps you aware.

Now, as to "global unfortunate events" that is a vague for sure. However, I am not making any predictions or prophecies, so I have liberty to be vague. What I am insinuating by this is that it is going to get a lot worse than it is today and it will be unprecedented(at least in our modern times) This could be everything from global wars, pandemic outbreaks, climate changes, earthquakes, terrorism, civil wars. This has nothing to do with the 2012 date by the way. I told you earlier. As far as I am concerned that is just a date.

There is a problem in the world today, a very deep seated one, that threatens global stability, and could quite literally end the world as we know it for the worse. There are many who are aware of this. And I was saying, apathy, and in your case, ignorance, is not going to make the problems go away.



Just out of curiousity, have you ever come across anything regarding future US political situations or major upcoming wars or civil problems while phasing?
What is the sound of no leaves cloving?


In relation with this ''end of the world'' approach, Frank is right on the subject concerning that we can observe on earth, throughout an extended period of time,  many global events and there will probably be more in the future of course. Mountains do not grow like trees! Imagine how it must shake the earth when the Himalayas were formed, probably terrible. But this do not mean in any sense that it will cause the end of the world because life in general (and us humans) have already been through all of this before in the past and the world did not end as we can see. You can name it: supervolcanoes, meteorites causing gigantic tidal waves, huge earthquakes, etc. we are still here now. As for now, the only observable threat might be the Yellowstone park supervolcano (but hey, it may erupt today but in a thousand year also); but also it won't cause the ''end of the world'' if it explodes now. This ''end of the world'' thing is more like a metaphor, maybe,  meaning the end of this ''modern world'' for the restructuration toward a better one.... Presently, the biggest threat to our own planet is probably ''us humans''!

Take care,


Why do people have to keep generating these special dates all the time? Yes it's possible to find a dozen justifications for each date picked-and any other date if one really wanted to. So why does humanity bother? I don't understand the mentality. Is it just the hope of an end/being saved or something? Then the concept gets defended tooth and nail when challenged..sounds like religion almost to me..

Problems, issues, things to deal with are all real. Prophetic dates, planetory shifts, magnetic shifts having special meaning and all that junk doesn't seem to be real to me-just manmade fantasy and hyperbole-often tacked onto some thread of reality, like the earth does have polarity shifts every so often and things.
May your [insert choice of deity/higher power etc here] guide you and not deceive you!


Magnetic pole shifts are actually real Karnautrahl. As for physical pole shifts, the jury is still out on that one. However, the resent Sumatra Earthquake did cause a very slight distortion in the Earth's axis, causing it to wobble. So, I would imagine, if there was a sudden upsurge in tectonic activity, a physical pole shift could become a reality.


Data, I'm quite aware magnetic shifts have happened in the past, and the likelyhood is that they will continue to happen. After Earth has a molten core that contains a lot of iron, so it's a spinning liquid magnet. That factual data has never been in much doubt in my mind.

It's the man made belief nonsense I have no sympathy with. 2012+magnetic shift (has science really tied down the date of the next definite pole shift like that?)=some kinda mystical ooba jooba super shift in mankinds state of consciousness. I've never been a fan of the over the top new age style mystic hopeful rescue stuff to be honest.  

Every so often various individuals churn out another book containing the keys to the future of mankind. Some seem to be regurgitations of older stuff, others reiturate stuff from each other, still others occasionally write something almost new. So yes, I get super cynical with this side of things.

Also whilst I'm on this subject, how come when various folks are challenged on the reality of this their arguement alters? I've heard versions that require mankind to dimensionally shift for a few weeks, end up in other planes/planets/rescued etc, to really subtle stuff saying well actually most folks won't really sense it but some special sensitive people will. In between are variations on shifts of consciousness and other stuff that can be held onto quite tightly indeed by the determined believer and dismissed by everyone else as they won't notice it.  

In other words, it feels unreal, it feels silly, and well if something smells, looks, tastes, and sounds like a get the picture.

We are all free to believe what we like-as long as our belief doesn't lead us into harming other people in pursuit of that belief. However I prefer experience and knowing wherever possible. So on subjects I haven't experienced I generally sit on fences really. In this prophecy business however, I sit firmly on the skeptical cynical side. I'd rather get egg on my face from that than hopelessly believe some of the prophecy stuff and have those hopes squashed or diluted into nothing in some kinda rationalisation.

;-) Didn't intend to write this much, but all this wanted to out.
May your [insert choice of deity/higher power etc here] guide you and not deceive you!


I do understand what you mean. There are many doomsday sayers, and I know it can frustrate, even more frustrating can be those planet x or ascension to the 5th dimension folk, or the return of Atlantis. These are quite simply sheeps jumping on the bandwagon.

However, unfortunately for people like myself who do share forbearing warnings of the future, we also get thrown in the same bandwagon, when ours is based on rational analysis of current events. I do keep myself aware of the prophecies, but I take them all with a grain of salt.

What I do think that is very pertinent right now, is dealing with the worlds current problems, not because prophecy foretells gloom and doom, but because if nothing is done about the worlds problem, they will get worse and gloom and doom could be some of the consequences. Hence, I advise against apathy. I advise caution and proaction.


Data, I seperate the commensense warnings of environmental crises that appear quite likely with current patterns of resource usage etc from prophecy. :-). Whilst mostly I feel there is very little actively I personally can do now to avert those, I am aware their possibility is very real. I just have no truck with the "mystical" stuff that is about on this subject.
May your [insert choice of deity/higher power etc here] guide you and not deceive you!


The environmental crisis occuring now is an event that is so big it has the ability to change the way humanity looks at the natural world.  Does this mean that the end of the world is coming?  Of course not.  But it could mean the end of the way we percieve the world and our role in the stewardship of it.

Anybody who thinks that global warming and other environmental problems are "the latest fads" are unforturnately showing their lack of knowledge in the subject.
"We are into the opening stages of a human-caused biotic holocaust--a wholesale elimination of species--that could leave the planet impoverished for at least five million years." - National Academy of Sciences


QuoteAnybody who thinks that global warming and other environmental problems are "the latest fads" are unfortunately showing their lack of knowledge in the subject.

Yes,  I concur. However, let us not overlook the political crisis, which is a more immediate concern today. I believe before an ice age gets us, we are likely to suffer a world war, civil unrest /wars and peak oil.

Just look at what is happening right now between North Korea and US US and Iran, China and Taiwan. Sooner or later, one of these is going to go off, and when it does, it will be disastrous.


Hi data.  The political crisis is only more immediate than the environmental crisis in that it is not dealing with the environmental crisis.

Unfortunately, we have had civil unrest since the dawn of civilization, and to assume that there will be a day when we are not likely to "suffer a world war, civil unrest/wars and peak energy conflicts" is having a little too much blind faith in divine intervention, in my opinion.

Global warming is a future environmental issue that needs to dealt with today.  However, there is another environmental issue that is actually occurring today that, if not dealt with, will promote these violent conflicts in struggling nations, and that is the rapid depletion of our living resources.

Water shortages, energy demands/shortages, pollution and health, pandemic disease, depletion of natural resources, over-population and famine, etc.  These are all issues with strong ties to an unhealthy, unmanaged environmental agenda.  These are problems that are beginning to spiral out of control, especially with the rapid developments taking place in China and Asia.  On a small scale, they are locally devastating.  But exponential population growth and over consumption is bringing the entire world to a point of crisis.

I respectfully disagree with your statement that the political crisis is the more immediate concern today.  There is nothing, nothing more pressing than the permanent damage we are doing to the world.  We are quickly snuffing out the broad diversity of life on this planet.
"We are into the opening stages of a human-caused biotic holocaust--a wholesale elimination of species--that could leave the planet impoverished for at least five million years." - National Academy of Sciences